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Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover in Big Flipper 8 oz

Zoya Remove Plus is an award wining, gentle, yet highly effective 3-in-1 nail polish remover, nail prep and nail conditioner. Longer nail polish wear starts with Remove Plus. Now get Zoya Remove Plus packaged in the portable, spill-proof 8oz Big Flipper pump container. Great lavender scent. Polish remover is just the beginning of what this wonder 3-in-1 formula achieves. Clean and prep nails while moisturizing, nourishing and fortifying the nail plate for guaranteed extended polish wear. Nails are left without a trace of nail lacquer, without streaking or staining, hydrated and ready for a base coat. Thoroughly saturate a cotton ball or pad with Zoya Remove Plus, firmly press pad to nail for a few seconds and wipe until existing polish is completely removed and nail bed is clean. Remove surface oils from clean nails and prepare nails for new color by wiping each nail with Zoya Remove. 8 oz Please, note: This item can be shipp ed to 48 contiguous United States via Ground Service only.

Key features

  • 3-in-1 Forumal: polish remover, nail cleaner, nail prep
  • Spillproof 8oz Big Flipper pump container
  • Extended polish wear guaranteed
  • Color lock step: 1

Honest reviews


Smells AWFUL. Doesn’t work better than regular acetone/glycerin

I give the product four stars because the “big flipper” solvent pump bottle the remover comes in is the best you can buy for acetone! I highly recommend this product solely for that reason. It is so much easier to remove your polish and clean your konad plates with this bottle.However, the Remove+ nail polish remover smells so disgusting. They obviously add so much perfume to mask the smell of the acetone but i honestly would prefer the acetone over this awful headache-inducing floral scent.Remove+ is basically just acetone with glycerin added to make it less irritating on your skin. I have been using 100% pure acetone w/ added glycerin for about a year now and Remove+ does not work any better than the homemade mixture. So I will use up the Remove+ and then fill it with my regular polish remover, because it would be very wasteful to dispose of the liquid just because it smells REALLY REALLY REALLY TERRIBLE.

Kathrine Milligan, FL

It’s fine but overrated

I do like remove+ – it does its job and it’s not too harsh on hands. But although some promos and reviews say it’s better than acetone, it *is* an acetone-based remover!I do like the bottle design.It’s too expensive for what it is (acetone + glycerin) so 1 point off for price, and 1 for the smell. I think they overdid the scent in this to overcome the acetone but I much prefer acetone smell, which evaporates to this cloying smell which stays on my hands for ever.

Darcy Eatonville, WA

Nice bottle!

I really like the design of this bottle. The nail polish remover works well and doesn’t have an over powering smell. The only issue I had it that it does spray a little when you press down to release the polish remover. Other than that this is a great product.

Margie Plainfield, PA


LOVE love LOVE the big flipper. Crazy for it!! No more accidents. Yay! So easy to get a little on my cotton round and go to town. No drying out a capless bottle. No tipping over an open bottle.As for the Zoya remover… works great. I feel like my nails aren’t "eaten up" as much. I use 1-3 times a week.

Angelica Bradley, SD

Overall Great Product

I learned about this brand from a magazine–I think Allure Best Beauty issue. This remover has a light smell, and a cool purple color. It’s pretty strong and easily removes nail polish, with one or two swipes of a soaked cotton ball. The dispenser bottle is great, and allows you to put as much as you want on the cotton ball. You can also lock the dispenser, so it doesn’t spill. It’s definitely worth the cost, because you end up using less product and it lasts a long time.

Cassie East Moriches, NY

Great nail polish remover

It is expensive but it does a great job. It is not harsh on your skin or nail like other polish removers and the scent is great.

Gabrielle Ridgeway, WI

Absolutely the best nail polish remover!

I was reluctant to spend this much on a remover but after reading reviews and loving Zoya’s polishes, I tried it. It’s wonderful. Leaves nails feeling ‘normal’ and no dehydrated. It really takes off polish quickly and effectively and smells better than any other remover I’ve used. I would highly recommend it. However, if you change polish a lot and use a lot of it, it will get expensive – on the whole – to keep buying. I would buy it again.

Therese Chattaroy, WA

Push Top Broke

I was excited about getting this, as this is the type of container that they use in the salons and I thought it would be easier to use. This actual product does seem to work well – but the “push” top quit working by the second use. So to use it now, I have to unscrew the top and pour it onto the cotton ball, which defeated part of the purpose for getting it. I also am using the CND gel polish and it’s more difficult dissolve so I thought this might work better than what you get a Walmart etc. I notice some difference but not a lot. It was honestly more trouble to return it because of the push top, so I just decided to keep it, but will not order it again.

Mia Buffalo, SC


I am never bothering with other nail polish removers again. This works well, does not smell like gasoline, and does not leave my nails brittle.

Judy Saint Louis, OK

Nice product!

