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Zadro Z Fogless Water Mirror with LED Light Panel and Tri Accessory Holder, 6-Inch, Stainless Steel

Looking our best requires reflecting the best. Get a brighter and clearer view with this 6″ Z Fogless Water Mirror with LED Light Panel & Tri Accessory Holder Stainless Steel from Zadro. These technologically advanced mirrors are fog resistant, making a mirror in the shower an absolute advantage to getting that clean shave because hot water opens pores making shaving smoother and faster. Zadro has been continually providing functional and award winning product designs for over 30 years. Zadro reflects the ever-changing lifestyles and needs of customers with a broad array of Personal Care Mirrors, Bath Accessories, Cosmetic Accessories and Health & Wellness Products!.

Key features

  • Break resistant design
  • Fogless technology
  • 3-hole razor/accessory holder
  • Operates with 3 AA batteries (not included)

Honest reviews


Nice Accessory for In-Shower Shaving and Grooming

Review of “LED Light Water Mirror,” by Z’Fogless.I received this product through Vine in exchange for an honest review. The Z’Fogless LED Light Water Mirror is actually a very simple product. The system comes with a fogless break-resistant mirror, a bright LED light system, three razor holders, and three suction cups (or your choice of double sided tape). The premise is that the hot steam and water in a shower provides for a closer, smoother shave. You assemble the system by adding batteries for the LED light system and the three suction cups. Place the system on a wall in the shower not directly struck by the water. Take the mirror reservoir off of the system and fill with warm water. Place the filled mirror reservoir back onto the system. The warm water behind the mirror will keep it from fogging. Turn on the LED light if desired and begin shaving or grooming. That is it! The system is lightweight and appears to be rugged but time will tell. Five stars.

Earlene Doland, SD

Looks like something you might find in a prison cell

There is nothing about it that is worth the $50 price tag. The reflective surface isn’t even a mirror, it is made from a piece of foil in a cheap plastic housing. It attaches to the wall with suction cups that slide down the wall. Overall, the product is definitely not worth the money.

Jenna Diamond City, AR

Waste of Plastic

While this product does technically meet the need for a fog-free “mirror” in the shower, it is such a cheap mess that I can’t recommend it at all, so long that the asking price is more than $5. The fact that it is currently $50 literally makes me laugh out loud.The casing is made of lightweight, cheap plastic with parts that are loose and fall if you touch them the wrong way. The “mirror” is a silvery foil that distorts your reflection. Installing the batteries (NOT INCLUDED) requires a screw driver, which wouldn’t be very frustrating except that EVERYTHING about this product is frustrating.Once you finally stick it to the shower wall, also be warned that “warm water must be added to water reservoir each time before use” to guarantee that the “water mirror is fogless”. Listen to me now, do not buy this. You will regret it. You will regret it even if it is 50% off or 90% off. It’s not worth the plastic that it’s made from.

Alice Belvidere, NC

Garbage. Please don’t buy it

Garbage. Please do yourself a favor and don’t buy it.Cons:-A "mirror" is glass. This garbage is a piece of foil.-Decide after starting that you want to shave in the shower? Not with this piece of…garbage. You need warm water (which will grow moldy) to start it.Better to get a REAL shaving mirror and some Rain-X anti-fog (which will last about a week).Sum: Complete waste of money and effort. Worthless.

