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Yes To Cucumber Hypoallergenic Facial Towelettes, 30 Count

Yes To Cucumbers facial towelettes gently remove dirt, sweat and makeup without the need to rinse! It’s an exfoliator, detoxifier and rejuvenator all wrapped up in one on-the-go biodegradable wipe, keeping you free and fresh-faced.

Key features

  • For normal to sensitive skinnormal to sensitive skin
  • Organic cucumbers are mildly astringent, yet soothing and can help reduce puffiness of the skin. Cucumber also aids in removing dead skin cells
  • Aloe vera is a highly effective, naturally gentle moisturizer that is known to refresh and sooth skin
  • Green tea is a natural antioxidant and astringent, and is effective in treating troubled skin and breakouts
  • Hypoallergenic, 97.7% natural

Honest reviews



These are very gentle on your skin, that is my favorite part about them. They easily remove foundation and grime, but take a little more to remove waterproof maskara and eyeliner. Smells good too.

Angelique Alexis, IL

It burns

This really burns on my sensitive, acne prone skin. After I bought this and used it a few times, I decided it may be better for my skin if I just used water instead.

Jolene Century, FL

yes hypoallergenic facial towelettes.

If you take the yes boxes that are different cucumbers, grapefruit, blueberries etc.ALL OF THE INGREDIENTS ARE THE SAME!!!!!Marketing strategies by yes.

Vilma Wolfforth, TX

It burrrns!

I read the glowing reviews and wanted to like it very very much. It was ok the first couple of wipes, feels nice but no different from other wipes. It tingled a bit, which I decided was fine….but then it stings and I can’t finish the last 2 wipes in the package because they burns! For reference, I have combination skin and lives up North so it’s sweaty/oily in the summer but dry/wind chapped and cold in the winter. =(They do feel refreshing and does not leave my skin dry or oily after using, but the wave of burning/stinging sensation every time I use it means I will be seeking other makeup remover wipes.

Juanita Wasco, CA

It Burns!

These wipes aren’t great. I am not sure what the intended purpose was, but they do NOT remove makeup well. Also, whenever I use them, if feels refreshing for a split second, then my face BURNS for about 3 minutes afterwards. I almost never have skin reactions to products, but this s*** stings. They dont smell that great either. DONT waste your MONEY. Equate is MUCH better. Or Garnier.

Desiree Crane, MT

These are just so great!

I love these wipes. They smell wonderful, they’re damp enough to not cause a lot of friction, they take off my mineral foundation and any residue left under my eyes from removing my eye makeup, the material itself is sturdy and thick and doesn’t leave any fibers behind. They smell like summer! I love the scent. It doesn’t leave my skin stinky, nor is there residue left over from these. Just clean skin.

Erica Elmhurst, PA


I just love these towelettes. I use them every day to remove my make up. They are very big and you only need one for complete makeup removal.

Terry Allegre, KY

My go-to makeup remover wipes!!

I love these make up remover wipes! They dont break me out!! Love the smell!! My favorite! Highly recommend AAAA ++++

Kathi Bakersville, NC

Fresh feeling

These wipes leave you feeling soo fresh and clean. They are especially good when prepping my face to get my eyebrows threaded. I pair it with my yes to tomatoes daily repair treatment. I haven’t seen a single pimple since!

Carolyn Glouster, OH

Leaves Skin feeling weird

These facial towelettes leave a residue on my hands and face after I use it that makes it feel not as clean as I would like. They smell good though.

Marianne Connerville, OK

For me!

I got these for myself because I have sensitive skin to a point that, if I’m not wearing sun screen and I’m outside too long I’ll get a rash or if I use certain cleansers with harsh chemicals and what not I also get a rash sort thing that burns. Not only do these calm those, they don’t create them and they smell much nicer than other face wipes. They are large wipes too so you can afford to rub your face and even venture down to jaw line, neck, whatever… makes you feel super clean and nice and smell nice too. Very good for sensitive skin and still helps any break outs…

Tonia Portersville, PA

I say eh to cucumbers.

They did their job, but made my lips sting really badly. For the most part, pretty good product, if I wipe my whole face with a sheet, I can feel it after, like a residue.

Edwina Fort Leavenworth, KS

Made my skin itch and burn

I got these for when I was travelling because I was concerned about not having sufficient facilities to clean my face. I found that this did remove makeup and oil. However, I found that it was too harsh for my sensitive skin. It made my skin burn, itch, and turn red. I only tried using these twice before I disposed of them.

Jeannine Utica, NE

New Favorite

These wipes are perfect. They do a good job of cleaning my face without drying out my skin. The wipes are larger than you would expect, and sturdy enough not to fall apart as you use them. I keep some in my desk at work, some in my car, and this summer will be keeping some in the fridge for hot days. The wipes are soothing, don’t hurt my eyes even if I kind of scrub my eyelashes, and they have been so helpful with relieving allergy symptoms after I come in from outside. These are now a staple in my home.

Octavia Glenwood, WV

Very convenient and nice to my skin

These towelettes are a staple in my bed stand drawer for those nights you just are too tired to do a the regular cleansing regime. They get all my makeup off with the exception of some stubborn eye makeup products. They are quick and disposable. I have sensitive skin but no problems using these. They are also a nice big size towelette which are also thick and soft. Thumbs up for these towelettes!

Maribel Enderlin, ND

Skip this one even if you like the line

I have been using the Say yes to blueberries day cream and serum for a few months now and LOVE them so I thought I would give the towelettes a try to take with me on my vacation. The did ok at getting my face clean but they burned like the dickens and I had to stop using the product after a few days. I was really disappointed in this one and it has made me more reluctant to try some of their other products.

