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Zim’s Crack Creme, Original Liquid Formula, 2 Ounce

Zim’s Original Liquid Herbal Formula 2.0oz Softens and Moisturizes dry, cracked thickened skin

Key features

  • Developed by a Pharmacist
  • Nature’s First Aid
  • The serious skin product for those serious about their skin
  • Unique Multi-Use Liquid Herbal Topical Formula

Honest reviews


Doesn’t work

This stuff smells awful. My husband will gripe and complain when I come to bed with this on. It gives him a headache. After 5 nights of using it my cracked heels are actually worse. The oil is super oily and hard to spread. It sticks to the skin but gives no benefit. Don’t buy this! Stick with Walgreens lotion for 5 dollars instead.

Nicole Denver, KY

If you plan on running around outside naked

Then you are bound to put wear and tear on your tootsies. There are many good formula foot care products; one which has proven to help in mild or extreme conditions is Zim’s Crack Crème. Although good for other external skin locations this is where I found it to be most useful. This cream also works on more modest feet.Even thought it says natural ingredients as with any topical item you may want to try it in a small area first to be sure you do not have an unwanted reaction.

Adelaide Hudgins, VA

Its works

My feet are were very dry. I mean if you looked at them, they always have a white look to them because of the dryness. I was ok with this until I started noticing that my heel were beginning to crack!. I bought this product and have found it very useful. Its all natural so that is even better!Here is what I did for an entire week, every night and saw results:1) Take the ped egg and scrape all around the feet. This is get all the dry skin out.2) Take a squirt of your shampoo and wash the feet in luke warm water thoroughly.3) Pat your skin dry and then use a generous amount of this product ( I used 3 pumps for each feet) and massage all around the feet. Especially around the heel area.4) Wear a clean pair of socks and go to bed!Repeat all of the above every night for a week.

Jimmie Holderness, NH

Soften Tough Skin

I love the smell of cloves and this does the trick for dry cracked skin! If used daily, maybe twice in some cases, it will prevent cracked heels and soften feet. Remember to exfoliate often while thus is working. Your feet will smell pretty!

Nora Moscow, KS

I am amazed. My feet are transformed into baby footsies!

Purchased on a total whim! I HAD rough scaly toes and feet, plus completely cracked heels. Did monthly pedis myselt, too scared to go to salons, with razor blade, the only way to shave off heel calluses and try to minimize the cracks, though never removing the cracks completely, we all know the cracks are too deep to shave off.I started using the spray and it took a while to see the difference, definitely not instant. First month or two I used a lot of spray. Probably 7-10 sprays per foot. Rubbing and rubbing, massaging, every night. Also spraying every am. Bought at end of summer, now, 5 month later my feet have transformed. I keep using the spray only in am, before putting socks on. In summer and fall, while I wore sandals, I used it twice a day, at night and in morning.I do not have cracks on my heels. Not one. I’m astounded. Shocked really. For past 20 years I cannot remember any time when I did not have a crack on my heel. Feet are soft and smooth and pink, not ashy! I’d recommend it to anyone, but to see a total transformation, please make a commitment. Good luck and happy feet!

Shana Collinsville, AL