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YSL Touche Eclat ConcealerRadiant Touch, No.1, 0.1 Fluid Ounce

An exclusive radiant touch highlighter Helps refresh your makeup while brightening up skin Incredibly reduces your skin’s dullness Revives & nourishes your skin’s natural glow Leaves your makeup looking flawless & radiant Suitable for all skin types

Key features

  • Yves Saint Laurent Radiant Touch/ Touche Eclat – #1 Luminous Radiance (Light Beige) – 2.5ml/0.1oz
  • An exclusive radiant touch highlighter
  • Helps refresh your makeup while brightening up skin
  • Incredibly reduces your skin’s dullness
  • Revives & nourishes your skin’s natural glow

Honest reviews


I like it, but

I learned after I bought this that it is tested on animals, which I dislike greatly, so unfortunately I won’t be buying it again.

Brianna Monticello, AR

I believe I got a fake product

I don’t believe this is the genuine YSL Eclat product. It looks like the real thing, but the tube is filled with colorless oil, not the actual product.I opened the package, took out the "pen", shook it for 10 seconds, clicked the bottom 10x and nothing came out. Clicked it 10 more times and a clear, colorless oil came out. Thinking it had separated, I shook it 10 more seconds. I clicked it over 100 times total and, other than the initial oil, nothing ever came out.I purchased it from seller: Sassy Makeup in Manhattan . I should learn to read feedback before purchasing.

Emilie Dilliner, PA

great product

I went to a local sephora, looking actually for a pimple scar concealer. A helpful personelle helped me try on a dozen or so product, this was the last on the list, as it was the most expensive, but as soon as it was on, i knew it was the right product. It is said to only have “medium coverage”, more makeup than concealer- but the liquid from the brush tip went on very smoothly, and blends very well with a regular concealer brush (small tip). I do not use makeup and the look did not require additional foundation. After the product came down (about 30 clicks initially), you only need one click for enough product to cover a half centimeter area. It is easily cleaned by makeup remover and my skin is not breaking out further which is a plus. I like the slightly brightened, natural look, the brush tip is soft and easy to clean. Overall, great for the bang of the buck, would not mess with the cheaper stuff.

Jeanne Wedgefield, SC

YSL Touche Eclat Mascara Radiant Touch, No.1, 0.08 Fluid Ounce

Great product. Original I believe, though it does seem to have a little less product inside. I found this in New York several years ago and been loving it since for my eyes.

Saundra Ahwahnee, CA

Best concealer to give a boost

I use this over my makeup to give a boost (very small amount is used). Definitely a product worth keeping in your arsenal of makeup products

Shawna South Orange, NJ

Not a concealer

This is a great HIGHLIGHTER, not concealer. If you have dark under eye circles or hyperpigmentation then go with something thicker. I tried it on my dark blue/purple under eye circles and it did not cover them. It might have highlighted a bit but the circles were still very noticeable.I think this is best used to brighten eyes (not conceal) and highlight features like nose, cheeks and brow.

Flossie Kantner, PA

Great product

Easy to use, convenient, and works beautifully. I use it under each eye in a triangular shape and blend it in with my fingertips. Then I lightly draw on the laugh lines and add a little on the crease at the chin, and a little around the base of the nose. It brightens the dark areas and makes me look younger. Convenient to use and carry around. Just make sure the product has been used up off your brush before you close it and store it.

Betty Mount Victory, OH