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Zeno Heat Treat Blemish Prevention Kit, 1-Count

Zeno heat treat blemish prevention treatment serums destroys 99.9 percentages of acne bacteria and in 1 hour helps prevents future breakouts on contact. It is gentle on Skin and is non-drying.

Key features

  • Destroys 99.9 percentage of acne bacteria in 1 hour
  • Helps prevent future breakouts on contact
  • Penetrates and unclogs pores
  • Gentle on Skin, non-Drying

Honest reviews


Was great – when it worked

I’ve now deleted my positive review. Although every bit of it was true and I saw results, what is the point if it doesn’t work? As of today I’ve also experienced problems with it turning on and off on its own and I can’t get it to stop until I pull out the battery. And now it just won’t turn on. I’ve had this for just over two weeks and is now going into the trash. I really want to get my money back.I hope they get their act together. They really should recall this thing because it seems this problem is quite common after just a few days of use. I guess I was lucky for I got to use mine for two whole weeks. The company should fire anyone who was paid to test this. I kept mine out of water and in a safe place – I never once dropped it.I’m sorry to anyone who may have bought this on my previous glowing review.Yet another update: someone is going through all the reviews and marking ‘unhelpful’ to any comments that refer to the increasingly common ‘on and off and on again’ problem. (An employee of the company, perhaps?) User beware. I still use the gel (it’s great) but I’ve never had a gadget malfunction so quickly. At first this looked like a great deal, but now I realize this is severely overpriced.

Muriel Flat Rock, IN

Didn’t do anything but make my face worse!!!

Saw the Zeno Heat Treat on TV and thought this would be a great buy but it turns out I just wasted my money… This product made my face 3x worst than it was I think the Heat Treat spread my acne all over my face rather then get rid of it!!!

Maryanne Ransom, IL

Works amazing!

I’ve honestly never had a better acne treatment that gave overnight results.No, I do not work for Zeno Company. I’m a 20 year old woman who’s in college, and a few weeks ago my face broke out horribly, and decided to use my Zeno heat treatment. I don’t use it often, as the directions say it is NOT for normal acne, only for serious break outs/pimples. Which is true. It does very little for small zits, but I see overnight results for serious break outs.I’ve been reading the reviews, wondering why it has such an absolute terrible review. Everyone says it’s “defective,” and that’s not the case. The device is not a normal acne treatment, it is a HEAT treatment. It gets very hot, and I believe in the directions (as I’ve tossed mine out since I got this a couple years ago) it stated that it will only stay on for about 15 minutes before it turns off automatically so it doesn’t hurt your skin, as it is HEAT being applied to your FACE. Did anyone read the directions further than the how-to? It stated it right there, at least in my copy, maybe it doesn’t now in newer releases.Also, when it does the on-off-on-off/”bzz…..bzzz……bzz…..bzzz…” thing, THE BATTERY IS DYING. When I first got it, I was really annoyed at that and wouldn’t see much results because I couldn’t use it properly. I changed the battery and omg, it worked again! It’s not on a charge, it’s on AA batteries. Different power supply, and it uses a lot of the battery’s power to make itself so hot.Seriously guys, read the directions. I know that this won’t give the same results to everyone, NOTHING does and I’ve tried everything and have gotten different results with each treatment. But don’t give a terrible review just because you either didn’t read the introduction pamphlet (that may possibly not state that it turns off for your own safety so you don’t burn yourself anymore, I don’t know, again I got mine a couple years ago). And don’t do it just because you didn’t think to change the dying batteries. Try these, and if it doesn’t work right, THEN it is defective.Again, for the last time, it turns off after about 15 minutes so it doesn’t burn your face! If it buzzes on and off after a couple weeks use (which you really shouldn’t use constantly, as it’s not for light acne, it is for troublesome pimples/nodules and to be used with care) it’s most likely that you need to change the battery.I’ve had these horrible pimples so deep beneath my skin for nearly 3 weeks, I even ordered Exposed Skin care (which works but VERY slowly) as a last resort, but when I remembered I had this little fellow on hand, my face has cleared up significantly in the past few days of use.

