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Yardley Bar Soap, English Lavender, 2 Count

It is a floral green. Combined lavender and essential oils in a gentle cleansing and relaxing formula. Deep moisturizers leave your skin soft and supple, with a wonderful floral scent. This luxurious bath bar is a timeless favorite.

Key features

  • Finest luxury soap
  • Uses the freshest ingredients
  • Fragrances inspired by nature

Honest reviews


Old School Soap

A lovely lady in our midst loves this Yardley English Lavender Bar Soap. Probably due to having used this soap for a number of years, and requests this brand, and of course she gets it. It is been a while since I have used bars of soap, kind of caught up on the liquid soap available these days, but she swears by this soap, and her opinion is as important as mine, if not more. So from having smelled the bar, and watching how she is happy to have this at hand, I give them 4 Stars.

Cathryn Centralia, PA

Wonderful soap.

I found this at our local dollar tree store for $1 a bar. Tried it & now I love it. It has a nice mild smell & does not shrink too bad. Average I would say. I am going back to get some more.

Felicia San Carlos, CA

Yardley English Lavender Soap

A classic soap that will be popular for years to come! Love the clean fresh scent and cleans without drying. Great product and great price!

Nola French Gulch, CA


This soap reminds me so much of my Grandmother. She used to say that there is no better soap than Yardley. I bought it and as I am bathing with it a flood of memories and nostalgia fill my soul. It is pure’ authentic and leaves a lasting freshness on your skin.

Christina Big Prairie, OH

A fine bar of soap

I really don’t have anything negative to say about this soap.It lasts quite some time. 1 bar will last probably a month of normal use showering. At about a dollar a bar, the cost is entirely reasonable.Moisturizes and cleans at least as well as Dove, or any of the major brands – probably better. Doesn’t leave any unwanted residue.The one things it leaves behind is a delightful mild lavender scent. Even at the end of the day, my ‘female companion’ notes that my skin smells nice. I like this soap quite a bit, and will almost certainly buy more of it in the future. it’s not much more expensive than buying ‘zest’ or any cheap soap at Walmart.Also, when you shower – the room will smell mildly of lavender. Nice.

Miranda Lake George, MN

Classic For A Reason

The low price belies the great quality of this classic soap. The company has been around for centuries and the pride and heritage in their flagship product really shines through. For the price, you could expect a drying, stinky, quickly shrinking mess. Instead, the French milling makes for a long-lasting, luxurious lathering experience. Your skin won’t experience the after-tightness of cheaper soaps. I have been using this product since I was a teenager and couldn’t do without it. The other scents are wonderful, but the lavender is so relaxing. It is evocative of a quality and a luxury that is synonymous with their long English heritage.

Paige Sigel, PA

Fantastic Scent at a Great Price

I love lavender scent on my skin. Yardley English Lavender Bar smells fresh. Not drying and hard. Does not affect the "female areas" as women can understand. I am ordering this product again.

Angelia Boothbay, ME

smells great and leaves my skin soft

smells so good and leaves my skin so soft and make me and my bathroom smell so good i use the lavender soap in the evening so when i go to bed i`m relaxed

Beverley Stockdale, OH