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Yes To Cucumber Color Care Shampoo, 16.9 Fluid Ounce

It’s true, gorgeous color treated hair needs a little extra coaxing. So, Yes To Cucumbers color care shampoo is there for you, cleansing, hydrating and adding that extra brilliant shine to your new shade. And most importantly protecting that hard-earned color! How? With centaurea extract, a powerful ingredient that protects color-treated hair. Why? Because you’re color is cool – as cool as a cucumber!

Key features

  • For color treated hair
  • Organic cucumbers gently hydrate and nourish color-treated hair
  • Centaurea extract is a botanical extract derived from the centaurea flower. This extract brightens color-treated hair and prevents brassiness
  • Aloe vera is a highly effective, naturally gentle moisturizer that is known to refresh and hydrate hair
  • 99.8% natural

Honest reviews



I love this shampoo. It works great on color treated hair and it is one of the few shampoos that my hair does not get resistant to working on. Also, I really prefer the natural ingredient based approach of the company and the clever advertising for the products. It actually feels fun to use them!

Rosalia Georgetown, IN

yes cucumber color care

A Bunch of marketing strategies leading to disappointment and a waste of hard earned money. Terrible!! Consumer beware of fancy labels that speak natural.

Stefanie Ossineke, MI

Excellent shampoo

This shampoo is gentle on my hair and lathers into a really soft lather. It cleans well without stripping and is a good everyday shampoo. I use it along with the Yes to Color Care Conditioner with Cucumbers and have excellent results. I previously used Pantene, but I have noticed in recent years that they have changed all of their formulas that used to use ammonium lauryl sulfate which is supposed to be more gentle now all now use Sodium lauryl sulfate. With pantene, my scalp was itchy and flaky. Now that I’ve stopped using shampoo with SLS in it, I have almost no flakes and little to no itch. My hair stays cleaner longer and has fewer tangles. I use this in combination with the Matrix Biolage Detangling Solution which I purchased at Master Cuts. The combination of Yes shampoo conditioner with Biolage seems to work very well for my thick, wavy hair. I also put a few drops of Dabur Vatika coconut oil on the ends and that cuts down on any frizz.

Lilian Riverdale, ND

One Good Thing

The only thing I liked about this was that it did not strip my hair color. The smell is not flattering and after using it two times I had itchy buildup on my hair that I couldn’t wait to wash out.

Cynthia Glenwood, AL

Surprised again by this brand

It works in my very thin hair. Differently than other color care shampoos, doesnt make your hair look funny after a month of use. I have been using only this shampoo for almost 2 months now…

Gabrielle Corinth, KY

Yes to this shampoo!

I use both the shampoo and conditioner. I tend to be a little ADD with my hair products and generally buy a new one each time, but this is one i’ve gotten over and over again. First of all, the cumcumber scent is light and smells so fresh. I also like that it doesn’t have all the harsh chemicals so many shampoos have. I’ve been trying to eliminate those type of products from my life. This once is every bit as good (if not better) than the shampoos I was used to using.

Manuela Mountain View, OK


A shampoo that is affordable and good quality. I have tried them all and with my newly dyed hair it was ridiculous how much time I spent in the shampoo aisle trying to find an ”honest” advertisement. I would read the ingredients and there were always sulfates etc that made me put the product right back down. Yes to cucumbers is very gentle and nourishing. I wash my colored hair everyday and it hasn’t stripped out so far. Butts bees is a good line but their hair products are terrible and the sulfate free line from l’oreal SUCKS. You don’t even need conditioner really with this product and my hair sort of feels like horse hair naturally (slightly rough.) I’m educated about my hair products but its a relief not to have to think so hard about finding a simple gentle product.

Hope Leary, GA

Works Well

I have been trying to phase out most of the chemicals in my family’s household and bath products and in a lot of cases the products are more expensive and don’t work as well. This shampoo is marginally more expensive than my previous hair color shampoo, but it works just as well and has MUCH less chemicals in it. The shampoo has a nice scent, lathers well and my hair color has not faded any more than with the other hair color shampoos. My only (very small) complaint (and this really goes for all of the “natural” bath products that I have tried) is that it is a little thin and can slip through your fingers pretty fast.

Amy Pike, NY

Works well

Works well on my color treated hair. I like that it is a little bit more "safe" than other more chemical laden shampoos that are usually marketed for color treated hair. Smell is pleasant too

Dina Plainwell, MI

Best shampoo i’ve ever used

I have colored hair – red. This shampoo may be the best I’ve ever used. It makes my hair manage better than any other. And my hair shines like crazy! I highly recommend it, even for non-colored hair. It’s not so expensive that you can’t afford to try it. I love that it is a safe shampoo for my hair.

Vicky Dundas, VA

No color fade.

My daughter uses this on her colored natural african-american hair and it works very well. She just loves the scent.

Margo Drummond, MT

3.5 stars. cleans well but contains harsh sulfates

Don’t be mislead by the “99% pure” label. This containssulfate as the second ingredient. It’s not SLS but it’sstill pretty harsh. However if you’re in a bind and mustchoose between YTC or something like VO5 or Pantene– YTC is the far healthier choice. At least YTC is freeof parabens and dyes. I use “La Vanila Healthy Baby Wash”and Body Deli shampoos because they’re gentler.

Elba Bude, MS


This shampoo is OK. I’m not so sure about how natural it is. It left my eyes burning (my other shampoos that I use which consist of unnatural ingredients did not do this). I feel like this didn’t lather well also.

Norma Lonedell, MO