Aurelia Lehman, PA

First Day Review

I just bought this kit at WM and it was only 30 there. My experience so far is the liquid salicylic acid 1% tingles more than other products that I have used in the past that are 2%. It feels equivalent to 10% benzoyl peroxide products I’ve used.The gadget turned off by itself in the middle of using, but I’m pretty certain that I accidentally touched the power button with my finger when I switched my grip. The button is very sensitive. After I turned it back on it didn’t turn off on its own (I was very aware of my finger placement this time) and stayed on until I pressed the power button again.The only place I typically get acne on my face is on my chin and way back on my cheeks right by where my ears start. I took a “before” picture of my chin today and will take another one in the future and post both of them up here. But so far, I feel warm/tingling and it feels like it’s working. I will update again and let you know if I have any gadget problems turning off/on like other reviewers have stated and if, most importantly, the acne has cleared up.

Rosemary East Wilton, ME

Best blemish treatment on the market

I concur that you must change the batteries when the device starts to act strange, and then it’s fine again. I’ve tried numerous products on the market and nothing has worked until this. This works better than the zeno created for just one spot. I believe it kills all the bacteria on your face so pimples don’t start popping up all over. When my skin is at it’s worst I’ll use this and the next day it’s clear, it’s really amazing! If you use this every day, your skin will be flawless. I also love the treatment it comes with but when you run out of solution, the device still works well. I paid almost 50 dollars for mine so this is a great deal. I bought mine at Wal-mart and thought it was defective too until I changed the batteries. Unlike the other Zeno’s, it will work for ages if you just change the batteries, it doesn’t require new cartridges like the other Zeno devices. If you suffer from acne, this will change your life.

Lucia Mackay, ID

It’s ok

I chose to rate this as a 2 star because if it works it takes weeks to make an inprovment in your acne and the device is a little faulty. I have to hold it upside down for it to work and even then it shuts off on then turns on on its own and no my finger was not on the power button. I made sure of that. My acne did go down a little, but the bumps of the new and old were still there. They just never turned into zits that would be popped. Not a big fan of this device. I recomd this to people who have patince and are ok with barely fair results.

Angel Clever, MO

A Fun Way To Prevent Pimples!

Very nice product! It came quickly and works like a charm! Heats up and vibrates and feels really nice on your face and helps soften and prevent pimples and blemishes. I really like it!

Lucile Stockholm, WI

Second Zeno Product With ON-OFF Switch Problems

Was hoping to use this for relaxing, warm facial massage that allows the lotions and potions to penetrate the skin quicker and deeper. It’s not relaxing when the on-off switch doesn’t function properly because this thing does heat up and will leave red marks on you. It erratically either won’t turn on OR it won’t turn off. Same thing with their Age Rewind tool minus the heat and red marks.The 1% salicylic acid serum is very good though; colorless, gentle and effective for unclogging pores and cell turnover to minimize pimples/blemishes. Look for the treatment serum, forget the tool!

Anna Russellville, OH

worked great!

This actually worked very well. When I had a big blemish that I needed gone ASAP I just used this and it was smaller the next morning and gone within 2 days!

Maureen Whiteoak, MO

Zit zapper

This product didn’t work for me. I followed the directions but for some reason my zit got bigger? I think this will work but not for everyone.

Geneva Campbellsville, KY

Been using this for 5+ years

I read a lot of the 1 star reviews and definitely agree that there is something defective with the mechanism of this. However, I have been using the exact same device for over 5+ years despite its quirks, and it’s never failed. If you put brand new batteries in, the device usually turns on automatically. But if you hit the button it usually shuts off. I say usually both times because as most people and I have stated, there are some defective parts, so it unfortunately doesn’t work 100% of the time the way it should. But the only time I have had it shut off on me is when the batteries are dying. When that happens I usually have to wait a minute before pressing the button again to turn it on. I do also agree that it goes through batteries quickly. I use this about once a day, and have made sure to use only the best batteries (like Duracell). I have tried many different types of batteries, including Energizer, and I honestly find that Duracell lasts the longest. Definitely do not use discount batteries, as they won’t even last a week.The device does heat up which, along with the salicylic acid serum, is what’s supposed to be killing the bacteria. As one would guess, the device is at its hottest when the batteries are new. As the batteries drain, you’re not able to get as powerful a charge on it. But, I still feel that it has been effective for my acne. And I must stress this more than anything – not all products in this world are made for every type of acne, so just because it works or doesn’t work on one person doesn’t mean it will yield the same results for someone else. I will say though, that I do not have chronic cystic acne, but I do occasionally get a cyst, and when I use this device consecutive days in a row, it does help significantly. I have also used this without the serum and still see results. I personally think it’s the heat that treats the blemishes and less of the serum. I feel that the serum, although fortified with SA, is used more as a lubricant so the device glides smoothly over your skin.

Maxine Hampshire, TN