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Yes To Deep Cleansing Facial Pads, Tomatoes, 50 Count

You’re already balancing work, time, life. Let us balance your face! 98% natural and made with salicylic acid and tomatoes, our pre-moistened facial pads prevent breakouts and keep your skin balanced and beautiful. Remove pad and wipe to clean face and neck. Use two if you’re feeling particularly grimy! Toss pad, and enjoy clean, oil-free, face-the-world skin.

Key features

  • Oily to combination skin
  • Organic tomatoes contain lycopene which is a potent antioxidant found in red fruits and vegetables
  • Salicylic acid works by causing the cells of the epidermis to shed properly. This prevents the pores of the skin from getting clogged up and being infected with bacteria
  • 99% natural

Honest reviews



I have combination sensitive skin, which is very, very picky and is prone to breakouts as well as flakes. I’ve tried everything: the staple brands, the dermatologist-recommended, pharmaceuticals, birth control, insane diy mixes, special diets, different tools, different processes, you name it, ever since I was in middle school and nothing every worked. I’d resigned myself to Cetaphil and benzoyl peroxide because it made me feel like I was doing something for my skin. I stuck to that regime for months, up until recently when I fell in love with other Yes to- products, of which I am now a dedicated devotee. I got this along with Yes to carrots exfoliating cleanser and moisturizing day cream. It’s the only system that has EVER worked for me and I’ve only been using it for a few weeks! Even my blackheads-the most stubborn affliction-is vanishing into thin air! There was an initial breakout, but I think it was just my skin purging it’s toxins and then it moved on and improved beyond what I thought my skin was capable of at this point!And I have to agree with the previous commenter, it doesn’t leave a gross residue on your face like other cleaning pads, but actually leaves it feeling clean. And the smell isn’t gross or anything like that, I can’t say its as beautiful as the Yes to Carrots scents, but it’s not as strong, either and this is the only Yes to Tomatoes product I’ve tried, so I can’t speak to all the other of this particular line, just suffice to say, it’s not un-pleasant, I just really can’t describe the smell to you: it’s rather faint.It’s a smart price, is 98% natural, has organic ingredients, does what it says it will do, is eco-friendly, cruelty-free, charity associated, recyclable, of very high quality and works for even the most problematic skin. Why not try it?

Rosella Valparaiso, IN

yes products.

What a bunch of hype, deceptive marketing strategies, waste of time and hard earned money. One star is too many!

Suzette Campbellsburg, KY

Replaces Oxy Pads

My husband has really oily skin and we always kept a few containers of oxy pads around the house to “degrease”. I have been trying to phase out most of the chemicals in my family’s household and bath products and in a lot of cases the products are more expensive and don’t work as well. This product is more expensive than oxy pads, but my husband seems to think it is making his face just as clean as the oxy pads and he certainly hasn’t had any new break-outs, so I think this is a winner. We added a few drops of water to the container to make the pads a little wetter, but other than that they were perfect on their own.

Hannah White Oak, NC

I’m in the minority, it appears

This made me break out like CRAZY. I tried using it over the summer, when my skin is generally better (it’s dry and breaks out more in the winter), and every time I used it, I started getting cystic acne a day or two later.

Zelma Richview, IL

Refreshing and effective

As an adult that still has breakouts even though the dreaded teenage years were a couple of decades ago, I look for skincare products that aren’t as harsh on skin as those marketed for teens. This cleansing pad is one of the few I’ve tried that cleans and treats without any irritation or burning. I also like that the smell is not medicinal or overpowering and that no residue is left behind. It’s nice to not feel like I have to wash my face after using these pads, which would effectively defeat the purpose since I’d be washing away the effective ingredient.I’ve come to seek out products in the “Yes to” line more and more. The products work well, aren’t exorbitantly priced, and relatively easy to find at local drugstores, Target, or here on Amazon.

Casey Model City, NY

Great product but the pad is too small!

I like the formulation of product on the pad but the pad is too small. Also, make sure to screw lid on tight!

Chrystal Benton, AR

Great anti-acne product that won’t dry your skin out

I have moderate acne, and it seems no matter what kind of anti acne product I use it seems to dry my skin out beyond belief. No fun to put makeup on let me tell you!I decided to try the Yes To Tomatoes line, which included the Deep Cleansing Facial Pads. I am so shocked and happy with the results! My skin isn’t super red anymore and it isn’t irritated anymore either.Even though these pads have Salicylic Acid in them, they still don’t irritate my skin. I use these at night before I put on moisturizer and it works wonders.AND it’s 99% organic-you really can’t go wrong! This is the #1 reason I bought this product, I’m trying to only use organic and natural products in my beauty routine. I sure am glad I gave these a try!

Kristine Edward, NC