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Yes To Daily Balancing Moisturizer, Tomatoes, 1.7 Fluid Ounce

We know you juggle many aspects of life on a daily basis, hydrating and balancing your skin shouldn’t be one of them! Let us tend to your needs with yes to tomatoes daily balancing moisturizer. Rich in antioxidants and powerful sebum (acne-causing oil) absorbers, it both moisturizes and balances, keeping your complexion carefree. So, go on, give up the balancing act and try something more fun, like the trapeze!

Key features

  • Oily to combination skin
  • Organic tomatoes contain lycopene which is a potent antioxidant found in red fruits and vegetables
  • Red tea contain excellent antioxidants, great for keeping your skin clear and healthy
  • 98% natural

Honest reviews




Trisha Hope, RI

Heavy Duty

I bought this product because every once in awhile I like to do a facial mask which dries my skin out. So I needed a good moisturizer to help with that. This stuff definitely hits the mark. It hits the mark and then it keep going until the mark is no longer visible. I’ve tried other facial moisturizers and it always seemed like 10 minutes after I applied them, my face would be dry again. If I use a full squirt of this stuff, my face would be moisturized for days. I end up using a little less than a half squirt. I can’t really speak to if it has helped clear up my pimples or even out my tone because I only use it on an as-needed basis. But as far as moisturizing goes, grade A.**UPDATE**I just want to add that this stuff is a must if you are using the Yes To Tomatoes acne line (i.e. the face scrub, acne lotion, and spot stick). The acne products have salicylic acid which is super drying and this moisturizer keeps my face from being in a constant state of flake.

Eugenia Wiergate, TX

Can you say wow!?

FINALLY!I’ve found a great moisturizer that does NOT break me out AND helps rid of my current breakout. LOLI was so excited to read positive reviews for this item & immediately bought one ($15.49 at Walgreens) that evening.I’ve only used it about 4-5 times now, but I see amazing improvement.I’m in my 4th month of a horrible breakout that baffled me. I have no idea what caused it.Today is the first day that I have 1-2 whiteheads as opposed to the 30 whiteheads + 6 cycstic acne bumps, etc from before.I’m serious. I’m talking “tearing up while putting on your makeup” type of face.ANYWHO, I’ve been using Dove unscented, sensitive skin soap to wash my face, hydrogen peroxide to spot treat, and then this moisturizer! That’s it!Occasionally, I’ll use Desitin baby rash cream to spot treat for several hours (that does wonders too).I fully recommend this item–you’ve nothing to lose!Best wishes & hang in there!x

Josie Rockville, VA

Too heavy for my skin, and seems to take forever to be absorbed

I bought this due to the great reviews and found that it is just too rich for my skin and takes too long to absorb. I much preferYes To Blueberries Intensive Skin Repair Serum, 1-Fluid Ounceand40 Carrots Eye Gel, .5-Ounce Boxes. Everyone seems to have different products that work for their skin, so I would say if you do have unbalanced skin this is worth a shot, and is certainly good for your skin (much better than L’Oreal, Olay, etc products).

Laura Hunnewell, MO

Awful Scent and Break Outs

My go-to moisturizer changed their formula for the worse, and I’ve been searching for a new affordable moisturizer that is natural and good for sensitive and acne prone skin- This is NOT it.First of all, I doubt the claims of being natural because as soon as you put it on it has a very UNNATURAL, strong scent- like another reviewer said- cheap perfume would be a good way to describe it. Nothing natural could smell that way. Also, it’s heavy and thick, somewhat greasy. Worst of all, it broke me out. And my skin felt irritated, almost like a mild sunburn.I’m surprised at so many good reviews because I cannot find anything good about this product.

Keri Mill Creek, WV

Not for me

I’ve owned the product a good 6 months and I can’t say I’m impressed. Other reviews complain of the smell, however the lotion smelled pleasant and slightly floral, nothing like a pizza.I have really sensitive skin, so this made my cheeks break out and my forehead and chin look extremely greasy. The only thing I can use this for is under my eyes. It does keep the sensitive skin under my eyes soft. I was hoping the lotion would even out my skin, however my combination skin looks worse than before.For someone with extremely dry skin, this would probably work well. It’s thick and moisturizes well (too well for me).

