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For Sensitive, Normal to Dry Skin. An alcohol-free tonic mist with natural, invigorating aromas. Yonka Lotion PS Toner soothes sensitive and reactive skin types with botanical essential oils while refreshing, toning and energizing the skin. Humectant properties provide intense, continuous hydration to tired skin. The skin becomes clear, radiant and alive. Benefits: Helps tone, stimulate and hydrate the skin.Imparts a soothing and refreshing sensation.delivers a tantalizing aromatic scent.

Key features

  • Works all day long as a detoxifying treatment.

Honest reviews


Excellent products with lots of natural ingredients.

Yonka’s products are fantastic and rely on use of many natural plants. The smell is lovely. I’ve used both types of toners as well as the cleansing milk and several of the moisturizers. I have oily skin all my life and still have blemishes in my ’50’s, but Yonka offers gentle but through cleansing. The only problem is the price! I have switched many of my products to the Avalon line (kids in college) but if money were no object, I’d be sticking with Yonka.

Jenifer Wetumpka, AL

Yonka Products – All WONDERFUL!

I came across Yonka during a spa weekend a few years ago and have been using their products almost exclusively ever since.After a serious injury some months ago I was parked in a rehab facility with no chance to go home first so I had absolutely nothing – no clothes, not even my wedding ring. Getting things from home was a challenge as I had to accurately describe what what needed, what it looked like, and where I “thought” it would be found, then send my husband on a scavenger hunt after a 12 hour work day.Given all this I could only bring myself to ask for one skin care product – so no contest. I opted for the toner as it can be applied after a shower or any time during the day and it leaves anyone’s skin glowing, fresh feeling, with no dry or pinched feeling. I started dabbing it under and over the eyes as well. It has a light, pleasant kind of lemon grass smell and just feels good to use.As soon as I started using it, the staff began complimenting me on the improvement in my skin’s appearance. They said I look fresh and clean and youthful. I brushed it all off completely as I was gravely ill and assumed the idea was to encourage. However, my husband not only noticed the same things but actually commented about them on his own volition. This guy is a hard care pragmatist so if he doesn’t think it he doesn’t say it.Bottom line- If stuck on a desert island with only one skin care item, clearly this would be it. I would not suffer from dry, pinched, uncomfortable skin, even if know one were around to appreciate the aesthetic improvements.Truly this is a great product.

Adeline Trout Run, PA

My Favorite Toner

Some things are worth the money. This is one of those products. I started using it in 1985 and I’ve tried others over the years, but none match the quality of Yonka.

Neva Claremont, NC

instant refreshment!!

I love this yonka toner lotion , it’s an instant relief for stress dryness , need a little moisture , no need to redo make-up, just give your face a spray, and the dry tight skin is relieved , and the smell makes you feel good all over, I recommend this product to almost any one, I can’t imagine why someone would not like this stuff, I’ve found I MUST have it , another toner does not do what this does , tones , moisturizes , lifts your emotion with soothing smells and feelings.

Ofelia Hubbell, NE


I’m big on scents and this product does not do it for me. It has a stong rose and baby powder smell that is just terrible. The bottle it comes in is beautiful – it’s glass and quite heavy. I like the way it mists and how my skin looks after using it but I just can’t tolerate the scent. Because it was so expensive I will bite the bullet and finish the bottle but I would not buy it again.

Ella Eagle Lake, FL