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Z Palette – Black, Small

The patented Small Z Palette is perfect for on-the-go touch ups. If you’re new to de-potting, have just a few loose pans that need a palette to call home, or simply want a palette to stash in your clutch, the Small Z Palette is the answer. Metal Stickers included: 10pcs (5pc Round, 5pc Square)

Key features

  • Great companion size for the Large and Medium Z Palettes
  • Keep your favorites rotating into this take-with size
  • Metal Stickers included: 10pcs (5pc Round, 5pc Square)
  • Outside Dimensions: 3.8″ x 3.8″ x .56″; Inside Dimensions: 3.18″ x 3.18″ x .25″
  • Perfect size for travel, handbag, clutch, gym, party or pocket

Honest reviews


Nice for on the go – custom pallets when you need them!

This is nice to keep all of your pan eye-shadows and/or blush. I wish I would’ve purchsed a larger pallet-LOL. They are compact and ready to go when you are. Nice design on them as well.

Bianca Rippey, IA

Handy As A Pocket On A shirt!

This makes the 3rd one of these I have bought. I love this things. I have bought a lot of eyeshadow from makeup geek and I plan to buy some of mac eyeshadow and this thing is the greatest thing for organizing your eyeshadow, blushes, bronzers and etc. and having them all together in one place. I use to have all kinds of this little compacts everyone until I discovered this things. I have also depotted some eyeshadow I already had to go in this to. I love it to because the top is visable to all you makeup so it can be seen even before you open it. I would highly recommened this to anyone. If you have a lot of makeup in compacts already just google search ways to depot them. It’s simple. The way I done mine is, I set my oven on 200, placed my compacts on a cookie sheet and plaeced it in the oven. After about 10 minutes or so the plastic started melting away from the metal and I took a knife and pulled it loose and wala it is done and ready to be put in a z pallette. Go ahead buy it, you won’t regret it!

Dolly Loa, UT

great palette

I love this palette. It fits 9 eyeshadows. I also love that the material it is made of is strong

Veronica Joliet, MT

Great mini palette–but does not include any magnet discs

I love this little palette to hold my trans powder and bronzer that I throw in my purse for work, instead of carrying each product separately. Luckily, my The Balm products utilized a metal that really stuck to the magnet since this palette did not come with any magnets.This is why I only rated it 3 stars, or maybe it was the fault of the seller. All I know is that I am glad that I bought the large palette and received some magnets. I know that you can buy them separately, and I know you could buy magnet strips for cheap; but I think that they should have included a few to use the product properly, and so I didn’t have to use a thick magnet not meant for it. It also bothered me that the magnets are pictured next to the palette, but aren’t included and it is not mentioned in the description whether they are included or not. Definitely a fault of Amazon!

Jill Coosada, AL

Nice color!

This is just what I wanted! I have two other Z-palettes, but I wanted a smaller one. Hot pinks and neon pinks are my favorite colors. I am satisfies. If you are buying it for eyeshadows it will hold 9 MAC shadows for reference. 😉

Connie Camden, AR

very handy

I got this because it was on sale. I needed a palette, but I don’t like the pattern on this one. However, the size is great, it feels sturdy and since I don’t travel with it, I don’t worry about damaging it. It has a strong snap, but I have to put a pen in the fold to hold it open while I use it. Otherwise, it will slowly close on its own.

Selma Frostproof, FL

Love Z-palette

Z-palettes are so practical and convenient. I have purchased many MAC and Makeup Geek eye shadow pans. The palettes are perfect to carry these. I find it is great for traveling – i pick the eye shadows I want only and take along. The magnet holds well.

Cassie Indianola, MS

perfect for travel

a small durable and pretty pallet to travel with you must have depot ted shadows, blushes and bronzers, easier than taking many different cases, depot and put your go to powders in here and have a great convince at hone as well.

Dawn North Walpole, NH