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Yes to Grapefruit Brightening Facial Towelettes, 25 Count

Yes to Grapefruit formulations blend powerful fruit acids with ingredients proven to reduce hyper pigmentation, correct skin damage and enhance radiance. Use the entire colleciton to help correct and repair acne scarring, sun damage and age spots. We all have a few imperfections but that doesnt mean we have to keep em. Yes to grapefruit for brightening and exfoliating your beautiful skin.

Key features

  • Paraben free
  • 98% natural product
  • Free of petroleum and SLS

Honest reviews



The only thing brightening about this product is the following information. Check out all of the different cucumber, tomatoes, carrots etc and what do you find? THE SAME INGREDIENTS!!!!!!!!

Manuela Mount Airy, GA

Not the formula for me

I purchased these locally. I was looking for a way to remove my makeup during the winter months without drying out my skin. Aside from the fact that I hate the way these smell, my skin doesn’t know whether to like or hate these in general. I never know how my skin will react. Some days the product irritates it, other days I am fine. I need to try another of the formulas, this one is not for me.

Leona Carle Place, NY

These are ok, but other Yes To Towelettes are better

These are ok – these are the third kind of Yes To towelettes I’ve tried. They smell good and leave your face feeling clean. I have been using them to take off my makeup, but apparently they’re not supposed to be used for that. They don’t burn my eyes or anything when I use them. I’ll use them up, but to be honest, the Yes To Blueberry towelettes are my favorite.

Elva Granbury, TX

Great for fading those spots you love to hate

I’m of mixed heritage ( Irish ,Mexican , Native American ect. ) so my fair skin can tan… But I’m more prone to hyper pigmentation , and I hate skin bleach creams because they make you look like Casper and the ingredients over time can damage your skins ability to make collagen ,pigment etcetera … So I love this line because its natural; genteel enough to use every day. ( my spots ARE fading) but it doesn’t make my skin raw so I can go outside and get some color, not too much though I also bought. The yes to grapefruit. Sunscreen. Love it all 🙂

Teri Gridley, IL


I prefer to use this in the morning because it cleans my face as expected and there’s no eye make up to get off. Do NOT use this to get rid of eye make up. There are acids in it that will sting and well, that’s in the directions. Brightens my skin nicely and feels like it tightens it too. Smells great and also has large enough wipes for using elsewhere on the body if desired (back, chest, neck etc). Over all I really like this product.

Lashonda Benavides, TX

Read The Directions, Not For Eye Makeup

These are great wipes but I would not use them to remove eye makeup, they have fruit acids meant to exfoliate. There is also a warning on the package to keep away from eyes. So if you used these on your eyes and it burned, that’s prolly why.Primarily I use these in the morning and then rinse with cold water. They do tingle but so far they have not irritated my rosacea-ridden, sensitive skin. I gave four out of five stars because I do not care for the fragrance. Grapefruit suggests a bright, fresh, citrus scent but they smell kinda like feet with only a tinge of grapefruit. Method makes a pink grapefruit line of natural products and they smell just like pink grapefruit! Maybe Yes To can dispatch a corporate mole to find out Method’s secret making stuff smell good.

Brigitte Cottage Hills, IL

Not for my skin type I guess

I didn’t really like these wipes. They made my skin red and stung a little when I used them. I’ve used other "YES" products and this is the first one I wouldn’t buy again.

Estella Darien Center, NY

Love it!

This is perfect for removing makeup or just a quick refresher.There is a bit of a sting if you put it on broken skin, but I’m assuming that’s the "brightening" aspect of it. It really does help in evening out the scar/discoloration on my face. Since I have been using this (and the rest of the line) my boyfriend said my skin was glowing.

Irma Big Lake, MN

too harsh!

The best part is the packaging. The plastic lid and the sticker underneath keep the towelettes from drying out. I first opened mine about 3 weeks ago and the towelettes are still moist.Unfortunately, this product stings my face every time I use it. The cloth is average, not too thin, not too thick. Also not as soft as Burt’s Bee’s towelettes. It’s lightly textured on both sides for manual exfoliation. The texture of the cloth doesn’t hurt my skin.What I really hate is the cleanser aspect. As soon as I use it, my face feels warm, gets red, and stings. It’s too harsh for my sensitive skin, and it dries out my combination skin. My skin feels parched after I use it, even my oily t-zone.I don’t see how it brightens but that might be because I don’t use it often. I’ll probably use up the product on my body because I dislike using it on my face.

Sara Brandon, MS

So refreshing!

I love how these cloths feel on my face and the refreshing grapefruit scent. I am going to make sure I carry these in my bag. I have really liked all the YES TO products I have used.

Lauri Willow Beach, AZ

Potent and Effective… Do Not Overuse

Sometimes we get excited about facial care products, and fail to follow instructions. These wipes are potent, and there are only 25 ct. for a very good reason: they work. The package says use 1-2 times a week or as needed. You won’t need it more than 2 times a week, and honestly I have reduced use to once per week. I initially was scrubbing my face with these wipes probably 3-5 times per week before I realized my skin was peeling and burning and I got a lot of cysts. Basically a lot of pimples were "purging" from my face due to the exfoliation, and I had inflammation from exfoliating too much which led to cysts. The cysts probably come because when your skin is inflammed it is more likely to get infected in the pores that exposed. Once I cut back use my skin was able to heal and I started using once a week. I don’t scrub when I use it now, just wipe my face all over and let it dry before using moisturizer and powder foundation. Your skin looks greasy after use because of the residue but it will evaporate/dry off in a few moments. I have noticed newer blemishes are less likely to leave brown marks while using these wipes, but no dramatic brightening effects just yet after about 3 weeks or so.

Teri Sparta, TN

Kind of Soapy

Love the scent, but can be very "soapy". I usually have to rinse afterwards because it leaves a soapy-sticky texture, so I’ve never had it become irritating.

Jeannette Dorothy, WV

Refresh wipes

Love these for midday and at night before bed, great for travel and feel so good. Will be gathering these up for me and family. What a great refresher. Love the way it wakes my face up and so soft.

Lenora Hamilton, CO

I don’t know how great these really are for the skin but I like them.

I admit my skin does have a nice glow about it after using one of these towelettes but sometimes I feel it stings a little which may be due to having really sensitive skin. I don’t use them super often, mostly as a refresher when I can’t just go wash my face and always apply a touch of moisturizer afterwards. They do take makeup off well even though they aren’t technically made for that but they can sting around the eyes so I suggest buying real makeup wipes for your eyes. The price is right, cheaper than my local box stores and I get them monthly with subscribe and save.

Maura Menlo Park, CA