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Yacht Man Red by Myrurgia Eau De Toilette Spray for Men, 3.40 Ounce

Introduced in 1996, yacht man red is designed for men.

Key features

  • Fragrance introduced by Myrurgia
  • Designed for men
  • For casual use

Honest reviews




Julie Livonia Center, NY


AWWWWghhhh I absolutely hate the smell. I don’t know HHHHOWWW people could give it a positive review. It is cheap and smells cheap.

Autumn Montpelier, MS

Dunhill Red in a different bottle?

The formula smells remarkably like Dunhill Red. The smell is absolutely indistinguishable from Dunhill Red. You could spray one on each wrist and not know which is which. Maybe the sillage is a bit more pronounced on the Dunhill – or maybe that’s just my imagination given that the Dunhill fragrance is seven or eight times as expensive. The longevity is pretty poor on both but if you put it on cloth, it lasts a lot longer than on skin, although it’s more abrasive. Still, this is a nice romantic fragrance, great to take your wife to a nice meal. Cinnamon, ambergris, maybe some artificial attempt at sandalwood. Obviously these are not natural fragrances like a Creed or a Montale. But this is a nice, solid fragrance and when you can have a 100ml bottle like this for less than $10, given its virtually identical competitors, you have a win. If you like Dunhill Red, you’ll like Yacht Man Red. Good chance is it’s the exact same formula, same stuff in a different bottle. Enjoy!

Rena Birchrunville, PA


Actually bought the fame of the brand here in Brazil but never esperimentei, packaging and color seduced me, an excellent cost benefit by famous brandSpanish.

Dale Corinth, MS

gift for my son

I always try to get things he needs..shorts, pants, shoes, etc and he never likes the style or something but he liked the cologne..guess that’s why cologne is often given as gifts

Mona Seneca Falls, NY

Who ever said this is bad is a moron

This is an outstanding cologne for like 5 bucks! cmon u dont gotta spend like 50 bucks when u have this perfectly fine cologne! a tad strong but great because i needed something inexpensive in my collection and bought this! It smells so good! neatly packaged and ships on time! This colonge is sweet more of a night time cologne. Also recccccomenddddd yatch mannn blueeeeeeeeee which isss even betterrrrr (im adding more letters to each word to exaggerate the smell!) It smells so good gotten so much compliments!

Faye Glennville, CA

Best Yacht Man.

I have tried all Yacht Man cologne and this is my favorite. The others smell pretty much like most other cologne, however this has a sweeter fresher smell.(still masculine) really good price and long lasting.

Christy Otto, NY

Five Stars

I love it.

Josie Cornell, WI

You get what you pay for!

I gave it 3 stars because its not terrible but definitely not Yacht Man’s best! It smells like a diluted version of Joop. I have purchased Yacht Man Metal and loved it for my husband so I though I would check out all of the other versions…and according to the reviews this was really good but definitely NOT the best.

Alissa Fitchburg, MA


What a great smell first off, second it is such a nice bottle. I love when my guy sprays himself with this smell, makes me want to be closer to him. I give this one 5 stars. I like how fast it was delievered to our doorstep too, great service. All you ladies, you need to get your man one of these bottles (or two of them) you will not regret it! "I promise", you that once your guy sprays himself you will want to pull him near you and you will not be able to get enough of him/well the smell on him at least, "winks". Enjoyable smell is all I got to say.

Angelina Hiller, PA

Great Manly fragrance

This fragrance was more than expected, You can’t go wrong with the price at all, The product arrives faster than expected

Marina Eden, VT

yacht man

i bought this for my husband..he was surprised with this.he loves the nice fresh scent . i think he likes it.

Aline Saint Paul, MN

19 year old building up my collection

I bought this 2 days ago and it came today, very fast delivery. no serial code was tampered with, box was perfect condition. I sprayed 1 squirt of this and I loved it. My mother also loved it, it has a nice manly smell and i must say, for this price we are robbing the people who made Great product, i recommend this to all. And what a coincidence, I ordered nautica blue and it came today as well with this. Both wonderful scents, not to overpowering. My burberry and Joop should be here tomorrow i hope, those colognes are more over the top. this fragrance is what i call “something lite”

Donna Oldham, SD

Christmas gift

Boyfriend love this one better than the Yacht Man Blue. He wore it on Christmas and the day after, the day after that and ..dyou get the drift. Yes he SEVERAL fragrances to choose from already but this one was his choice.

Sheree Dardanelle, AR

Scent is amazing, but it doesn’t last

When I found this bargain cologne for less than $8 I decided to buy it for my husband for a stocking stuffer. I had never smelled it, but took a chance based on the reviews. This cologne smells AMAZING it is not a heavy smell, but it smells spicy and masculine. My husband loves it, unfortunately after a couple hours you can’t smell any of the scent. I will most likely just order a 2nd bottle for him so he can keep one with him on the go (office or car) so if he needs a reboost he has it available. For the price and the amount, it is a steal- but buy more than one if you want to keep yourself smelling good all day.

Alexandra Tolar, TX