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Zoya Nail Polish, Charisma, 0.5 Ounce

Zoya Nail Polish in Charisma can be best described as: Ultra bright neon fluorescent magenta/red-toned purple cream. This neon shade dries matte, but also can be worn with topcoat for a glossy finish. The pigment in Charisma is very unique. Charisma must always be worn with a clear topcoat to deliver a long lasting lustrous finish. Otherwise the color dries matte.

Key features

  • Color Family Purple
  • Finish Cream
  • Intensity 5 ( 1=Sheer – 5=Opaque )
  • Tone Cool
  • Original Collection Classics

Honest reviews


Zoya fav!

Delivered on time. Described as to what I received. I have not worn the polish yet so I am unable to speak on formula. The color however is a beautiful purple with gold shimmer throughout which is what lead me to purchase such a unique color.

Corinne Garrisonville, VA

Pretty Color

Nice color, good formula (used two coats, easy to apply), lasted one week with a base coat & top coat.

Ruthie Chandler, MN

Zoya- Harmonie-0.5 oz

This was my very first Zoya nail polish color I tried. It is a pretty lavender shimmer color. It looks much darker on this website than it actually is in person. It is a light purple shimmer.

Ingrid Marion, KS

Wonderful Color! Excellent Wear!

I’ve been branching out from my usual pales to more rich colors.I was a bit hesitant to wear purple nail polish, but this is really lovely color that I am so pleased that I bought!It’s not a deep, dark purple, but, to my color eye, it is more of a mauve purple . The shimmer in this polish really makes it for me! It’s like a rose gold – really, really nice.I think that most us have at least a wee bit of concern about the ingredients in nail polishes these days, and it seems as if Zoya is one of the more ‘natural’ polishes and it contains none of the really harmful, harsh ingredients of the past. I think that this is as ‘natural’ as a nail polish can be. The formulas wears well. What more can you ask? Beautiful colors, long wear and ‘natural’ !I have ordered several more Zoya colors in darker shades and now I really look forward to wearing, and liking, all of them.

Jill Grand Junction, MI

I usually love zoya but the formula Is awful

I usually love zoya but the formula Is awful..the color in the bottle is amazing but the polish dries matte and darkens in color when it dries so of course u can put a clear coat on to give it a shine but that dark color it dries into doesn’t go away….so sad considering the color in the bottle is such a bright vivid magenta but dries into a dark magenta or plum. I do love other Zoyas though

Adriana Whitelaw, WI