Lakisha Rapid River, MI

Good Quality and MADE IN USA even better

SET-UPThis mirror is a little tricky to setup. Originally I thought it was kind of flimsy, but realized that the bottom body of the unit is what attaches to the wall and is the stable part of the unit. The mirror unit just slides in and out of the top once the unit is mounted.Also, the battery compartment is a little tricky to get to. You’ll need to provide both your own batteries (3-double AA’s) and a small phillips head screwdriver. There is a seal around the compartment, so make sure after you load the batteries that you get the lid back on the compartment nice and tight.MOUNTINGYou are provided to 2 ways to mount the unit. One is with double sticky tape which will be a total pain if you decide to remove the mirror some day. I hate the tape method.The 2nd way is with the incredible sturdy suction cups. These aren’t some wimpy things, no, there’s 3 of them and they are totally hold the unit and mirror right where you put it!USAGETo use the mirror just slide it into the mounting unit. It is removable so you can add warm shower water into it’s back compartment to avoid as much fogging as possible. It drains out slowly so doesn’t get yucky in there. The light fixture is super bright so you can so yourself well and the on/off switch is easy to find and use right in front on the bottom of the unit.QUALITYThe mirror it’s self is rather strange, and a bit warped looking, but fine for shower use and definitely stays fog free. Overall the unit is very well made. The photos on Amazon make it look like it’s metal, but it’s all plastic.BEST OF ALLThis is MADE IN USA!!! I love to see products finally being made in the United States! For this fact alone, I would recommend this product over any other mirrors made in China or anywhere oversees. $44 is somewhat expensive for the product, but I am more than whiling to pay a bit more for something that keeps jobs in America!!!COMMENT TO MANUFACTURERThe paper tag that you glue onto the front of the mirror for packaging purposes is a pain to get off the mirror. The glue that you use leaves a terrible sticky residue on the mirror and almost impossible to remove!!! My only criticism of the product!

Vera Fayetteville, TN

For The Guy Who Has Everything, But….

If you’re looking for a cute present for a man who is hard to shop for, this is it. It’s clever and it works. My only complaint is that it requires batteries to operate and nowhere on the packaging is that indicated. If I were purchasing this item for a gift, and gave it without first installing batteries, I would have felt embarrassed, had I ever found out they were needed. I like to give gifts that are completely self-contained so my friends can use them immediately. Since this was for my husband, I put it together before he used it.

Aileen Warrensburg, NY


This has been great so far and was very easy to set up. You use the suction cups to place it on the wall and this thing sticks. The LED light is great although I have not used it that much. The glass is not actually glass like others have said but it works for me. At the bottom you get the placements for the razors you use. They fit nicely so there are no problems there. Over all I would say this is a good product.

Wilda Wetmore, KS

It works!

Surprise! This LED water mirror actually works! The squeegy that comes with it is a handy addition too. I really like this and it saves some time in the shower.

Jeanie Pittsford, NY

Review is due today

I was really looking forward to getting this mirror and trying it out. Because it was ordered through the Vine program I’m obligated to write a review about the product or I will lose my eligibility to participate in future Vine offerings. Today is the final day for me to write the review.I’ve elected to give it a neutral grade. I did not think either a favorable one or negative one would be fair to either the company or the prospective customers. I will say that I’ve bought two shower mirrors from this company before and was not happy with either or both, their ability to remain fog less and/or remain stable on my shower wall which is a common tile wall. I used the glue that product provided and when the mirror still didn’t stay up it simply made removal more difficult; particularly getting all the glue off the wall.I reiterate, my intent with this review is to be fair to all prospective affected parties. It is hoped readers will find I was successful in accomplishing that. I do not wish to unfairly hurt a product’s reputation. If I’ve done that, I’m open to suggestions as to how to make this review more equitable.

Gena Madison, FL

Try something else

When I ordered this through the amazon vine program in exchange for an honest review, I had no idea what the street price of this mirror was. It seemed like a practical item to have. You can’t imagine my surprise when I found out it costs $50 or so since it just doesn’t seem to be a quality product. When I opened the package and pulled the photo sticker off the "mirror", I ended up scratching it since it isn’t really a mirror at all but some type of distorted foil. I also couldn’t believe that it takes 3 AA batteries for a light and was quite a hassle to actually install. Moreover the suction cups lasted approximately two showers before it started slipping off the wall. Last, but certainly not least, I couldn’t quite grasp that you had to fill a receptacle with warm water to ensure that the faux glass actually doesn’t fog up. I thought the whole point of the special mirror was for this purpose. Granted, only my husband needs a shaving mirror in the shower, so I can’t attest to the practicality quite the way he can, but he was not pleased. All I can say is that it technically meets the description but without quality and durability behind it.