I went onto the net to search for a really good polish remover and this one came rated pretty high so I gave it a try. It does seem to work better than any other polish remover I’ve tried. Not so much rubbing as the others which really annoys me lol. Its a little on the expensive side but I like it. One plus is the shape of the bottle, has a nice wide bottom so you dont have to worry about it falling over. Also has a unique way it pumps out, can’t explain it but I guarentee you’ll love it! Its spill proof:)) Give it a try!!!

Violet Cliffside Park, NJ

Well designed and works!

Love the bottle and the polish remover. This stuff really is NOT toxic like acetone and it gets rid of even the glittery polish that’s hard to get off. Good design where you need only tap the top with your cotton ball. Get the refill too – you won’t be dissapointed.

Sharon Murphy, ID

So convienient

This bottle makes removing my chipped polish so convienint (I’m very bad about removing it). And if you’re on an uneven surface like carpet it keeps you from spilling.

Trisha Tyonek, AK

Removes everything

This product is great for a number of reasons:1. It removes all polish– the darkest colors, multiple layers, and high quality base and top coats.2. It smells good.3. It dispenses the product cleanly and easily, just like the bottles the pros use.4. It looks pretty.So why doesn’t it get all five stars? Well, it also tends to remove the top layer of my fingernails. After using it, my nails feel more dry/brittle and the surface is uneven (similar to but not nearly as bad as when you have acrylic nails removed). Maybe I just need to be more careful.Because of my list above, I continue to use this product and have yet to find anything comparable.

Tamika Planada, CA

Favorite Nail Polish Remover

Zoya nail polish remover quickly and easily removes nail polish. The dispenser is great too. I just place a cotton ball on the top and press down on the cotton ball. It dispenses the product on to it without causing a mess. I love that it’s cruelty free too.

Virgie Windsor, CO

Expensive but worth it.

I was hesitant to pay $10 for a bottle of nail polish remover. How good can it be? But I ended up trying sample and yep, I’m forking over money for this stuff now. I used to use Sally Hanson Extra Strength. I thought it was good but this is far better. I can remove coats of red nail polish with little effort. It literally dissolves the polish. It doesn’t stink and it has less acetone than other polish removers. I like the pump bottle too. It’s the best way to soak cotton balls.Reason for 4 stars? Well, come on Zoya. The price IS steep for nail polish remover. But it is awesome, as is the bottle, so yeah. I buy it.

Grace Port Lavaca, TX

Great pump

This works so well. It takes polish off quickly, the pump is the best idea ever. It is so much easier to get out of the bottle this way instead of tipping it on to a cotton ball.

Erna Blanchard, LA

Great design, but dries out nails.

I almost rarely paint my nails because I hate the tedious process of removing the polish later. I have to give this product three stars because of the convenience the design offers. I don’t have to worry about spills or accidentally putting too much product in a cotton pad when I use Zoya, and the product works much, much quicker at removing polish than my typical polish remover.That being said, my nails do NOT like this polish remover. After using the product three times in the span of two months, my nails began to dry out and look rough. Last night was my third use – my nails were rough and dry, and there was peeling in the middle of my nail beds. I’ve never had this happen to my nails before! I used some Burts Bee’s Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream last night and this morning to help combat the dryness, and it has helped a little, but my nails have never been in such bad shape before.I expected much better from a product that claims to “hydrate, moisturize, nourish and fortify” my nails. “Nail conditioner” my butt! I’ll use up the rest of the bottle (with the cuticle cream after each use, of course), but afterward I will not be repurchasing this product.

Sydney Jaroso, CO

Best remover

Best nail polish remover I’ve ever used. Takes glitter off very easy. Even gave them as Christmas presents! Thumbs up!

Ruby Boswell, IN

Good product, leaky bottle

I like the nail polish remover a lot. The bottle had leaked in the package when I opened it, though, and it still leaks if I’m not careful to keep it upright.

Melanie Easton, MD

I will never use another brand

Wow. This stuff is fantastic! My mom and sister have really sensitive noses, and they didn’t even complain as I was removing my nail polish five feet away from them! They usually have me go somewhere and close the door and turn on the exhaust. And still complain.Others have already talked about how well it removes nail polish, so I won’t reinvent the wheel, but to my surprise, it also removed the glue I used to attach my silver nail bow to my nail with. It removed the glue so much better than any other nail polish I’ve tried.Very highly recommended. And I’ve tried some of everything!

Rochelle Sykesville, PA

love the bottle

I love this nail polish remover and will never use anything else. I buy big bottles of zoya and refill this bottle because the dispenser is fantastic!

Eloise Lucerne, MO

Love it!!!!

I really like the container that allows you to pump out a little at a time. It doesn’t leave my nails bone dry and flacking like the OPI nail polish remover does… I really like it…

Edith Canyon, CA