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Yardley London Hand Soap – English Lavender – 8.4 oz

The Yardley London English Lavender Hand Soap is the simple and classic luxury of the English Lavender Botanical soap in a liquid format. It combines the natural bounty of Lavender and essential oils to create an aromatic and therapeutic experience that will leave your hands and face rehydrated, refreshed and deeply moisturized.

Key features

  • English Lavender
  • moisturizes and soothes
  • It is an exhilarating, soothing herbal scent
  • help to keep your skin soft and smooth.

Honest reviews


Lovely Lavender Scent!

I love the scent of this soap. It’s the perfect lavender! Lavender scents do vary. The soap makes my hands feel soft too. Perfect soap for winter or any season for that matter.

Cassandra Huey, IL

Lovely Lavender

As another reviewer on Amazon US noted, the smell IS divine. I love lavender and fewer aromas are as pleasant. This soap is a Godsend. It is used in many area restaurants and the liquid is very gentle and soothing on your skin. You can even use it when you bathe or wash up. It does not dry your skin and is easy to wash off.

Mattie Runnemede, NJ


love the way this smells. so yummy wish it came in a bigger bottle and wasn’t so expensive though i put it in my guest bathroom to make it last longer

Shelley Eight Mile, AL

Yardley London English Lavender Hand Soap in the pump bottle

Yardley London English Lavender Hand Soap in the pump bottle. I used to buy this all the time and then one day I could no longer find it in stores. I finally found it here on Amazon. A great find. Yardley of London English Lavender soap is a must. I was amazed to find English Lavender by Yardley of London in the pump bottle. This is an incredible find. This is really good stuff and I hope they keep making it.

Gloria Danbury, NH


My new favorite handsoap, it smells soooo good, just right not too overpowering like some handsoaps are. This is also non-drying which in winter time is hard to find in a hand-soap their almond soap SMELLS awesome too. You cant go wrong with this soap and I LOVE that it’s antibacterial yet still moisterizing.

Rosanne Fortine, MT

Smells very good

Smells clean and very good like lavender. There are some lavender hand soaps that are more fragrant but this smells good and a good buy.

Joanna New Hartford, IA

Really nice

Very nice hand soap. yardley is always good merchandise I really like it a lot. Leaves your hands very soft .

Trisha Jefferson, TX

Good quality and fragrant hand soap

Yardley English Lavender English Lavender Hand Soap is good quality, lathers decently, doesn’t dry the skin, rinses well, and smells like true lavender. It has a beautiful color and the new bottle is stable and dispenses well.

Lynda Madisonville, KY