Dawn Mountain View, HI

Least favorite YES TO product

Being a huge fan of the YES TO products, I was super excited to try out their Cucumber Facial Towelettes. I love the smell of cucumber, and the towelletes really do smell wonderful (fresh and energizing), but overall this product just didn’t work for me.For one, they make my skin burn. 5 minutes after using them, my skin would get very irritated, red and itchy. And I literally felt like my face was on fire. Nothing like this ever happened to me before, even with the cheapest drugstore make-up removing wipes. I just don’t have sensitive skin, so this was a real shocker.Second, they don’t remove make-up very well, so expect to look like a rabid raccoon after trying to get your mascara off with these.The texture of the wipes is smooth and very pleasant to the touch, and they do smell fantastic, but the last thing I want is to smell like a cucumber but look like a tomato.I’m sorry YES TO, but this is a NO-NO.

Aisha Teutopolis, IL

Use em all the time 🙂

Love this product! Leaves my face really refreshed. I only use them at night, and in the winter my face gets pretty cold after using them, but other than that they are great. My sister and I run out pretty regularly, so I’m pretty intrigued by this amazon “subscribe and save” deal. (Any insight on that would help). I don’t wear much makeup, but I do use these wipes for removal from time to time, and I don’t have a problem with it at all. It takes awhile to get all my mascara off, but that is really typical being that I smother my lashes pretty heavily. I always use the hypoallergenic ones because they are safest, and my sister has a lot of skin allergies, especially around the lips, and I’ve never heard her complain about these wipes.

Dolores Horatio, AR

Not impressed

I used the Yes to Blueberries towelettes and loved them. . . but they were out of stock at Target, so I decided to give these a try. They’re ok. They are convenient and clean your face, but DO NOT use them near your eyes. It will burn horrifically. I will not purchase again. I’m going to try grapefruit next, since I love the convenience of the towelettes.

Regina Pearson, WI

Great for removing makeup

I use these in the evening to remove the majority of my face makeup before washing my face. While they are quite moist, I do like to wet them with a bit of additional water from the sink to make them most effective (however I’ve done this with most facial wipes I’ve tried so it’s a personal preference). I particularly like how these have a plastic lid to help retain the moisture in the pack. The wipes smell nice and don’t cause any breakouts on my skin. Other reviews have mentioned a burning sensation but I definitely don’t get that. I will be repurchasing these.

Jenny West Charleston, VT

My Favorite Facial Wipes!

I have tried a lot of different brands of facial wipes, and these are by far my favorite ones.I purchased two packs of 30 this time, as I am going on a trip and don’t want to run out;they are super for traveling!!

Maura Proctor, AR


I love these wipes, I’ve been using them for years. The smell is nice and right before bed it feels really good and gets your skin clean. I have oily skin.

Ingrid Middle Grove, NY

My favorite of the facial cloths

The YESto line is very nice – especially with the cleansers. This is my favorite of the 3 facial cloths I’ve tried (Tomato & Grapefruit being the others) and the smell is wonderful. I like it better than any of the other commerical wipes out there – including Neutrogena, Aveeno and Garnier… the only ones I like better are the MAC wipes – but – considering the price difference this one has become a staple in my house.

Nicole Louise, MS


What a delightful way to end my day! Yes to is an eco-friendly company. That goes a long way in my book. Not an overpowering smell which is good because I don’t like random smells. Great deal. Great for travel. Works very well and is very refreshing.

Brandy Mikana, WI

Very convenient

Excellent for traveling, hospital stays, and keeping by your bedside table for days when you just need to flop into bed but don’t want to leave the day’s makeup and dirt on your face.The scent is mild and refreshing. Haven’t had any issues with skin reactions. But your skin might feel a little stripped, I usually always need a little moisturizer afterward.

Madeleine Lolo, MT


I really wanted to like these, as they are designed for sensitive skin, not tested on animals and priced right. They did a good job of removing makeup, in my opinion, but I ended up with red, burning, irritated skin. Also, you can’t use these on your eyes so you’re left needing a separate product for eye makeup. Disappointing.

Imogene Malcolm, AL

Burns a Litle

Smells fantastic, but burns a little after I wipe my face with it. The burning goes away and there is no redness, but it is just a little irritating. I use it casually at the office just to freshen up or wake myself up (I don’t wear any makeup, so I don’t know anything about how well it works with makeup removal).

Lupe Stirling City, CA

Good value.

I purchased these as a replacement for aveeno wipes. I needed a gentle product that doesn’t strip my face of oils since I am on accutane for acne. These were a cheaper option but did the same job. if they were the same cost, I’d purchase aveeno. I prefer the scent of aveeno and the feeling of the product on my face.

Ladonna Russell, IL

Great for freshening – not for makeup removal

I love these towelettes for freshening up during the day and especially at the beach/pool. They smell wonderful and are gentle on my skin – as well as my three year old’s skin. I prefer using these for hands instead of santizer (sanitizer dries my skin badly). I would not, however, recommend these for makeup removal. These are not wet enough to take off all your makeup. Oil of Olay cleanising cloths (that require you to add water to each cloth) are the better option for makeup removal.

Sharlene Vilas, CO


I used to get the Walmart brand of makeup wipes then I came across these. Some of the other wipes burn your eyes when you’re taking off your mascara, these don’t. Great product!

Janelle Drewryville, VA