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Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream Jar 2.2 fl. Oz.

Invented by Japanese pharmacist Yoshihito now Atari in 1957, Yu-Be (pronounced “YOO-BEE”) is a glycerin-based moisturizing cream enriched with vitamin e, vitamin b2 and camphor. It’s the uniquely high glycerin content (achieved through a special manufacturing process in japan), which makes Yu-Be moisturizing skin cream so effective on serious dry skin anywhere on the body (including face and lips) and truly sets it apart from other creams.

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The best handcream, period! Love eveythingAbout it. My chronic hangnails areGone! Luv the slightly greasy feelWhich dissappears. Smells pleasant.To me, a must have, love love.

Sondra Concord, AR

OK, expensive for what it does

I can get the same results using commercial moisturizers – Cetaphil, Aquaphor, Euricin. Applies evenly like Cetaphil but leaves skin greasy to the touch minutes later. W-a-y to expensive for what it does. Also, leaves slight camphor smell.

Mildred Petersburg, MI

fabulous skin care relief for dry/chapped skin !

this is an amazing cream!! Once you get past the 10-seconds of menthol smell, you will be very happy with this product! Its is very moisturizing, especially in the winter for any part of your body exposed to wind/chapping. I use this on my cuticles and around my nose when I’ve been outside for a long time. A little goes a long way – so the expense is worth it!

Rachelle Lake Alfred, FL

Wonderful product – replaces my steriod cream for eczema.

Been using a steroid cream for years for eczema – not good, so I tried this and it worked! Just check with your doctor about it.

Lila Urbanna, VA


I hate this stuff. Smells like pesticide spray and actually makes my eczema worse!!!!!! My boyfriend hates it. So bad I returned it. I can’t believe it has so many great reviews.

Dolly Lesterville, SD

The BEST moisturizer I have EVER tried in my 51 years!

I have dry skin, and i’ve tried almost every commercial moisturizer there is over the decades. My requirements are threefold: 1) should be natural, with no artificial or chemical based toxic ingredients; 2) should not feel greasy after application; 3) should work well on various parts of my body, including hard, dried out elbow, knee, and heel patches. I am happy to say that Yu-Be passes with ‘flying colors’ on all 3 counts! I-Be very Hap-py with Yu-Be!

Alfreda Trevorton, PA

best for my skin

I’m mid-forties, Asian, with sensitive skin – as in I react very badly to bug bites, feel itchy during allergy season and am allergic to most sunscreens. I have mild eczema in some areas and my biggest problem with most moisturizers is they all seem to sit on top of my skin or disappear within minutes of application and do not deal with what bothers me most, which is very tight feeling skin on my face, especially around the mouth area. Yu-be deals with most of these issues. I’ve used it for several years now and although I occasionally try other products which are less expensive, I’ve come back to Yu-be because nothing else seems to work as well. I’ve also found that if I find this lotion a little heavy in the summer time I can mix in a dash of water which lightens the feel and works just as well in the hotter, more humid weather (East coast). It soothes my eczema; with regular application it prevents flareups, especially in the winter time. I apply 2x a day, after washing, usually with water, in the morning and after the evening shower and that’s all. A little goes a long way. The jar lasts quite a while which makes the price less painful.I highly recommend this product; if you have doubts try the small sample size, which you might find cheaper than on Amazon.

Trina Rocky Mount, MO

All around winner

Love this stuff, wish it came in a larger size. I use this for everything, hands, lips , all over body mixed with my body lotion and around my nose , everywhere! It not only heals dry skin it also moisturizes like nothing else!

Evangeline Avon Lake, OH


This product looks and smells pretty scary, but it works wonders on my dry, cracked hands. I definitely recommend it.

Lorraine Holly Hill, SC

it’s cool

Initially I didn’t care for the medicinal smell, but you get used to it and the smell dies down a while after use. My cuticles look and feel much better.

Mina South Berwick, ME

Great for Exczema!

I have had exczema all my life and of all places, it’s the worst on my face. <ugh> Everything that a doctor prescribes has a steriod in it and if you know anything about topical steroids, they thin your skin — not good! I went to a new hair salon a couple of months ago and the stylist noticed my skin (of course) and suggested Yu-Be. She even had a couple of sample tubes for me to try. Yu-Be is not a medication, but it does have some serious moisturizers and that’s good for dry, flaky skin. Plus, it has a little camphor in it which helps calm that ever-present itch! The smell of the camphor dissipates very quickly so you don’t go around smelling like your grandpa and his arthritis cream. I will always keep Yu-Be in my skin care basket!

Kristie Hillsdale, OK