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Ybf Universal Taupe Eyebrow Pencil, 0.05 Ounce

Ybf is about sharing the magic, the secrets, the products, the tools, the know how. Stacey schieffelin, former international ford model and makeup guru, is often dubbed “the girlfriend in rollers” for beginning her live, on-air tv appearances wearing no makeup, going from bare to beautiful while being broadcasted in over 150 million households in the USA, UK, Canada and Australia. Beauty is not the only thing that comes naturally to stacey. Her lovable, down-to-earth personality and warm-hearted connection to her viewers (her girlfriends) is what truly makes stacey so successful. She is devoted to her audience and wants to empower the world one girlfriend at a time by redefining the limits and values of what it means to be “beautiful” inside and out while using “beauty as a tool”. Ybf products are universal and made for all skin tones. It’s all about being inclusive – never exclusive. Ybf products are 100% paraben-free formulas infused with an exclusive Ybf smart active immune complex, enriched with extracts from the earth. This complex helps skin look radiant and younger-looking. When your skin is stressed by UV damage, air pollution, smoking, etc. This innovative complex acts as your personal skin monitor to trigger your immune system to help protect against environmental damage. Stacey urges all of her girlfriends to unearth their carefree, confident and can-do attitude. Get brows that wow, girlfriend. With over 10 million sold (and counting.) The Ybf automatic eyebrow pencil in universal taupe is constantly in demand by girlfriends all around the globe. Create perfect brows no matter what your hair color or skin tone. The unique shade and formula changes color depending on the amount of pressure you apply during application. Have unstoppable brows that wow every day.

Key features

  • No.1 eye brow pencil. The only brow pencil that changes up to 22 different shades depending on the amount of pressure you apply; It works with every hair color and skin tone
  • There’s no need for sharpening with this automatic pencil – simply twist up, apply and accentuate brows for a completely beautiful and natural look
  • Brow brush on one end completes that perfectly groomed look (using the spoolie brush softens and blends the brow lead to appear like follicles of hair)
  • Shapes, fills in sparse spots, softens/darkens, disguises silver, flatters and enhances all brow colors
  • You’ll receive your own Ybf beauty booklet and specific product application card with the tips, tricks and trade secrets for easy-to-follow, mistake-proof techniques.

Honest reviews


Not as GREAT as it is CRACKED up to BE !!!

YBF eyebrow pencil isn’t the best I’ve ever had – it goes on too DARK with little pressure and it it still very difficult to apply when you do the 3 dots and apply lightly. I agree with one thing – if your eyebrows are fair to good and shapely – this is a good pencil, however, if you have eyebrows like me – over-plucked, uneven, sparse in places then girls, it stinks. Tracy has great eyebrows. The pencil itself – the lead is too thick and they most definitely don’t give you enough.The best eyebrow pencil for uneven, sparse, over-plucked eyebrows is CLINQUE superfine line – this little diddy works great and it is really superfine.

Mara Quemado, TX

very good colors.

I am blonde and this is a a very good color for me. I like the brush at the other end for a groomed look.

Angelina Camino, CA


I have very dark hair & brows. This matches perfectly with the correct pressure. Blends nicely w the brush. Lasts all day, not smearing. An excellent product!

Iva Bassett, WI

Ybf Universal Taupe Eyebrow Pencil

I love the product. It provides excellent color for my eyebrows. I love that I do not have to sharpent this pencil.

Delia Elizaville, NY

Best product ever!

No matter what your color this product will work. You control the shade during application and I normally go a lighter brown for daytime wear and a darker brown for after five wear. One pencil does it all!

Beverley Apulia Station, NY