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Zoya Nail Polish Summer – 2013 Stunning & Irresistible Collection **NEW SUMMER COLOR**

ZOYA STUNNING & IRRESISTIBLE Introducing Twelve NEW Sun Inspired Colors for Summer 2013 by Zoya Nail Polish… Summer brings the sunniest colors to nails! Zoya Stunning and Irresistible Collections for Summer 2013 include six super shiny creams and six fresh foil metallics to put all the focus on the brightest shining light in any room – YOU!

Key features

  • Just like the SUN… You are the center of it ALL!
  • Stunning & Irresistible.
  • Full 0.5 Oz Size.
  • Brand New Summer 2013 Color.

Honest reviews


Great nail polish

First off this polish came in a decent time. It’s the exact color as the picture and most importantly it didn’t come crushed! I’m so mad at this other company that I ordered from and now I’m out $10 because they’re refusing to do anything about it. This is a must buy, great price!

Teresa West Chazy, NY

Love this

I love this color. The formula is great too. I usually use Shellac and rarely use regular nail polish but I couldn’t resist this color. It has great staying power!!! Highly recommend.

Kendra Dobbin, TX

Color is not true pink

Two stars for being Zoya polish — a great, smooth, creamy polish that goes on well and stays on. This color? Euw. It looks sparkly pink in the picture but actually has a rust-like color to it. It looks darker painted on and it’s my least favorite Zoya color (and I own 10!) Sorry, Zoya .. this one doesn’t cut it. 🙁

Laurel Melville, MT

Pretty On Picture

Looks Pretty on picture. This product is not as described by Zoya. They say it is a pinkish golden color; there is lots of gold but no pink. This is an orange polish with no pink at all. It looks like a light orange color on my nails. I applied three coats and I can still see my nail underneath.

Terrie New Market, MN

A Real Head Turner!

This color is STUNNING! I’ve spent so long trying to find the perfect, bright, sunshine yellow and this is it! it’s not dusty, a pastel, a neon or a highlighter. It’s just pure, warm yellow!

Angelia Arlington Heights, IL


Love this polish. I know it was intended to be a summer polish, but the yellow hue almost perfectly matches the fall colors of the maple trees around my house. It was opaque in two coats, on day two with no tip wear or chipping.

Holly Black Creek, WI

Zoya Rocky

At first I fell in love with this color and just had to have it. When I received it and tried it on my nail it looked like any other teal. I still like but, it’s nothing unique about it.

Emily Lancaster, KY

Premium nail polish

Color is bright and vivid. Zoya goes on so smoothly there is almost no need to worry about streaks. Love it!

Ana Stanfield, NC

Zoya-Darcy-0.5 oz

This is a very pretty bright lemon yellow. Goes on smoothly but does need a few extra coats since it has some streaks when applying.

Toni Morristown, MN


This may be my favorite polish I’ve purchased recently. It’s a delicious shade of green that doesn’t scream "I’m a teenager!" (no offense to the teens out there – rock your polish like only you guys can).

Juliana Ridgeway, WV

Love it

Awesome shade of green. Sorry zoya: I had planned to buy a Bunch more colors this summer but, I don’t need any other color. I love it!

Edwina Hampstead, NH

This polish is the best!

The color is so cute and the polish glides on smooth. It doesn’t chip for longer than other polishes I have tried and it doesn’t have any of the nasty chemicals you find in ither brands. Would definitely recommend!

Aida Augusta, MO