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Yardley Oatmeal and Almond Bar Soap, 4.25 Ounce

Take a moment to relax and enjoy a beautiful aromatherapy experience with our oatmeal and almond botanical soap. We have combined real out grains and almond essence in a gentle cleansing and exfoliating formula. Our deep moisturizers leave your skin soft and supple, with a warm natural scent. This luxurious bath bar is a timeless favorite.

Key features

  • Beautiful aromatherapy experience with oatmeal and almond botanical
  • Leave your skin soft and supple with a warm natural scent
  • Timeless favorite

Honest reviews


Super smelly!!

I have to admit, I have actually used this soap. As soon as I opened the package, I was taken aback by the smell of this soap. The scent is so strong, that I was afraid to put it in my bathroom where my boyfriend would have to smell it! I knew right away that the scent would bother him because it was way too strong for me. I have wrapped it in plastic and hope to give it away to a friend or donate it to charity at the next opportunity.

Dianna Chelsea, MA

Yardley Soap The Best Bar Of Soap

Yardley Natural Oatmeal, and Almond soap is my favorite out of the Yardley brand. I don’t like to use any other brand of soap, because it’s not natural like Yardley soap. I usually go through a bar a soap a week. I can’t live without soap. I have to be clean, or it will make me go crazy. Yardley brand is the best bar of soap there is.

Ruby Gerlaw, IL


I have used this product in my youth years and stopped because it became hard to find in retail stores in NYC. I found it and have stocked up on the oatmeal and almond. I also use it on my face, which was acne toned skin and it doesnt irritate or buildup any more oil. Love the produce inexpensive and the light scent is wonderful. I wish they had body sprays for each scent! So Light and Fresh!

Angelia Lowell, OR

a refreshing change

this soap company from London has been in business for over a 100 years. I found this soap to be helpful in exfoliating skin, has a great scent, and mositurizes the skin as well.

Tricia Wilbraham, MA

The only soap we all agree on…

We try many bath soaps in our house, looking for the *one* that we all agree on. While it may not be everybody’s absolute favorite, we’re all happy to use it.Yardley Oatmeal and Almond is the that soap. It’s mildly scented without being overpowering. It is also lightly textured with oatmeal (but could never be considered abrasive). Helps with dry skin during the winter months.Only limited availability in brick and mortar stores, but worth trying if you see some.

Nan Chase Mills, NY


I added this to my natural routine of washing my face and it is awesome! I have blackheads on my face and dry oily skin also and this soap helps get the job done. It makes my face feel nice and in the end my face looks clear and this soap smells good too. I love it. Will be ordering again.

Dorothea Strasburg, ND

Wasn’t expecting much, but…

I bought this at as an add-on item with a coupon that got me two bars for $0.89 each. I had never heard of Yardley and really just bought it because I needed a no-frills, basic body soap. I wasn’t expecting much, but this ended up being surprisingly impressive for the price. It cleans well, as expected. It may be a bit drying, but I have dry skin and honestly can’t think of any soap or body wash (cheap or pricey) that hasn’t had this effect. The main reason I’m impressed is because I really see a difference with this, with my skin looking clearer and more even-toned. Besides that, it has a very nice smell. It starts out sort of like mild vanilla-tinged oatmeal with maybe an almond hint, and with use turns more sweet.I’d be happy to buy this again, and am interested in other Yardley soaps now as a result.

Arline Sidney, TX

Great soap

This soap lathers well and smells great. One of my biggest annoyances with bar soap is when I put it on my loofah and the later runs out halfway through washing my body. I never have that issue with this soap. I would buy it again!

Shelia Big Laurel, KY

Nice soap.

This soap was fragrant and soft, I bought it as a part of a gift and it was a nice little addition at a nice price.

Sharron Albion, RI

Wonderful Body Soap

I cannot express how much I like this soap. While it doesn’t lather too much, it does clean all surface matter from the skin and it leaves skin feeling supple. Where I live, I can get it in packs of two or three for around $3, so it is cost effective. Besides lasting quite a while, it smells delicious–like sugar cookies. Plus, the ingredients are simple and it has never affected my sensitive skin. Cheers~

Dayna Casar, NC

Nice scent

First, thank you Amazon.Com for offering the Add-On Program for reaching free shipping for purchases over $25. After reading other reviews, the decided to try this ‘flavor.’ I am very pleased with the aroma and the after-shower feel on my skin.

Charlene Floral, AR

Nice bar of soap, I like the others Yardley makes better

I really don’t have anything negative to say about this soap. It lasts quite some time. 1 bar will last probably a month of normal use showering. At about a dollar a bar, the cost is entirely reasonable.Moisturizes and cleans at least as well as Dove, or any of the major brands – probably better. Doesn’t leave any unwanted residue. it’s not much more expensive than buying ‘zest’ or any cheap soap at Walmart.I purchased Lavender, and Lemon Verbena from Yardley as well. Although I can’t say I dislike this soap at all, I like the others better. So, I’ll probably not be getting this one again, if I do in small quantity. Not because I dislike this, but simply because I like the others by Yardley somewhat better.

Gussie Crawford, MS