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Yes To Cucumbers Eye Makeup Remover Pads, 45 Count

Yes to Cucumbers Eye Makeup Removing Pads are the most gentle of the gentle; a hypoallergenic formula to help you say yes to clean, bright peepers! These round pre-moistened pads are the perfect shape to quickly and easily swipe across the eye area to safely and naturally remove all traces of eye makeup. Calendula, Chamomile, and Organic Cucumbers make up this cooling, lightweight formula, for a natural ‘gosh-that-was-easy’ kind of clean. 99% Natural Petroleum, SLS, & Paraben Free

Key features

  • Soothing Cucumbers and Aloe
  • For sensitive skin types
  • Opthamologist Tested
  • 95% Natural Ingredients
  • Cruelty-free

Honest reviews



I bought these as they were cheaper than the Neutrogena eye pads. I see why. First of all, they smell great, just like cucumbers! But they are very very small and I have to do a lot of rubbing to remove my eye makeup. It says for ‘sensitive eyes’ but these are the only pads I’ve ever used that actually do burn after use. They are very saturated, which is better than being too dry, but again they burn so it’s not exactly a good thing. I will continue to use them until they are gone but next time I’ll just stick to neutorgena as their pads are much larger and work great at removing all the makeup.

Brooke Sadler, TX

Drys out my eyes a bit, but removes makeup well

I really like these products, they don’t burn or sting, but they do dry my eyes out and I put eye drops in after use. This is true of every eye makeup remove I’ve used. The pads seem to be pretty smooth and they clean off my makeup well. If you wear very very heavy eye makeup and line your waterline you might need two though. I wear thick eyeliner, eye shadow, a base, but rarely mascara, I’d probably need one per eye if I put on a lot of mascara.

Lessie Elk Creek, VA

Smells like cukes!

I do like the cucumber scent! Am not sure quite how cleansing the wipes are, but they definitely remove enough makeup to get by–maybe more. I just don’t think they’re quite moist enough.

Fay Lamar, MS

Great product

I was looking for non toxic eye makeup remover, which is easy to use. Pads very thin and soaked in watery solution. It works great removing natural mascara and shadows. I already ordered another bottle. Also price is great. Overall I’m very happy with product.

Rosemarie Creighton, NE

sting a bit, but otherwise OK

I’m a little capricious when it comes to makeup remover products. I figure once I try enough of them, I’ll settle on a trusted favorite. It probably won’t be these, though.At first, I wondered why the other reviewers were complaining about burning/stinging sensations in the eyes. I used these to remove eyeshadow and waterproof mascara and they did a good job, even though I’ve had trouble removing this mascara with other products in the past. (I did have to use one pad per eye.)So anyway, I took my eye makeup off and everything was good. A minute or two later, though, my eyes started burning. I have no idea what was going on with the delayed effect. I did get in the shower right afterwards, so I was able to wash my face pretty thoroughly. It actually wasn’t the worst burning I’ve ever had from eye makeup remover, but it wasn’t fun. If you have sensitive eyes, you might want to skip these.These do have a lovely (cucumber) smell. They’re moist without being drippy-wet, so they’d probably work for travel (although the container is somewhat large). If you don’t have sensitive eyes, you might want to give these a try.

Harriett Packwood, IA