Abby Baltimore, OH

Acne? Just say Yes, Yes, Yes, to clearer skin

I took antibiotics for approximately fifteen years, underwent chemical peels, light therapy, hormonal therapies, dermabrasion, and finally it was Accutane that cleared my skin for many years. I was in heaven. Then out of nowhere, when I leapt to the other side of mid-life, I started having occasional bumps again. Anything would cause a flare-up, even applying sunscreen was sure to clog pores causing a Godzilla eruption. Although I have been very upset to revisit the past through acne, I was surprised to read, recently, that 40% of women who have never had acne are now experiencing it at mid-life and beyond — well into their sixties. I don’t know what’s up with that, but I feel for all my sister friends who are in the same boat.I’ve tried every single skin care product available, spending thousands of dollars. The only thing that helped some was ‘Clean & Clear OIL-FREE’ moisturizer. But this contains Salicylic Acid and repeated use was making my aging skin look dry, somewhat lathery, and VERY sensitive to the sun.On a lark, I decided to order ‘Yes To Tomatoes’ for clear skin. I have given it a good therapeutic trial before offering an endorsement. I have just finished my first bottle and have my next on order. I’m amazed that this moderately priced product has performed so well. My skin is dewey, the fine lines are diminishing, and even the deeper ones are showing improvement. I’ve even been getting some complements on my complexion — for the first time, ever. But, the most important factor is: I have only had one bump, early in the trial; it cleared up promptly, when using the ‘Yes Spot Stick’ at bedtime (which I highly recommend, too).On days when I have worn more makeup than usual, or I’ve been exercising, or working in the garden, I will use the ‘Yes Deep Cleansing Pads’. Love them! They are salicylic acid pads, but for some reason when I use this product, it makes my face feel soft and clean, unlike the Clean & Clear.I love that these products are Paraben-free and 98% natural. I often wonder how much my skin was previously reacting to chemicals that it just couldn’t tolerate.The only negative for me was the smell which is a little strong. It took me a little time to adjust to it, but it does dissipate quickly and I hardly notice it now.

Debora Phillipsburg, OH

Amazing!! Rid my skin of redness from breakouts!

I had been using Alba Botanical Coconut Milk Face Wash, and while it smelled nice, I started breaking out massively after 3-4 weeks of use. Trying to keep the ingredients more natural, I tried the Yes To Tomatoes clarifying Face Wash and the matching moisturizer. After only 1 use, the bright red of my breakout spots were no longer bright red! This stuff is amazing!!! It smells pleasant and leaves my skin looking and feeling wonderful.

Maribel Lakin, KS

I like it.

It’s thick and creamy and has a pleasant scent. I have dry skin so the oiliness balances it out (it gives my face a nice glow and it doesn’t look as dull–dang dry skin). As of right now, I will repurchase and recommend.

Carla Wake Forest, NC

Good face lotion

Great lotion. My sensitive skin does not break out. The ingredient list is acceptable as far as lotions go.

Mildred Huntington, OR

good mouiturizer

I like this moisturizer, the smell was not bad and it is my go to moisturizer on most days. I also like the packaging, it makes it easy to get just what you need out.

Delores Owensville, MO

So far, so good

I have combination skin, which is mostly oily. I also do get pimples here and there, but nothing real serious. As a whole, I like this product line. With this product, I actually use it after one of the Yes to Tomatoes cleansers every other night, opposite the repair lotion. I find that with my oily skin, more than once a day would be too much moisture. I use it sparingly when I do, since too much, especially on the forehead, makes it feel oily. My face seems to like the product used sparingly, I still do get the occasional pimple, but it goes away very quick. I don’t find the smell overpowering at all-I actually find it pleasant. As of today, I would purchase again.

Christi Paradox, NY

Too oily.

This has something in it that doesn’t work for me. And it is not oil free. My face seems to react to even "natural" fruit and vegetable oils. I didn’t have an acne breakout after using this. My face just looked red and kind of stung. I think my skin is just sensitive to a particular ingredient in this lotion. I was bummed because it promised so much. Hope it works for others.

Lakesha Angus, MN

Didn’t work for me, but I have stress pimples!

I got this because my sister actually loves the Yes to Carrots face mask; she said her face cleared up so much after using the mask several times. I have combination skin and I am by nature a high-strung person and I often break out with large, painful pimples when I’m feeling stressed. I haven’t had good, clear skin since before I was a teenager so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to give this a try. I have to say, the scent is a little displeasing, I can’t really describe it, but you can tell they don’t add any perfumes! It isn’t significantly strong so it wouldn’t be a deal-breaker, in my opinion. The consistency is also really thick. You’d have to be careful not to use too much; I did a time or two and I ended up doing that thing where the lotion sort of balled up and rolled off my face, if you know what I mean. Overall, the consistency was nice and it went on smoothly when I used the right amount.I used this for two weeks and at first I was like, okay, no new pimples, that’s a good sign, but then in the second to third week I suddenly got five huge pimples in some really unusual places on my face- I had one on my chin, two on my forehead and one on either side of my mouth like I was trying to sprout whiskers. I have never gotten five huge pimples at one time – three at the most. I was really devastated; I was so self-conscious that I didn’t want to leave my house for work and school for a week! After this, I immediately stopped using Yes to Carrots and went back to my old moisturizer, which doesn’t leave me pimple free, but at least they are fewer and less intense.I don’t want to say don’t try this – my sister still uses the mask and her face is looking great, but this just happened to not work for me.