Etta Arcadia, IN

It works, just not as well as another one I have

I bought a ten dollar mirror about 15 years ago that is not exactly new anymore. However, it works. It is just a mirror though with places to hang razors. I am a female and wash my face with the mirror. I have moved with my mirror, it has suctions cups on the back and never has fallen off. It does not have a brand name on it or I would link the page to it.When I saw this mirror I was excited to try it. It seemed like great timing. My mirror was in bad shape and this one had a lot of bells and whistles.At first I was not impressed with the fact it had batteries and you had to add water to keep it stream free. The first few days I was ready to put my old one back. However, with time I have learned to appreciate that feature. It also sticks really well on the shower. I have a stand up shower so it is stuck on the glass. I received a white mirror and it looks great. My razors, which I use male razors to shave, fit well. I do not buy female razors since it is all about the color and shape. I want to know if I am shaving, that it is getting hair, not the color or how cute it looks. The mirror itself sits out from the wall/glass or wherever you place it. I would say a good inch. I find that bothersome, but know that is so you can place the batteries in it.I have been using this for a few weeks and at first hated it, then liked it, and now am going back to my older cheapo mirror. The main reason, the mirror on this one is warped, not defective but not like an actually mirror. My other mirror is cheap too but it at least looks like me. The mirror is like looking into a fun house. I get vertigo a lot and this mirror does not help.I had hope for it and tried to for several weeks but think it is a lot of fluff. I already put my older mirror back last night and finally did not feel dizzy looking into it.This could have been a good mirror but it is not made well. I personally would not recommend it but see others are happy with it.

Bettye Sailor Springs, IL

Shed some light on your shave.

This is a nifty gadget that makes it easy to see while shaving in the shower. You do have to remember to fill up the reservoir with warm water or it doesn’t work…’s not a fogless mirror without that. However, it does work well and provides light and a convenient spot to hang razors. Would make a unique holiday gift!

Dianne Condon, OR

Zadro Z’Fogless LED Light Water Mirror

ProsThe LED light is brightBathroom mirror stays free of fog even after our daily 10-15 minute showersConsAAA batteries and a screwdriver is required to assemble this productFilling up the water reservoir is annoying as water sprays into the eyes and faceTruthfully, I never would’ve spent money on this product for several reasons:1. My husband rarely shaves at home2. Not necessary when shaving my legs3. Not worth the moneyFinal rating: 3 stars

Raquel Chico, CA

Not a winner

I’m not impressed by the foil mirror at all. And the fog less technology means putting water behind the mirror. Not every guy is going to remember to change the water out after showering. The suction cups don’t work well on my shower polyvinyl walls either.

Lessie Wilton, ND

Not what I expected

So the mirror works. I was a bit disappointed with the idea that I had to take it apart and fill it with hot water. I guess I wanted it to be less hands on.The light is very bright and did illuminate what needed illuminating. 😀 My fiance said he was pleased with it (since we share the same shower I guess he can make a comment, right? 😀 )It hung up quite easily but might have been better if there had been an alternative where we could have just looped it over the shower head.All in all, it didn’t measure up as I had hoped so that’s why only the three stars.

Deidra Glasgow, VA

Bang Ding Ow!

The reason for the title is because I had a heck of a time getting this thing to stay attached to the wall of my shower enclosure. I cleaned the surface well and even prepped with alcohol, but it would constantly fall off with kind of a Bang Ding Ow sound. In fact, the mirror itself now has about a 3" vertical crack running along the right side of it.I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the suction cups, per se. And yes, you can mount it via double-sided sticky tape. But again, I had some difficulty with the mounting. Perhaps you won’t though.The fogless mirror seems to work well, although filling the reservoir with warm water each time is a minor hassle. The LED light seems to work well and is really bright. Maybe too bright.Batteries aren’t included and I think they should be. I also had trouble with the switch, as it wouldn’t seem to keep the light on unless pressed. However, you have to really press and hold the switch down firmly in order to lock the light on or turn it off.It’s a decent fogless mirror though. I don’t love it and I don’t hate it. It did wake me up in the middle of a sound sleep a few times by crashing to the shower enclosure floor at unexpected times. 3 stars.

