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Yardley London English Lavender 4 Bar 4.25 oz

Yardley of London English Lavender Soap lifts your spirits with its classic fresh scent. This gentle soap also has natural moisturizers to help soften and protect your skin.

Key features

  • It is made with natural moisturizers to help soften and protect your skin.
  • It has natural moisturizers to help soften and protect your skin.

Honest reviews


Yardley soaps are great, BUT buy locally not here (prices).

I like Yardley soaps, mostly the oatmeal variant, but this one’s good too. They have a strong cleaning action somehow, and contain no chemical crap. They do not smell too strongly, though they are a tiny bit fragrant. Very highly recommended — and, oh, btw., I get them in CVS for buck-forty-nine a bar (used to be even cheaper a few months back). Online prices here aren’t good.11/05/2013: Picked up a few bars in the local dollar store. Iow, watch the prices. Great soaps, I always have a stash of them at home. Very soft.

Gwen Cullowhee, NC

Paid double???

I used this soap many many years ago and loved it. So happy to find it. Rushing here, with a sick husband.I paid $7.95 for a pack of 3. Said free S/H for orders over $25. so, I bought 4.They have it on here for $4. My big expensive mistake.Never again! I will take my time and search prices, sellers in the future.Haven’t received it yet. IF this is what I bought years ago, 5 STARS!

Meghan Jordan, MN

So pleasant

Try your local dollar store for this, that is where I get mine. A wonderful, luxurious soap. The scent is very aromatic and really calms me down when I am taking a shower. As far as bar soap works, it is just as good as Dove. Will repurchase.

Pat Speedwell, VA

Delicious scent

First, thank you Amazon.Com for offering the Add-On Program to reach $25 for free shipping. Yardley has a long-lived excellent reputation and this soap continues to support same. The lavender scent is obvious but not overbearing. The soap leaves my body feeling not so dry during these winter temperature after taking a hot shower.

Meagan Sharon, TN

love this soap

I am really into soaps and love a wonderful fresh scent in soaps. After using this Yardley Lavender soap, I am hooked forever. It’s creamy and non drying which a wonderful benefit but I love the fresh subtle lavender scent and oval shape as well. It’s very large and great value compared to how expensive large bars of soap are by Aveda and other ‘designer’ companies. You can get 3 large bars of soap for $9…almost the price I have paid at Aveda and elsewhere per bar. it lasts a long time even in the shower. I can’t say enough good things about Yardley lavender soap. It is now my favorite soap. as an incidental side note, I love vintage anything and there’s something reminiscent of an earlier time when I look at the shape and the whole bathroom takes on the fragrance of the soap.

Jeannette Boss, MO