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YALMEH Glorify Night Face Moisturizer-Anti Aging Face Cream for Sensitive Skin, A Luxury Anti Aging Treatment Formula with 100% Naturals & Organic Ingredients, Must Have Moisturizer for Your Face

Your search for the best Facial Moisturizer is finally over. When you purchase from us today, here’s just some of the things you can look forward to… ! A DERMATOLOGIST-GRADE SKIN TREATMENT WITH LUXURIOUS FEEL : It contains 100% natural and Organic Aloe, Organic. Yalmeh Glorify Night Face Moisturizer is conclusively considered to be the most effective facial moisturizer available. Reduces lines and wrinkles, including micro wrinkles. Don’t miss out! Click the ‘Add to Cart’ button at the top of this page NOW – And Your Face Will Thank you

Key features

  • LEAVES SKIN SOFT AND FRESH -Is perfect for dry, itchy skin, aging skin, or oily skin.You’ll Love it.
  • ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS- Contains all natural ingredients,vegan formula, no toxic chemicals.
  • THIS Face Moisturizer- is 100% natural and pure – formulates the most effective anti aging products.
  • PROUDLY MADE IN U.S.A. at our FDA Registered facility. READ MORE BELOW.

Honest reviews


Once Skeptical, but now a customer

Ok. I received an email from customer service before it even arrived telling me they care about my purchase and to be sure and let them know what I think. Good customer service is great, but it can’t replace a product that doesn’t live up to their claims. I received the product very fast, lightening fast to be exact, points again for service. I immediately washed my face in order to try the creme…I was looking forward to smelling it since so many reviews commented on the “great scent”. Well, NO…what little scent there is, it is unpleasant to me, strange actually. The creme lays on my skin like a paste, no soaking in and certainly no brightening while your skin is coated in a thick blanket of paste-like creme. I am sorry, but I have quite dry to Normal/dry combination skin and it will drink up a good moisturizer. This creme HAS to clog pores, I expect I will be getting some break-outs, but to be fair I will give it a chance as a night creme. I wish I could give this a try as a day creme too, but there is NO WAY it can be used under make-up, it is simply not right for that. I am also suspicious of all these rave reviews, because these descriptions of the creme are SO far from what the product is really like. I am about integrity and honesty in a company and it’s products, fake reviews are exceedingly unsavory. I will return with an update on the product as a night creme and any other valuable information I might be able to contribute as a REAL customer. I am generously giving 3 stars for customer service so far and very fast delivery, it may be lowered or raised pending product performance and further customer service performance. Warm Regards Everyone! Clementhyme03/10/2014 UPDATE!!! MAKES AN IMPRESSIVE HEALING BALM/SCAR CREAM!!! Ok, here goes. I had to stop using Yalmeh on my face, it is just too thick and doesn’t absorb into my skin enough, so it caused breakouts due to clogged pores for me personally. I will say, my sixty-four year old mother can use products like this without break outs sometimes, so this may not be a problem for others. The thing about this product that impressed me the most, was it’s ability to fade age spots/sun damage and heal scars. I have some pretty bad scars, due to burns from an automobile accident, so when this product helped not only fade the scars, but give the thin, paper-like skin, some elasticity and overall healthier appearance and feel, I was really impressed. If the purchase price remains reasonable, under $20, I will certainly buy again for Yalmeh’s healing properties alone! So, 5 stars as a healing balm…will change my rating to 4 stars over all, I’m taking the 1 star off since it did not work for what it was advertised to do in my opinion. (If it were sold as a healing balm I would def give all 5 stars for both product and customer service)

Laurie Nuevo, CA

Made my skin a little dry

I’ve been using this product since I received it and find that it makes my skin a little dry. I have followed the directions. I will give it another week or so then will just order some other product.

Antionette Fort Towson, OK

You will see immediate results!

The Yalmeh Peerless Beauty Aloe Day-Night Moisturizing Cream is the first facial cream in a long time that I have seen positive results in my skins texture and tone. My face radiates a healthy glow and looks smooth.Unlike typical face creams, Yalmeh Moisturizer has a thick density but glides on effortlessly. My skin quickly absorbs it and it leaves you skin feeling velvety smooth. It has a wonderful aroma of flowers (maybe lilacs).What really impressed me the most is I had scabs and dry skin from pimples and blemishes I had picked at, but the next day they had magically almost vanished completely. After a few more days they were gone and so were my pimples. I don’t know if there is something to treat acne or blemishes in the ingredients, but it is helping my issues.I have tried the $100 face creams and vanishing lotions with no luck. I am truly amazed that a face cream that I have never heard of before was the answer that I was looking for.Sample provided for review purposes.

Terri Etowah, NC

Gotta Have It…

I picked up a small jar as a suggestion from my cousin and love it. It is very light but hydrating and soothing. It’s perfect for anytime day or night. Once I finish this jar I plan to purchase and will come back and update my review.UPDATE:I purchased another one to give to my BFF for Christmas. The packaging is awesome. The container is equally as beautiful. The moisturizer smells heavenly with all the organic ingredients. I’m a big fan of aloe vera. I love the way it glides on my face and neck and really protects. I just know my BFF is going to love it! Highly recommended for those needing to nourish their faces.