Jayne Saint Francis, KY

Foil Mirror

The Zadro Z Fogless LED Light Mirror is something I would expect to find in the dollar store. It has a foil mirror which is cheap and distorts images. The mirror is basically foil surrounded by plastic with the added feature of a light that works only when you press the button down. Each time you want to use the mirror you need to slide it off its base and fill the reservoir with water. I live in South Florida and the mildew nightmare this would cause is enough for me to not recommend it. The suction cups are not strong enough to hold while filled with water and I had to catch it. I would suggest you use the tape option but that too will turn black unless you hit it with mildew remover..ruining it. All in all, not recommended.

Maricela Heislerville, NJ

Distorted image

This is a lightweight shower mirror. In order to be fogless, you have to fill the reservoir with warm water every time you get in the shower. The water will slowly drip out of the shower but this will take several minutes so your mirror will stay fogless for the duration of your shower. It really works. The thing that bothers me the most about this mirror is that the reflection is distorted. This is because it is made of plastic (not glass) and is not rigid enough to give a good reflection.Also, because of the spacing of the 3 suction cups on the back and the size of my tiles, I have to hang this mirror at a slight angle so that none of the suction cups sit on top of the grout. I have 3 inch square tiles. If your tiles are larger than this then you shouldn’t have a problem.I don’t use the light on this mirror because it is way to strong. Because of that and it’s position it is just too uncomfortable to use.

Jillian Boiling Springs, NC

Almost perfect fogless mirror.

Fogless bathroom mirrors fall into 2 categories: 1) The type where the difference between the mirror temperature and that of the surrounding air and water is minimized to decrease likelihood of condensation (aka fog) forming on the mirror and 2) an anti-fog coating of some sort that discourages condensation (fog) from forming on the surface of the mirror. There are several ways to achieve either 1) or 2) depending on the conditions in your shower.This mirror falls into the first category. The mirror is attached to a small rectangular container that slots into the body of the unit. One fills this container with warm water from the shower to bring the mirror up to the temperature of the shower. The pros and cons of this are:+ The method of using warm water from the shower is the best way to bring the mirror up to the correct temperature since water from the shower is the source of the temperature discrepancy. This works. It’s science.+ The light is a very nice addition as showers often do not have enough light to safely and accurately shave.+ The light is part of the base (bottom unit).+ The light is an energy efficient and long lasting LED.+ The light is fully splash resistant.+ Zadro is a well-known brand in the mirror industry and their mirrors are generally of a high quality. This mirror is no exception.- This particular method is a bit tricky with soapy hands or hands covered with shaving foam.- As the water cools in the container behind the mirror, the mirror will fog up. so there is a need to continually dump the cooled water out and refill with warm water from the shower- Depending on the type of shower one has, it may be a b=it awkward and slippery to continually remove the container to refill it with fresh warm water from the showerhead.- The LED light does not emit enough light in a very dark shower.- The slots in the bottom unit are too restrictive for larger ergonomic-grip toothbrushes and larger shaversOverall, I would recommend this fogless mirror. The science behind it is basic and simple. The mirror does do what it claims to do. Best of all there are no chemical coatings to wash or wear off.

Alisha Rayville, MO

Clever idea but not user-friendly

This is a "mirror" for use in the shower. I got it as an item to review so thankfully I did not put out cash for this. I found it awkward and pretty much gave up on installing it in the shower.The item is plastic with a shiny surface to use as a mirror. Unfortunately it distorts your reflection like a fun-house mirror, which is not fun at all if you want to see your face clearly. The LED light uses three AA batteries which are not included. You need a small Phillips screwdriver to install them. You are supposed to fill a compartment with warm water which theoretically makes the mirror fog-proof. Unfortunately there is a tiny hole in the back of my unit so as soon as I filled it, water started leaking out!I tried to mount it using the three suction cups that are included. I cleaned the tile first, as instructed. Two of the suction cups stuck to the tile but the third one did not. As I pressed and pressed in an effort to make it stick, one of the other little cups pulled through it’s hole so I had to start over. Finally I gave up because it’s not worth the effort.Perhaps I’ll stick this up somewhere else as an extra emergency light. LED lights usually last a long time.

