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Yes To Carrots Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF 15, 1.7 Fluid Ounce

Let’s face it we all love fun in the sun, but not some of its effects. Yes To Carrots Daily Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15 defends your skin against the sun’s UVA/UVB rays while soothing and hydrating your beautiful face. Perfect for Spring, perfect for Summer. Actually, perfect all year round.

Key features

  • 97.3% natural
  • UVA/UVB protection
  • Petroleum, sols and paraben free

Honest reviews


yes products

Total waste of hard earned money. Loads of disappoinment, deception, and a waste of time and energy on yes products that offer little to the consumer if that!

Dayna Seneca, MI

OK but contains Retinyl

Overall this is not an especially horrible daily sunscreen moisturizer. It does leave a rather white coat but goes away after it fully absorbs and is a little greasy just like most other sunscreens.The major factor that discontinued my use was that it contains Retinyl Palmitate, which is a vitamin A derivative. It’s great for preventing premature aging, hyper pigmentation, acne, acne scars, and has various other benefits. However, vitamin A derivitives such as retinol, retinoids, and retinyls are not meant for daytime use. They make the skin very sensitive to the sun and actually increase the chances of developing cancer tremendously. That is why most antiaging and acne products that contain these ingredients stress to only use them during the night.So it is very surprising that Yes To made a sunscreen under the Yes To Carrots line since carrots naturally contain vitamin A. The sunscreen idea could have been implemented in the other Yes To lines like the blueberries and cucumbers and it would have been great and safe.This is not recommended at all, and I actually ended up returning it because I wouldn’t want to give someone else the product not because the product itself is awful, but because of the overall health concerns associated with the ingredients.

Cecelia Culbertson, NE

This is NOT a natural product

Despite the vegetable-based marketing, this product is not as natural as it seems. It contains a host of chemicals, including retinyl palimate, which may cause or accelerate the growth of skin cancers. Chemical complaints aside, it never seems to absorb in to my skin, and stays a little sticky all day. Worst of all, it does absolutely nothing to moisturize. My cheeks are so dry after just a few weeks that they actually burn, and my T-zone is producing oil on overtime to compensate. Yes To produces generally good products; this moisturizer is a BIG exception. Try Yes To Blueberries instead.

Estela Orlinda, TN


This is a great, lightweight, smooth moisturizer. I’ve yet to put the sunscreen to the test, but I love how it feels going on and how it feels throughout the day. I have oily skin, but this moisturizer is light and doesn’t make me feel greasy.UPDATE 6/22/13 – was out in the sun running errands and was sunburnt within the hour. This didn’t offer me any protection. Good for daily use, but not for exposure to the sun. Disappointed.

Melinda Tiffin, OH

Expensive mistake

The store was out of Burt’s Bees so I bought this instead. I didn’t realize until I got home and opened the box it has a pump with no way to get at the inside of the container. I find that packaging wasteful. The pump itself also wastes a lot of product. Pump it once and enough for 12 people comes out. Even a very thin coat made my face very shiny, and it feels heavy on the skin like it is not sinking in. Finally, others have mentioned a very light, pleasant lotion fragrance, which I noticed as well, but after it goes on it has a strong mildew odor. That for me was the deal breaker. My hands stink after applying it, and my eyes are burning.

Terri Surfside, CA

Yes to Yes to!

Nice consistency. Easier to apply. I like that the company is eco-friendly. That’s very important to me. There’s no fragrance which is good for me. I don’t like products to have a smell.

Katheryn Glasford, IL

Great lightweight moisturizer

I use this on days when I am not going to be in full sun. I like how lightweight it is and the ingredient list is pretty pure.

Hannah Bluegrove, TX

A Great Product

My grandgirls use this and love the way it helps to keep their complexions dewy looking and soft. This was a real hit with them.

Marcie Granville, IL