Jeannette Ellsworth, PA



Leonor Convoy, OH

Good bye Peter Thomas Roth

Yalmeh is my new favorite skin care line! This moisturizer is like putting on a primer as well because it gives a matte quality finish. (I usually have to apply Smashbox primer before foundation, but not any more!!) It feels like it seals in moisture.The scent is faint and slightly spicy/floral. The consistency is thick but after you blend it in, it doesn’t feel heavy or greasy. It’s amazing. I was a Peter Thomas Roth junkie until now… with all the money I save I can get twice as much!!

Queen Sardis, MS

Very Soothing, Refreshing and Clean Feeling

If you have ever tried Kiehl’s Rosa Arctica moisturizer then you’ll have somewhat of an idea of at least the category this would be in. This is quite similar but creamier. They both smell almost identical though Yalmeh’s scent is not as strong. I am talking about the fragrance-free here. People rave about that product too and it costs 3 times as much as this one and having both, I can definitely say that this one is better in some ways but does not have as much oil.I really like this cream a lot. There are a couple of things that keep me from giving it 5 stars. For my skin, I would actually like it to be “oilier”. My skin needs oil and lots of it. This cream is very thick, luxuriously creamy even and yet it has a similar consistency (somewhat) to say, a cortizone cream, in a way — hard to describe. It’s moisturizing and oddly, just ever so slightly, drying at the same time. Not a “tight” drying but like a soft “ashy” drying. The skin is still soft but … gosh, I don’t know how to describe it. I can imagine that being a great feature for those with oily skin.It seems like a summer cream. I think it would work best in warm weather as it sort of needs to “melt”. It’s very cool and refreshing when applied. It doesn’t sting and I feel very safe putting it on my skin.It’s got far too many pros not to buy again but its biggest pro is the price. If this cream was a hefty price (like Rosa Arctica and so many others) I might not buy this again. We all have different skin and I can’t imagine any single cream ever being perfect for everyone. This one seems to come very close and I can see how this could be a “holy grail type” cream for some. When I first put it on, I thought it might even fit that bill for me but it’s not quite there (but it’s close).Lastly, the packaging was very pretty and the company seems quite conscientious and customer service oriented. 5 stars for that.

Robin Roach, MO

Face Cream

I’ve really enjoyed using this face cream. I have sensitive skin, especially on my face, so I have to be very careful of what face creams I use. I like how this aloe vera face moisturizer contains natural plant based ingredients and no harsh chemicals. I’ve been using this face cream daily, and my skin feels so nice and smooth. I also like how the cream is thick and it has a nice fragrance. I only have to apply the face cream once a day and my skin is soft and moist all day long. Not only does my skin feel better, I also think it looks better too.

Tamika Cerulean, KY


As a woman who has many, many, skin problems: acne, eczema, fine lines, dry skin, sensitive skin, etc. finding the right anti aging cream that will moisturize my skin, without making it OVERLY oily and send it into acne oblivion, is almost impossible. While surfing Amazon, to see what new organic creams might be out there, I came upon Yalmeh Aloe Vera Cream..I read all of the info : aloe based, vit, C, E, no parabens, it seemed to good to be true..I ordered a jar thinking this would be just another one of the many, many creams that ended up in my "anti aging hoarder bathroom drawer!" (LOL) When I received it, I noticed how very, very, (and I do mean, VERY THICK) the cream was. So thick, it almost had the consistency of a thick Elmer’s glue when you’re trying to spread it, while it’s drying.. But after I cleansed my face, used my toner and serum, I started to apply this cream, and it spread surprisingly well over my face..(By the way, it doesn’t take much at all.) The next morning, my face was so moist and soft, I couldn’t believe it. I thought this cream was going to be way to thick and heavy, especially for hot, humid summers down in Alabama. But no; your skin just drinks this in like water. It’s been about 2 weeks since I first got this, and I’ve been using this every night, and my acne scars are fading, uneven tones are brighter, and my acne is much more in control. I use this as my night time moisturizer, only because it is so thick. It says you can use it day/night. Because my skin is soo sensitive, I have to use a much lighter cream in the a.m. I would highly recommend this cream to ANYONE. I imagine it would be perfect for dry, itchy skin, aging skin, or oily skin. My skin has a little of all of that, and I have seen a HUGE improvement!! Thank you Yalmeh!! My face is all the better!!

Sonia Hernandez, NM

Leaves my skin smooth

Hi, this is Terry’s wife. I’m the one who ordered the face cream. I find it’s thicker than most other creams I’ve used and has a strong, flowery fragrance that reminds me of jasmine perfume. The fragrance lasted throughout the work day and the cream has left my skin soft and smooth. It’s been 16 hours since I applied it and I’m amazed that my face still feels this nice. It’s like I just had a spa facial!

Jayne Brownsboro, TX