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Zantrex-3 High Energy Extreme Fat Burner Capsules, 56 Count

Fight the Fats Zantrex-3 High Energy Extreme Fat Burner Caps can offer you a spurt of energy while burning excess fat in your body. This capsule can provide you a convenient and simple way to lose that extra weight. Safe yet effective Easy to use Made under strict quality control Zantrex-3 High Energy Extreme Fat Burner Caps work by inhibiting the activity level of phosphodiesterase. These capsules can help you to lose weight as well as body fat. Just For You: Calorie-conscious individuals A Closer Look: Zantrex-3 High Energy Extreme Fat Burner Caps are made from gentle ingredients to encourage lipolysis and to help you burn excess fat in an easy way. Dietary Concerns: Contains no trans fat Usage: To be taken as per your doctor’s recommendation but not to exceed four capsules a day. FDA disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Key features

  • 56 Capsules
  • Serving Size: 2 Capsules
  • 28 Servings Per Container

Honest reviews


Do not purchase!

My 19-year od daughter purchased this item and on her first day of use as directed her heart was palpitating so violently that I called my health insurers advice line and they promptly asked me to call Poison Control. Poison Control told me to have her go immediately to the ER and get looked at. The ER put her promptly on IV and did some tests for her heart. She was released several hours later and even 24 hours later still feels terrible. She is a pretty healthy kid so this could happen to you also! BEWARE! It is not worth your life to try this product. Read the information posted on various sites on the internet. Do not be fooled by celebrity endorsements. These products aren’t regulated so you can’t be sure of what you are ingesting!

Tracie Glenwood, IA

worked great for me

i take one of these pills an hour before i run on the treadmill. im always careful to drink with a small bottle of water and then eat my oatmeal. i know it has a lot of caffeine but i still have two cups of morning coffee with it. an hour after all that, i hop on the treadmill and run off the energy. this pill helps me to get through each training program since im still learning and building up my times. it may not have negatively affected me because i am a big coffee drinker for many years and i only take this pill 3-4 times a week when i run.

Jasmin Spicer, MN

i would not recommend this to my worst enemy

this product for the first couple of days made me feel great and than it made me feel like i was dying and than i stopped and for the next week it still was in my system i was curled over in a ball with stomach pain.

Hazel Black, MO

worked for me!

idk how this works for everybody but if im going to workout in the afternoon i have to take two, 3hours before and on an empty stomach. so its basically the first thing i consume when i wake up. and for some reason on days when i take the pills im always soooo hungry by lunch! which i guess is because it gives me more energy and i burn calories like crazyit really does work like it keeps me on task and i legit get everything done.. which is a miracle lolgotta be careful though.. i dont take it all the time and deff consult a doctor or something if you know something like this will harm you.. i have a mild case of anxiety and i have to keep myself from getting so worked up when im on these, so yeah know yourself and what you can handle

Trisha Feather Falls, CA


The only thing this product elimited was my money. I guess it fails in the truth department on its advertising.

Lynnette Lockwood, MO

It works, but only take one pill, not the two suggested

Don’t think this is one of those things that the more you take the better it works, it has loads of caffeine and could speed up your heart if you overdo it. No weightless is worth that so I wanted to start by saying that.I have someone I work with who swears by this and I was laughing at her, telling her how bogus the weightless things on the market are. This went on for months. To be honest, she is super thin but that swayed me none.So one day she told me to just try one, bitter critic that I was. In all honesty it was the first time in my life that I FORGOT to eat lunch I think. I really was just not hungry at all.Now let’s get down to brass tacks. This is not magic. It won’t make you lose weight, but looking at the ingredients, it does contain natural appetite suppressants. Unfortunately it also works like a speed: it has more caffeine than anyone needs. If you want to skip your coffee and sodas, fine…but I would not suggest having both and taking these.In the new year, if you want something that curbs your appetite, at least for me, these worked amazingly well the times I have taken them–like crazy well. I typically only take one when I know I’ll be on the go, no time to eat, because I am hypoglycemic and typically low blood sugar is awful for me so I try to eat tiny meals every few hours….this just curbs that need when a work day means it can’t be done.

Kristen Sealevel, NC