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Youthful Advantage 4-n-1 Beauty Travel Spa Set W/ Case. Facial Brush & Body Cleansing Skin Care System, Restores Radiant Skin for Women & Men, Brushes & Stimulates Collagen + Cleansers Exfoliate Skin, Pumice Stone Cleanser Removes Calluses – Buy Now!


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Facial In Her Purse

My wife asked me to get this for her. She loves this little and useful "Facial In Her Purse". Well she does not keep it there too often, she keep’s it mostly on her vanity. She loves the ergonomic style and easy to use handle with the interchangeable pad’s. Applies her facial powder and rouge very handily. Nice unit for a fair price. Thank You.

Rae Atglen, PA

4 in 1 Beauty Travel set with case

This is a very nice beauty 4 in 1 set. It comes with 4 exchangeable attachments which includes sponge applicator,nail buffer, exfoliating brush and pumice stone. It was nicely packaged and had very fast shipping.It also has a full 1 year warranty. It seems to be a very nice product.

Milagros Searles, MN

Everyone should have one!

I recently purchased the Youthful Advantage 4-in-1 Beauty Spa Set w/case and it is absolutely wonderful.I have tried this on my face,legs,nails and feet.It works really well with a gentle massaging action.I like the fact that it has all the attachments that you need in one handy case and the pumice attachment is great on your feet.This would make a great gift for someone.I highly recommend this product and think everyone should have one!

Audrey Cabot, VT

I see results already!

I can definitely see the difference in my skin after using this for just a week. This cleaning beauty set is great. I originally got it to just help with exfoliation, but I decided to use it every night for cleansing.I used the soap I usually use on the scrubbing pad (low setting) and the moisturizer I usually use with the sponge (on high setting), and the results have been great. My skin looks really healthy and fresh. The nail file attachment is useful for taking off sharp edges, and the pumice removes calluses.

Benita Sycamore, IL

nice kit

This kit works well and has several nice features. It cleans and exfoliates my skin very well, feels great. It may not erase wrinkles or brown spots overnight, but it is a very important addition to skin care and will absolutely produce deeper results with continued use. It cleanses my face so well, I feel as if it prepares it better for my skin care regimen. Upon immediate use my skin feels and looks smoother, cleaner, glowing, younger. The pumice stone works well to reduce calluses and the nail buffer is a nice addition. The sponge is nice to apply face cream to distribute well and deeply. It has high low speeds. It is a very good price, makes a great gift. Love the case. It is backed by a Full One Year Manufacturer’s warranty. Good, friendly customer service.

Marisol Gainesville, MO


I Love this Youthful Advantage 4-n-1 Beauty Travel Spa Set W/ Case. Facial Brush i love how simple it is to use, and how it leaves my skin feeling so Refreshed. i always wanted a Brush like this. and i’m so very Glad that i finally took it upon myself to try one! and let me share how very please i am! Now i can pampered myself when ever i feel like, and in my own home! now how sweet is that??? : ) this wonderful Brush does a lot for your skin. leaving it looking so Radiant,And Soft! Improves overall skin tone and Deeply cleaning skin. Thanks! : )

Pansy Lansdale, PA

Delivered safely and shipping was quick too

Wasn’t expecting too much from this item but I actually really liked it first when being a travel spa kit just bring when you’re out of home I brought it with me while staying at a hotel and boy did I feel like I had a personal massager person doing the job for me I received it I did not expect this to clean so well. So no need to spend your money on more pricey brands! this one works just fine, I use it every day because I travel a lot but it can be for home use too not just on the Go and as owning an extra I have the larger onefor home by company youthful advantage and with that 4-n1 again just bigger and for home use and am very happy with it too . But ladies, dont expect miracles to happen with your skin! Its just a cleaner and it wont make you look any different, just helps your skin to clean deeply and your feet with corns and body too .But I am thinking “what the heck, it’s not like a million dollars very affordable The brush cleans deeply. It is soft on your face and my advice to everyone is too take your time don’t press too hard , especially ifyou’ve never used this before. I ended up with a “red” face. It works! I am very pleased. My skin feels tighter and shines. This works great for blemishes of any kind. I have a few dark areas scars that I wanted to buff away. So far I am pleased. If you dont want to spend a lot of money, but want results, try this kit courtesy of Desertoasis International Marketing ..

Loretta Kempster, WI

Great for travel

I ordered this Beauty Travel Spa Set with Case so I will have all my facial things with me when we travel. I love that it runs off batteries so I don’t have to worry about plugging it in. Not all plugs are the same as I have at home. This set has all the brushes and buffers I need to do my own spa treatment no matter where I’m at. I also love that it has it’s own case so I’m not loosing pieces. Order one of these Spa sets for yourself or as a gift. You won’t be disappointed.

Annabelle Lisbon, NY

Nice for the Price

I would love to have one of those expensive facial cleansing brushes but could not spend that much money on such a luxury.This was the next best deal.It has one speeds which is nice for sensitive skin on face or rougher skin on elbows/body.It is nice to use for washing your face .I do enjoy using it though .Great product. Very soft.Value for the money.

Maxine Kirtland Afb, NM

Very compact and easy to travel with

I am very happy with this purchase. It has all the necessary components to giveyour self a great facile at home or when traveling. It’s small enough that it takes a smallamount of room in your luggage. Don’t leave home without it.

Noemi Benton, PA

Skip the Spa, Save the Money

This is the only facial brush set that I’ve seen that includes a nail buffer. It is perfect for smoothing the ridges on my nails. I love to go to the spa and get a facial but I dont always have the time and money. This portable, battery operated brush can give me that spa exfoliation treatment in my own bathroom.

Shelby Browning, MO

Love it

Works beautifully! Makes my skin all over nice and soft! I love the face pad the most! My skin looks and feels wonderful!

Marcia Freeport, ME