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Yes To Moisturizing Body Lotion, Carrots, 12 Fluid Ounce

Yes to Carrots and sweet potatoes for beta-carotene skin nourishment. Yes to safflower seed oil for a big ol’ dose of softness. Carrots and sweet potatoes are packed with beta-carotene – a powerful antioxidant that protects and nourishes your skin. Add skin softeners like safflower seed and jojoba oil, to lock in the moisture with the power of dead sea minerals, and your skin will thank you.

Key features

  • Normal to dry skincarrots, pumpkins and sweet potatoes contain beta-carotene, which is a natural form of vitamin a found in orange fruits and vegetables. It’s anti-oxidant properties help reduce daily damage from the elements and restore your natural glow
  • Safflower seed oil is a natural skin softener that is high in linoleic acid, which is beneficial for the treatment of dry skin
  • Moisturizing

Honest reviews


yes products

Deceptive marketing strategies, disappointments, waste of hard earned money, and a bunch of hype! One star is too many! Just because products say natural means nothing.

Julie Bagdad, FL

Softens Skin Immeditately & Smells Nice

This has always been one of my favorite brands of body lotion. I first tried samples of it in Target and have been buying it ever since. It leaves your skin feel instantly soft with no greasy feel, and has a very delicate baby powder scent which I love. The natural ingredients are great too.

Elsa Southworth, WA

It is okay

I used a sample of this in Target and loved it. I waited until it was a little cheaper and bought it. It works well and isn’t greasy or anything but since I bought it I noticed that after a while of wearing it I kind of smell like raw potatoes. Weird, right? My 8 year old daughter even noticed the smell. I like the stuff but for the price and smell I probably wont buy it again.

Sabrina Hillview, KY

Makes my skin feel silky smooth, hydrated

It’s been hard to find a lotion for my dry skin in Wisconsin Winter weather. The air here can get super dry and cold (-30 F), so I need something that keeps me hydrated the entire day, because I can’t be reapplying it to my legs like I can do with my hands.This lotion does exactly as it says – it claimed 24-hour hydration, and it has been doing exactly that!!! You only need a one pump for each leg (a little goes a long way), and when I change into pajamas in the evening, my legs are still silky smooth and hydrated – for the first time in my life!!! Woohoo! I will DEFINITELY be repurchasing again. Totally has become my holy grail body lotion.I also have been using Yes To Carrots shampoo and conditioner, and their body wash, and I can say that all of these work wonders! My hair has never been so soft and silky, and the body wash feels so hydrating in the shower! 🙂

Leonor Northport, MI

Best lotion everrrrrrr!

My hands down favorite favorite lotion. This lotion is non greasy but absorbs really well into dry thirsty skin without feeling thick or sticky. The scent is very natural and light so there isn’t any irritating perfumes or bothersome smell to it. And the best part is the lotion lasts all day so you won’t see scaly skin a few hours later. The best time to apply is after a shower and you’re good to go but it’s great anytime. I use it all year round!!! And the price is CHEAP on amazon compared to regular stores.

Tonia Blythe, CA