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Zuzu Luxe Mascara Espresso

One of our most popular items available in hot shades of Onyx, Espresso, and Navy. Designed to add some wattage to your wink! Clear Mascara conditions lashes to create a natural look or tame wild brows. This gentle and non-irritating formula enriched with vitamins and herbal extracts will help protect each fragile eyelash and encourage maximum growth. The luxurious nylon brush is especially designed to add some wattage to your wink while being clump proof and non-smudging. Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Cool Undertone | Deep Dark Brown

Key features

  • 0.25 oz
  • natural
  • vegan

Honest reviews


Safer Mascara Option

After discovering that the mascara I has used for the past ten years, made by Ecco Bella, contained methyl- and propylparabens, I began the search for a new mascara.I found this one, in brown, at our local health foods store and crossed my fingers that it wouldn’t irritate my sensitive eyes — and would score well with EWGs Skin Deep database.In terms of being non-irritating for me, it has been perfect. I’ve even forgotten to remove it at bedtime, without any obvious adverse effects. Consistency and application are fantastic. It doesn’t feel ‘heavy’ as some supposedly natural mascaras do, and it goes on smoothly and without clumps. One coat gives perfect lengthening, without that fake, overly-made up look. I’m sure it could be more dramatic with multiple coats, but I like the natural look.In terms of safety it is better than a lot of what is out there. EWG doesn’t give a rating to Zuzu Luxe’s mascara — but they do give a 3 hazard score to a liquid eyeliner by this company. I searched individually for each ingredient in this mascara. Most are considered to be a 0-1 hazard, which is excellent (0=no hazard, 10=worst). There are two notable exceptions, however: Tocopherol Acetate with a hazard score of 4 and the last ingredient, Potassium Sorbate, with a hazard score of 3. Both of these ingredients have strong evidence as skin irritants/toxicants. While they have not affected me this way, someone with a higher sensitivity may not be able to tolerate cosmetics with these ingredients. Somewhat more distressing are the studies that have shown mutagenic effects, contamination possibilities, and immunotoxic effects associated with these ingredients. I would imagine if EWG gave this mascara and overall score that it would be in the 2-3 range.However, as scary as these ingredients sound, I think it’s wise to put it into some perspective: Compare these ingredients to most of the personal care products on the market — and to the load of chemicals most people get from the products they bring into their homes whether it be cleaning solutions and detergents, lotions, soaps — and, of course, department store brand cosmetics. Bottom line: Ingredient-wise, this isn’t the absolute ideal mascara, perhaps… but it is certainly better than much of what’s out there. Nonetheless, I think it’s important to have information about what we are applying to our bodies so we can weigh the risk/benefit ratio.Until I find 100% safe, attractive cosmetics, this very functional mascara will get the job done, and I am quite pleased with it.

Nikki Liberty Center, OH

Awesome mascara

I have super sensitive eyes and have been looking for years for a mascara that doesn’t irritate my eyes while at the same time gives me long, gorgeous lashes. Zuzu Luxe mascara is the bomb!I’ve tried so many brands that I’ve lost count and I can’t even begin to estimate how much money I’ve spend trying to get lovely lashes and my search can finally end now. I apply 3-4 coats and I get long, beautiful lashes that last all day and my eyes no longer tear up.I wanted a natural product that didn’t contain all the crud that the other brands do and this one hit the mark. The brown color is rich and deep, it goes on smoothly with no clumps and wears like a dream. I highly recommend this product 🙂

Mallory Pismo Beach, CA

Not sure what the rave is about

Opened the mascara excited about other reviews and already the brush is like the standard walmart cheapo $1 mascara wand brushes. So, i tried it anyway and it goes on thin. It does nothing for volume or length. I have long lashes to begin with and it didn’t do anything to make them stand out to begin with. I also noticed that is comes of easily when your eyes water or if you get tears when you laugh, it runs all over the place. I will stick with my Tarte Camera Lights Lashes and Bare Minerals Volumizer mascara. Now, those create volume and length and help your lashes grow.

Pearl Camden, ME

Nice but not justified for the price

This is pretty nice stuff and has good ingredients. It’s just pretty expensive, in my view. I’ve gone to Reviva. Zuzu does a good job at marketing themselves as chemical-free/environ & animal friendly, more so than Reviva markets themselves, but I imagine they’re fairly comparable. Reviva has a great brush, although their mascara doesn’t come off as easily with water as Zuzu – though some may prefer that.

Gay Newport News, VA

not perfect mascara as there should be a giant class action lawsuit against all mascaras that claim clump flake free etc.. cuz they’re all guilty of it! but the brand and product seem trustworthy and the mascara works pretty lovelyly but it could be richer and easier to apply, a little dry or thin I guess but pretty sweet. I’d probably rate it at the top of the handful of ‘naturalish’ mascaras I’ve tried so far

Anita Wakeman, OH

zuzu mascara

I really like this mascara as far as being natural. Mascara goes into your blood stream. Most people do not know this, so using something natural is important. I like how it looks natural also. I had to however give it a four star because on some occassions, not all, I have noticed flaking. It kind of is an on again off again issue. Probably not for the person who wears contacts.

Jennifer Olin, IA



Aline Orgas, WV