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Zoya Nail Polish Sampler Naturel Collection

Zoya 2014 Naturel Nail Polish Collection will give you a chic tone-on-tone look!

Key features

  • •1 – 0.5oz Zoya Nail Polish Chantal, 1 – 0.5oz Zoya Nail Polish Taylor, 1 – 0.5oz Zoya Nail Polish Rue, 1 – 0.5oz Zoya Nail Polish Brigitte, 1 – 0.5oz Zoya Nail Polish Odette , 1 – 0.5oz Zoya Nail Polish Normani

Honest reviews


Zoya nail polish in Odette

I really enjoyed this lovely mauve purple color. I’m relatively new to Zoya polishes but I thought it went on easily and lasted well.

Leona Barrigada, GU


I was expecting a nude plum, but got a bright deep purple similar to opi’s suzy and the dusseldorfs. That was not what I wanted. I hate it when nail polishes look like one thing in the bottle and something different on my hand. I do have a dark complexion, so that may have played a role. I really need to stop buying nail polishes online. Not sure whether to send it back, it is cute.

Marisa East China, MI

The color is exactly as pictured.

I had some trouble with a couple of other colors that I bought from other sellers here on Amazon. (I wish Amazon actually practiced quality control.) Those were sold as soft Spring colors but turned out to be neon Summer colors. However this color is true to the picture. So refreshing.

Rosalia Dunkerton, IA

First time

I received this in today. It is the first Zoya product for me and now not my last!!!!I love this color and application was one coat for me! I had been looking, buying and trying so many mauve colors but never got what I was looking for…till now. This is the perfect mauve shade for me. I will buy Zoya again.Delivery was ok…came a day after last day promised so that is why the four stars. Packaging was a bit iffy with no bubble wrap at all. So that needs to be worked on.

Carolina Haleiwa, HI

Great Polish

This polish is a beautiful neutral color. The polish provides nice coverage and is a nice consistency. I would recommend Zoya’s Rue.

Maxine Buffalo Creek, CO

Odette is very on-trend

I debated about Odette, but I’m glad I got it. It’s got enough beige in it to be relatively neutral for work, but it’s got a mauve cast that makes it very fashionable for spring. It looks great against my fair skin.

Allyson Perry, KS

Pretty shade

I am glad Zoya has such nice color options and I found this shade in the 2014 spring collection. This color is very feminine and although I have not used the polish yet; I bought it to wear it for Valentine’s, I feel this shade is nice enough that I will enjoy it through the winter, spring and summer.

Margret Port Salerno, FL