Casandra Columbia, PA

Love it…if only it stayed up

Having a mirror in the shower is a great thing in our household. When washing my face I like to make sure that all of my makeup has come off and my boyfriend prefers shaving in the shower. I followed the instructions on installing this mirror and for the first couple days it was great, but then at 3 a.m. the crash in our bathroom woke both of us up with a fright! Apparently the suction cups had come loose from the the glass and the whole thing fell. Thankfully nothing was broken, but it was definitely not a way we wanted to get woken up. We reinstalled it the next day hoping that we wouldn’t have a repeat of the same and we didn’t….until a week later. This time it happened while we were both out of the house so nobody was surprised. We gave it one more shot and two days later it fell again. Because we do like the mittor we’re going to try and figure out a way to install hooks so that will hang over the shower wall.

Hilda Bellamy, AL

Way Too Expensive

This is a great idea that got lost in translation. Having a mirror in the shower to shave with or remove makeup, what a great idea. Add a bright LED light so you can see well in the shower, an even better idea. Make the mirror fog less, wow, now you’re talking almost genius. And then add a little shelf for a razor or other stuff – Albert Einstein would be impressed.But then go try to build that thing, run it through committee after committee for product development, worry about safety issues; and you end up with something that is way overpriced and kind of not so intelligent.The mirror does what it says it will do – there are suction cups on the back to attach the base to the wall. The LED light runs on three, not included, AA batteries (you know Zadro – not including batteries was evil, I have bought really cheap things that include a set of batteries – seriously?) that require a Philips head screwdriver to install. The mirror section is easy to remove from the base because you have to fill it with warm water before you use it. That’s easy to do; you’re running the shower already, right? Pull off the mirror, run water into the back of the mirror, and replace the mirror – done super simple, not complicated. Over time the water flows out of the mirror back slowly (I have no idea why it does this, but it does).So there it is, easy to install, easy to use, nice little light. What’s not to like? Well the mirror is a major piece of junk – fun house mirrors are better. The mirror is a thin sheet of plastic that is wavy. At $20, a wavy mirror wouldn’t be a bad thing or it would be marginally acceptable; for $50, I expect that mirror to be glass perfect flat, not wavy. It just looks stupid cheap.Overall this is a brilliant idea. The execution is terrible and at a very dear price.

Meagan Lester, IA

A few problems…

UPDATE:One day I noticed an eerie light coming from the bathroom at night, I went in there and found that the LEDs on this were slightly lit. I tried pushing the on/off button but they would not go off. They started getting brighter and brighter and finally I got tired of having them on all the time (they would not go off), I took the batteries out and found the compartment in the battery had rust on most of the connections and I think that is why they came on. I took the batteries out and the lights went off, but the light was useless from the beginning (too bright), so it is not the end of the world.I got this for when I shave in the shower. I have always had an issue with fogging. I thought this had a new way to deal with it, but it is the same old way of having hot water behind it and that keeps the fogging off. The issue with this is that it is a pain to fill the back with water each time and drain it. I probably will not ever add water (for one I have a shower head that is like a rain above you, so it is hard to fill anything up).The mirror part is like a foil on the plastic, it feels cheap and if you do not look at your self directly in the center you are distorted (edges are distorted). Also, they put a sticker thing on the front (no protection on actual mirror) and the sticky stuff was stuck to the mirror and I had to use a goo b gone to get rid of it… The mirror does magnify a little, but I do not think it was needed since I am already close to it in the shower.The LED lights are a nice idea. However, these are super bright! They almost blind you when you turn it on (you see spots, and that is not good when you are trying to shave). They are also hard to turn on, you do not know when you actually turn them on, it is press and release and hope it stays on. The light is also at the bottom and does not aim up (just out) and it is not very useful.The razor holder is tight and does not fit any of my razors (they have a fat bottom or there handle has bumps and grips on it that make them too fat).The casing is just plastic and it looks like plastic, it does not look very good in the shower and looks cheap.I was really looking forward to this (I did not realize you had to add water), however, it is a very large disappointment. The too bright LEDs, the inability to hold a razor (maybe a cheap throw away), and the hard to focus/see properly mirror makes this not so great of a mirror, I think I will stick to a regular mirror and just shave fast before it fogs…

Mabel Bart, PA

Sort of a disappointment

I was looking forward to using a shower mirror. This is my first shower mirror.I’m disappointed in the price and quality of this item. This mirror is currently priced over $47. I would not purchase it for half the price.It seems flimsy and made of plastic. The “Mirror” is more like a shiny foil funhouse mirror.I guess they know you will probably at some point drop this mirror in the shower.I don’t recommend this, even at half the price.