Mandy New Melle, MO

Very good for combination skin

I’m on my second bottle of this product. I think it’s a great, basic moisturizer at a very good price. I really like the Yes To brand in general. I like that they’re paraben free, cruelty free, and mostly natural.I’ve mostly had oily skin during my life and I’ve really struggled with acne. So I’m always paranoid about products making me break out. At 39 my skin is starting to dry out a bit and I break out a lot less, but I still fight blackheads in my T zone as well as some breakouts.The Yes to Tomatoes Daily Moisturizer has a pleasant scent, though it’s a bit heavier than I prefer. My BF likes it though. I like the texture. It moisturizes well, but isn’t overly greasy. I do try to put it on at least 10 minutes before putting on my makeup. Best of all, it does not cause my skin to break out.Overall, I give it a thumbs up. Like I said, I’m on my second bottle. The only thing that would make it a “five” for me is if it had an SPF. I hate layering more products than I have to, so ideally I like a moisturizer with SPF.

Gussie Goose Rock, KY

Great Moisturizer for Oily Skin!

I’ve always had oily skin, and I’ve been battling adult acne since my son was born two years ago. I was wary of trying any kind of moisturizer on my oily skin, but this has completely changed my views! My skin is softer, my makeup goes on more easily, and yes, it is helping to clear up my breakouts! As another reviewer said, a half pump is plenty – using a full pump did leave a slightly heavy, greasy feeling. Cutting the amount in half is perfect – my skin feels nice and smooth without feeling oily. There is a noticeable change in my complexion as well; overall, the tone is more even with less redness. I use this in conjunction with the Yes To Tomatoes Clearing Facial Mask and Yes To Cucumbers Daily Gentle Cleanser. My skin has never looked better.

Leslie Kieler, WI


This is a nice natural moisturizer. I can’t say anything great about it, but I don’t have anything bad to say about it either. Works well enough for a moisturizer and I like that it is natural.

Natalie Floresville, TX

jo jo baltimore

Very nice moisturizer, without the heavy greasy feel! It is soothing, and seems to hold up pretty well during the day!

Francine Erie, KS

The lotion’s alright, but the smell leaves something to be desired

I’ve been pleased with other Yes To products, especially their cucumber eye gel, so I expected good things from their tomato face lotion. Can’t go wrong with tomatoes, right? In fact, this product smells nothing like tomatoes….it’s a sweet floral scent which I found to be too much. I didn’t finish the bottle, and went back to my old stuff. The lotion itself was fine; I have problem dry skin, and this moisturized without feeling greasy. If they could just tone down the scent a bit, that’d be dandy.

Avis Joliet, MT

Red Skin & Breakouts

This product will stain your face ! I couldn’t believe it at first but my face begin to have a dark red undertone.This product contains chilli and will irritate the skin and cause breakouts. Be careful if you decide to use this.

Adelaide Keswick, IA

Not for my skin type

The smell is very pleasant, sweet and perfume, definitely not harsh. I have somewhat oily skin, but the product reviews on this said it would work for that type of skin. However, I think this particular Yes To product would be best for people with dry skin.Even with just a partial pump of this stuff my skin felt like it had a lot on it, and it didn’t absorb as quickly as I like. I think the only reason it wasn’t even worse is because every time I have applied it, I almost immediately went outside to extreme cold and wind.The Cucumber works way better for my type of skin.

Kristi Mercer, ND


UPDATE: No longer using this product as my acne had gotten out of control while using this product for several months. I wish that it would have worked better, but my face broke out terribly, unlike anything I have ever seen while using the carrots products.Awesome product and smells nice. I like the way it glides on and makes my face feel really hydrated. I would order again.

Tabitha Scotland, IN

1 word – Yes!

Very creamy & moisturizing without the oily feel, I love this products smells great & only takes a dime sized amount for a great facial coat it can’t give it an honest opinion on the "clear skin" because was not a problem to begin with

Mina Sharon, TN

Love it

I have searched and searched for a moisturizer that doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry or super greasy, and this is it! I love this stuff. A little goes a long way, and it has helped in conjunction with the Yes to Tomatoes line to clear my acne and get it under control. I will definitely buy this product again. The lotion is a little watery, but as I said a little goes a long way. A dime size amount covers my whole face and neck (including back of the neck). It smells spicy but I enjoy the fragrance.

Kitty Altamont, NY

Light Moisture for Oily to Combination skin!

