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Mild acetone formula moisturizes, nourishes, and helps to fortify the nail plate, while removing all traces of nail lacquer without streaking or staining. Use as a nail plate or nail prep cleaner before applying base coat to significantly increase lacquer wear.

Key features

  • Flipper bottle for easy application.

Honest reviews


Fine but too pricey for what it is

I do like remove+ – it does its job and it’s not too harsh on hands. But although some promos and reviews say it’s better than acetone, it *is* an acetone-based remover! I like the bottle design. But it’s too expensive for what it is (acetone + glycerin) so 1 point off for price, and 1 for the smell. I think they overdid the scent in this to overcome the acetone but I much prefer acetone smell, which evaporates to this cloying smell which stays on my hands for ever.

Christine Atkinson, NH

Best smell ever

My husband dislikes when I get the nail polish remover and wanting to do my nails while we watch tv, so I saw this item’s review about the odor and the bottle was very useful….so I decided to give it a go and..WOW!!! I did my nails the last 2 times, he didn’t even notice the stinky nail polish smell….he said the average anil polish always leaves a strong smell that gives him a headache, and this wasn’t noticible, not to mentioned the bottle is very seful and I don’t have to get the cotton ball overly soak with the average nail polish, I just pomp it and get enough product on my cotton ball.thank you

Ava Belzoni, MS

Very good produt

The product itself smells pretty good, it removes polish excellently and it leaves nails feeling clean. The bottle itself is cute as can be. However, I don’t know if its my imagination, but I do notice that the product evaporates and I’m very very careful about closing the cap when I’m done. I’ll have to pay attention to that but other users have stated the same thing. I do plan on purchasing the refill bottle.

Clare Mozier, IL

Great product

This nail polish remover works better than any I have every purchased. It does not take a lot to do the job and I like that it does not have a lot of harmful chemicals.

Jennie Woodlawn, TN

Davis and Emmas mommy

I love this it is so easy to use and for the most part mess free. I love how it getss little as possible on my fingers so I dont have to worry with my kids and it gettting in their mouth after being on my fingers b:)

Marta Fort Bridger, WY

Great nail polish remover.

This is my favorite nail polish remover! Works like a charm and not too harsh on my nails. I finished off a whole bottle and repurchased this rather than the refill which is a bit more pricey. I find that it last me a long time anyway. =)

Betty Contoocook, NH

Best Nail Polish Remover Ever

This really lives up to its name. I love it. Doesn’t turn my skin white like most acetone removers do.

Megan Kissee Mills, MO

Like this product

I like this product. It’s supposed to be less harsh on your nails and I think it does that very well and I like how it dispenses the nail polish remover. Very wash to use

Jesse Bland, MO

Love this polish remover.

This polish remover is great and I love that it has a self-dispensing container. It really makes it easy to use. 🙂 Also has a great smell.

Geri Salem, VA