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Yes To Carrots Makeup Removing Cleanser, 8.45 Fluid Ounce

Don’t you love that feeling at the end of the day when you can take off your makeup and finally put your feet up? Yes to carrots makeup removing cleanser will have you on your couch in no time. This exceptional blend of organic carrot juice, minerals and dead sea mud removes all traces of both eye and face makeup to refresh, stimulate and revitalize your skin.

Key features

  • Normal to dry skin
  • Organic carrots and pumpkin, contain beta- carotene is a natural form of vitamin a found in orange fruits and vegetables. Its antioxidant properties help reduce daily damage from the elements and restore your natural glow
  • Dead sea minerals from the world’s most ancient spa naturally exfoliate detoxify and rejuvenate the skin
  • Dead sea mud cleanses and hydrates the skin removing impurities and toxins
  • 99% natural

Honest reviews


Doesn’t remove makeup

Smells great, I was looking for a new makeup removing cleanser and read reviews. Glad this is working for someone but it doesn’t work for me. Every time I use a toner after cleansing, my cottonball is loaded with makeup that this cleanser doesn’t remove. I find myself washing my face twice with this, and makeup still remains. Nice texture and scent if you don’t wear makeup at all, so I gave it two stars. I’ll never buy again, though.

Billie Etna Green, IN

Best cleanser I’ve had in quite awhile

What can I say — This product removes everything quickly, comfortably, and leaves skin unbelievably comfortable. Very happy I tried it. Highly recommend.

Gladys Bernard, ME

Good Inexpensive Cleanser

I quite like this cleanser and have repurchased multiple times. It gets most of my makeup off and I like that it has natural ingredients. It also lasts for a few months, so for the price it’s a great deal.

Jannie Lyon, MS

Gentle on skin and no break-outs

Recently, I’ve begun to notice that the wet washcloth I’ve been using for the past 10 years to wash my make-up off is having a harder and harder time doing its thing. I’m assuming it has something to do with the aging process, but whatever the reason, my washcloth’s been needing a bit of a boost.Enter: YTC Makeup Removing Cleanser… This creamy formula removes heavy eye make-up, foundation, and even lipstick, while making the skin feel super soft. Plus it smells really nice (think carrots meet pumpkin) and doesn’t have any harsh artificial fragrances.The best part for me is that it doesn’t seem to clog pores or leave behind a grease slick.

Selina Driggs, ID

gently amazing

This is soooo great! I use it before my acne cleanser and it removes all of my makeup and leaves my skin super soft and moisturized. Its very milky and foams into a nice lather! Once again, thank you, YES TO!

Karyn Spring Grove, PA

Where’s the Carrot?

Okay, so first let me say Kuddos to this company and any other that are trying make chemical free products. I won’t buy this product again, but I am still happy to give 3 stars, just because it’s a natural product.Pros: 1.)Mostly natural product, 2.)doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry or oily.Cons: 1.)It has alcohol in it, and 2.)it burned my eyes like the fire of Gehenna. 3.)I know from experience with juicing carrots that carrots are serious business. One drop of carrot juice will make a 8oz glass of water tinted orange. It stains everything orange, and doesn’t take much. This cleanser is creamy off- white in color, yet the ingredients boasts carrot juice. This perplexes me. If it’s so little in amount, that it doesn’t change the color of the cleanser, the company should be ashamed for advertising it so. If they bleach the ingredient to get rid of the orange tint, the company should be ashamed…. either way you look at it, I’m not purchasing again. 4.)It just doesn’t work that great. It takes me a while to get my Mac mascara off. I tried it with tissue, and with water… it just takes some scrubbin’. I feel like I’m gonna lose all of my eye lashes if I keep at it. :(Summary: Do not recommend, it just wasn’t special.

Gayle Corbin, KY

two stars bc its organic

But that’s it. It works the same as any facial wash. It doesnt feel like it deep cleans the make up and gets everything off.

Maribel Hancock, NH