Lorna Ulmer, SC

Works, but…

My view of this product is fairly simple: It works, but it might be priced higher than its quality. I got it for my husband, who loves the convenience of shaving in the shower. I hoped for a more durable piece, but this is standard plastic with a less-than-impressive mirror.The good: My husband actually likes what makes this anti-fog (removing the mirror and filling up a tank on the back) and finds it easy enough to do. The mirror comes with the option for suction cups or stickers.The bad: I just can’t fathom paying so much for this! It’s a nice little gadget, but its simplicity is not worth the price. The mirror doesn’t fog, but it’s not the greatest mirror and the light only offers so much. We are in constant fear of it breaking.

Gina Andrews Air Force Base, MD

Fog free but at what price?

I received this product from the Amazon Vine program but I am reviewing it as if I had paid the near $50 for the mirror. I just don’t see a need for all the work you must put in to having a fog free shower mirror. 3 batteries…I am lazy about replacing batteries anyway and when the ones I have now run out the chances of me buying more and bothering to put them in the mirror are fair to middling at best! Keeping the little reservoir filled with water? A hassle. The quality of the mirror itself is cheap and just not really worth the price or the upkeep. You can buy a less expensive mirror and wipe it down with shaving cream to keep it from fogging up. I don’t even think this would make a thoughtful gift.

Dionne Englewood Cliffs, NJ

Zadro Z’Fogless LED Light Water Mirror

I don’t even know where to start. For the price, I expected a much higher quality product. Not only is this very cheaply made, but it’s a huge hassle to use. Changing batteries, filling reservoirs. Rushing through the shave before the reservoir leaks out and the mirror fogs up. I’m sorry I can’t say anything better about it, but there is just no way I would spend $20.00 on this mirror, much less $49.99.

Doris Coaldale, CO

Works great in the shower!

I was not sure if this product was even going to be worth the time but it was after using it. I first used it in the shower and the first thing I noticed that the mirror was not fogging up-way to cool! I have never shaved in the shower before but it was real nice having the mirror there-you can adjust the lights also. Now my daughter wants it for her room because it matches her furniture. I will never see it again! LOLGreat product!

Jacquelyn Angelica, NY

Great product – while it worked

I really love this mirror; the suction cups hold it in place firmly, the mirror stays fog free for a whole shower, the mirror (not real glass but still good) is a bit magnified and the light lets you get a great view of your face for a close shave. The only reason I did not give this 5-stars is because the price is a bit high but still something I will use every day for shaving in the shower. Very happy with it.Update:After 2 months the light switch stopped working correctly, the light will not come on at full brightness any more and it will not turn off (so the light is always on either very dimly or at 1/4 brightness.) I still use it since my shower is well lit but it was much nicer with the working light and I would be very mad if I had paid $50 for it.After another month the ‘mirror’ is starting to peel off…not much more I can say about this other than do not buy.

Kaitlyn Maurertown, VA

Shockingly poor quality for the price.

For $50, you’d expect this shower mirror to function better. And while it is as advertised in the sense that it’s fogless, it doesn’t do much of anything else well.The Pros:1. It is fogless. So, it has that going for it.2. I like the fact that it has slots for your razors.The Cons:1. The suction cups are terrible. This fell twice in one night.2. The LED light lights up about 15% of your face that you need to shave. It’s useless.3. I have to fill it up with warm water before use? How does that help?4. It feels very cheaply made. You don’t have to worry about the mirror breaking, but it seems like everything else could go at any time.Basically, if you’re looking for something with quality for this kind of expense, look elsewhere.

Coleen Mooseheart, IL