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Zeva Austrian Crystal Nail File – Stops Splitting, Peeling and Cracking, and Removes Excess Cuticle. Made in the USA.

Zeva’s Austrian Crystal File is an all-natural fingernail file, made in the USA, from extremely fine crystals that gently shapes and completely smooths nail tips and removes dry skin around the nails. Regular use seals the tips of your fingernails and toenails, strengthening them and promoting healthy nail growth. The rounded ends of Zeva’s Austrian Crystal File are specifically designed to gently push back and erase excess cuticle. Regular use of Zeva’s Austrian Crystal File will help eliminate splitting, chipping and peeling nails. Regular use strengthens nails and promotes healthy growth. Filing can be done in both directions without any damage to your nails. Normal activities, such as gardening, doing the dishes, showering and hand-washing, expose your nails to water and stresses. These stresses cause microscopic cracks on the tips of your fingernails. Over time, a few days to a week, these cracks will deepen and weaken the nail tip. To eliminate the damage caused by these daily stresses, it is recommended to gently file your fingernails and remove these tiny cracks. If you have thin, weak nails, this should be done every day. Thicker nails, less often. Both ends of the Austrian Crystal File are rounded and more abrasive. The rounded part is designed specifically to push back the cuticle. Then, hold the file like a pencil and use the more abrasive part to gently erase away any excess, dry skin and cuticle. Simple, easy-to-use and very effective. Robust. May be placed in your dishwasher to sterilize, when necessary. Sold with a protective carrying case. Receive FREE SHIPPING on orders over $25 with Zeva Natural Nails. Orders totaling less than $25 are shipped for $3.95. Expedited shipping available for $6.95. All orders usually ship within 1-2 business days. We ship orders Monday to Friday excluding holidays. We ship all orders via USPS – First Class, Priority Mail or USPS Ground, depending upon your shipping address.

Key features

  • High quality, extremely durable file made from ceramic and aluminum oxide (commonly known as Austrian Crystal) – NOT GLASS
  • Eliminates splitting, peeling and cracking nails
  • Gently seals your fingernails and toenails for strength and growth
  • Rounded ends for pushing back and removing excess cuticle
  • Free shipping at $25

Honest reviews


Nice file.

I wore solar and gel nails for a long time and am trying to get my nails healthy again. When I saw this file, I wanted to try it because splitting, peeling and cracking are a problem for me. I find the file uncomfortable to hold and difficult to use. Sometimes I just give up and go back to my old file. However, I am going to persist and if I find I can give a better rating, I will come back and do so.One positive is that is easier to use at the side of the nails, and perhaps that is what I will use the glass file for.Recently I did the research I should have before the purchase. What I found is that the reason the glass file is supposed to be better is because it has a higher grit level and you can get the same thing with a regular file that has a higher grit level. I have used a ceramic file in the past and loved it but this just hasn’t worked that well for me.

Hilda Mc Bride, MO

Ergonomic design good for skin and nails!

I am delighted with this file. Not only is it good for filing nails, but it is also fantastic for buffing rough pieces of skin around nails: it can reach places other files can’t because the entire item is a file–sides, top and bottom. My nails are looking much better because of that.It does not grate across the nails: it almost glides across them; it feels entirely different from the metal files I’ve been using for years, and which I won’t use anymore. Kudos to Zeva for a great ergonomic design!!!

Edna Peru, VT

Unexpected and Awesome!

It really does seal the nail. It feels so much better that I keep looking for something to file. Alas, they are in good shape. Totally worth it. I didn’t think a file could really be that different, but it is.

Kari Shadyside, OH

Zeva crystal nail file

I just received this today and haven’t tried it as yet, but it sounds like it will be awesome : )

Leta Riverton, KS

I’ve used Zeva files for 10+ years and won’t use anything else!

I recently replaced my original Zeva file…after at least 10 years of use! I bought my first one at the Mall of America, after getting a demo from the gal at a Zeva kiosk. These are truly wonderful files, so kind to your fingernails. As much as I love it for my nails, i especially love that you can just "file" off your dry cuticles and all the dry skin around your nails with it – no more clipping dry cuticles! I can’t imagine ever using an emery board on my nails again in this lifetime!

Hollie Castaner, PR


This is wonderful and will last forever. Really helps my nails look better. Add to your manicure routine, no more buying nail files.

Nora Ashton, WV

Works GREAT !!!

When I first got this file, I gave it a three star rating. When the seller saw my review they immediately contacted me. After talking I discovered that I was using the file wrong. I have several nicks on my nails that just won’t go away. In my case the nicks would eventually destroy my nails. Using this file wrong was not to my benefit, obviously. I was using it just whenever and the nicks would not seal. The seller explained that I needed to use it on all ten nails every night for a total of about 40-50 seconds. Since I have been following the instructions exactly, the nicks have disappeared. Giving it an original three stars was unfair since it was my fault. The seller was most courteous to me in explaining it all and I will not hesitate to buy other products from this seller. This file does exactly what is advertised. If you have problem nails you cannot go wrong with this file. THANK YOU Zeva Nails for taking the time to care and for a product that takes care of an issue I have had for years !!!!!

Dena Prim, AR