The description for this product is pretty to the point. It is a light moisturizer targeted for those who need a little bit more moisture than your average “acne” type skin (as the Yes to Tomatoes line is for acne prone skin). It applies smoothly, and easily and dispenses from a pump bottle. There’s a couple of things to be known about this product though, good or bad:-Takes a little while to absorb. In my tireless search for the perfect oil-free moisturizer, I have tried anything from high-end products to Olay’s Beauty Fluid. The Olay one is fantastic, as it absorbs almost immediately because it is so light. This product is creamier than Olay, so if you have slightly oily to combination skin, you might want to be careful how much you apply, especially on your oily areas, as you MIGHT get millia or small pimples from the heaviness.-Has a heavy scent. I can’t really put my hand on it, but its very perfume-y. This is supposedly 90%+ natural, so I’m a little bit confused where this heavy scent comes from. I think its to mask the tomato smell that undoubtedly will be present in a product that is made out of tomato extract.-The pump bottle dispenses a little too much. This you will probably figure out from one use, but I hope this saves you that messy first experience. Don’t press it down all the way, or you’ll definitely need a tissue for the excess on your hand. Gently press down so that the flow is well controlled. You know how much you need (taking in consideration the creamier than normal quality).I haven’t broken out from this product at all, and its been good few weeks since I started using it. I use this as a night cream because its slightly heavier, and your skin can definitely use more moisture during the night. Its a pretty good buy, and I will continue to use this. Well, until I chance upon a better one, of course ;).

Cleo Bergman, AR

MIght break you out, still trying to decide

I was on a mission for a new skin care regime because I noticed that my skin was changing. I am approaching 30 and several of my girlfriends have said this is the same time they had to start doing things differently as well. I thought this moisturizer was great but then I started breaking out. I think something in here might be irritating to me but I also was using the Yes to Tomatoes Mask once per week so it could be a combo thing. Either way I was to scared to try this moisturizer again so I’m not 100% sure it breaks me out, could possibly good for others with less sensitive skin but either way I found what I love and have included it below. My skin is fair, combo leaning toward oily, acne prone, sensitive.Derma E Glycolic Cleanser – AM/PM (takes of makeup too)Derma E Vitamin A Wrinkle Treatment Moisturizing Gel – PM Only (allow to set)Derma E Hyaluronic Night Cream – AM/PM though very light small amount in AM under PrimerColorescience Calming Primer SPF 20 – AM (trust me it’s the best tinted moisturizer/primer out there)Yes to Tomatoes Mask – As needed (only on my nose to reduce blackheads, too drying on other areas)

Elvira Cottonwood, AZ

It did not help with oily area and pores

I have a combination skin with oily tzone. I have done a lot of research to reduce the oil and reduce the pore size so I decided to buy this product. It did not cut the oil and after two weeks of using it I got the feeling that my pores even got bigger and the pore ee area expanded so I stopped using it quicky. I do not recommend it!

Lindsay Cordova, NM

Best organic drugstore moisturizer

I have combo skin with dry cheeks in the winter. I can barely use this moisturizer in the summer if I apply sparingly and sit in front of the fan. However, the too-much moisture become great in the winter in New England weather.In the winter/fall/spring: one pump is enough for the whole face. I’m at the point where drugstore moisturizers either make me breakout or feels too dry/greasy on the skin. This soaks in and leaves skin soft but not greasy. While I didn’t see more even skintone, I did not have any breakout yet (it either prevents breakout, or at least do not cause breakout).It does not smell like tomato. It’s just…a moisturizer smell. meh.I would recommend if you would like an inexpensive, basic moisturizer just for hydration and keep minor acne problems in check (AND a plus is it’s organic). The best drugstore moisturizer, an upgrade from this would be department store ones (more expensive alternatives: I’m also using pure Argan Oil or L’occitane first-sign-of-aging moisturizer in the winter).

Margret Old Westbury, NY

An organic moisturizer that is decently priced? Yes please!

This was my first time using the Yes To Tomatoes Daily Balancing Moisturizer-and now I’m hooked 🙂 The price is really great for a 99% natural product! You can easily spend this much or more on other brands of moisturizers that aren’t even organic!I used this along with the Yes To Tomatoes scrub (read my review on that here-Yes To Tomatoes Clear Skin Deep Pore Scrub, 4 Ounce) and Yes To Tomatoes daily cleanser (my review here-Yes To Tomatoes Daily Clarifying Cleanser, 3.38 Fluid Ounce). My skin is very dry and acne prone. After using these products though, it has significantly subsided. My favorite part of this moisturizer is that it doesn’t make my face oily and it moisturizes my dry skin to perfection.Some people complain about the smell-to be honest, it doesn’t bother me. Yeah, it doesn’t smell sickeningly sweet, but it doesn’t stink either 🙂 Small price to pay to have healthy skin from an organic moisturizer in my opinion!If you’re thinking about purchasing this, DO IT. You won’t be disappointed 🙂

Alyssa Vida, OR

My sensitive skin loves it

Finding a moisturizer that my sensitive skin approves of is always a nightmare for me. This product is great. My skin feels moisturized, but not too heavy. I will definitely be using this product for a long time.

Gwendolyn Oakville, CT