Zoya Remove Polish Remover – 32 oz / liter

Zoya Remove Plus is an award wining, gentle, yet highly effective 3-in-1 nail polish remover, nail prep and nail conditioner. Longer nail polish wear starts with Remove Plus. Polish remover is just the beginning of what this wonder 3-in-1 formula achieves. Clean and prep nails while moisturizing, nourishing and fortifying the nail plate for guaranteed extended polish wear. Nails are left without a trace of nail lacquer, without streaking or staining, hydrated and ready for a base coat.

Key features

  • Highly effective 3-in-1 formula:
  • nail polish remover,
  • nail prep,
  • nail conditioner.

Honest reviews


my 2 bottle..I think

This product is amazing, it moist my nails and it doesn’t smell like chemicals, it removes your polish without leaving your nails with weird stains.I love it so much, I think it’s my 2 or 3 bottle.

Alberta Truman, MN

Zoya Remove + Nail Polish Remover – 32 oz / liter

This nail polish remover is the best I’ve used so it is great to have this larger bottle since I polish my nails once a week. Not harsh like some of the removers I’ve tried before.

Teri Lulu, FL

Smells Good

I really like the smell of this nail polish remover although, I’m not sure that is a good thing. It is a big bottle, and when I received it, it had leaked. However, the seller fixed the situation and sent a new one. If I had realized when I ordered it exactly how big it was I probably would have tried to find a smaller size. Another problem I have with it is that because of its size when you tip it over it comes out too fast. I wish it had a smaller opening at the top. With that said, it works really well and does its job.

Hannah Derwood, MD

Remove polish and glitter polish fast and easy.

I really loved this product. It took my nail polish of with no problems. It works really well on glittered nail polish, which is usually hard to remove. The smell is not as bad as most nail polish removers, and I like the fact it helps your nails to improve. My only problem is that it arrived with a broken lid. So glad it had the clear seal over the opening or I would have had a wet container. I hot glued the lid back together, so I could still use the product.

Rosalinda Partridge, KY

Awesome stuff

I love this polish remover. I won’t use anything else. Leaves fingers/toes feeling refreshed and not all dried out with yucky white dried spots left behind.

Denise Hooksett, NH