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X&Y ANGEL -New Two Tone One Piece Long Curl/curly/wavy Synthetic Thick Hair Extension Clip-on Hairpieces 26 Colors

Please be reminded that due lighting effects, monitor’s brightness/contrast settings etc, there could be some slight differences in the colour tone of the website’s photo and the actual item.

Key features

  • X&Y ANGEL.Brand new .100% high quality Japanese Kanekalon heat resistant hair extensions
  • Length:21″ Width:10” Weight:about 130g
  • Package Included:1 piece of hair extensions (only need 1 piece for full head with 5 clips attached)
  • Color:30 colors as the photo shows
  • It usually takes 7- 12 business days to reach USA.Please ignore amazon default shipping time .

Honest reviews


i’ll tell you how it really is

I wish you can give half star ratings but I can’t. My real true rating would be 3.5 oppose to the whole 4 stars. Ill begin by saying I got the rose to purple hair extensions and they are indeed beautiful! And they stood true to their saying it did only take 1 week to arrive, from china to california so that is absolutely splended! So here’s the problem I encountered with these extensions. But before I continue I wanted to state that I am a light skinned hispanic with natural black thick hair. So I ordered two of these extensions bc many other reviewers suggested to get 2 of them if u have thick hair.Here’s the thing…. these extensions are both thick and thin.. ur probably wondering how could that be? Ok so here’s the problem I thought these extensions would have been one piece of continual hair that is just dyed or fabricated to have the ombre effect. It isn’t like that. Its actually two pieces of hair of two different colors stacked on top of each other. With that being said the extensions are very very thick at the top (bc its layered w/the 2 pieces of hair) and then very thin at the bottom (bc its only one piece of hair. When I wear both extensions my head is massively heavy and i have massive drag queen volume! So for me personally the 2nd extension is unnecessary ill probably never wear both at the same time unless im going to west hollywood to party w/my drag queens lol! (Which is highly unlikely)Next problem! Straightened or curled?let me tell u about this epic fail. Im not into curling my hair bc my hair is naturally curly and I actually usually rock a straight hair look everyday unless I feel like having my curly hair. Now this is how I encountered my next problem w/these extensins. My hair is around my mid back where my bra strap is and with these extensions curled (the way they arrived) u can’t even see them! They are the same length as my hair! This defeated the purpose of these extensions if they aren’t even going to show >_< wah!So I read u can straightened these things so since I have 2 extensions I figure why not! I have a chi hair straightener and I was scared to fry the extensions so I had it on 180 (lowest setting) and did quick passes on it until its straight and idk if any other ppl have this problem w/the chi it might just be me and the way I hold it or something but before I knew it I changed the dial and had been straightening my extension on heat 410 (highest) so its safe to say u can’t melt these things bc mine didn’t! Lmao not that I was trying to but it all just happened by accident. In any given case once I straighted the extension and straightened my own hair (bc it was in its wavy/curly form) I put the extension in only to find that now my extension is ridiculously long! -_- it was barely gracing my waist line and while I loved the long hair effect there’s no way I would blend my hair to make it look like it was my hair bc of the massive length difference between my hair and the extension! There is a simple solution to this problem. Cut the straightened extension but I don’t want to do that bc they are so pretty and majestic.So for now im just stumped at what on earth I should do. The only thing I haven’t tried yet is actually curling my hair w/semi tight curls to see if then at that point my hair would be short enough to let the pink/purple hair show threw. Ill be posting photos soon bc photos are always helpful and they would’ve probably helped me steer clear of this purchase. Not that these were horrible, they just didn’t work out for me. Ill stick to full on wigs. Hope this lengthy review helped!

Ernestine Sherman, WV


my hairs darker than the brown that came so I gave it to my sister. I ordered the black so hopefully that matches better. Its hard with things like these because the computer colors vary.

Jasmine Grant City, MO

shiny plastic

bought the dark blue that fades into light blue for my sister because she was begging me for it. received it about a week ago & shes never worn it. it looks fake. of course blue hair will look fake right? well this looks like plastic hair that you find on one of those cheap knock-off Barbie dolls at the dollar store. I knew it wouldn’t look good (shes blonde) but she kept begging so I bought it.

Catalina Ashton, SD



Nicole Harrisburg, OR

fun hairpiece

I got this cuz I’ve been seeing all the girls with the pink ect, and it looked so fun…But because of work I can’t just walk in with pink or purple hair….and also that would involve bleaching my hair fisrt because its dark and so on…and what if I ended up not likiing it or it came out wrong?!!! Too much trouble!!!!! So then I saw this clip in piece for a great price…so I ordered it…I got the purple that graduates into the dark pink…..When I got it it was really pretty and long…It was easy to clip in..My only two comments are the same as most other reviewers… is a thin piece…if you want a fuller look it would be better to order two……and my hair is shoulder length….so it does look beter if your hair is fairly longer.Other than that IS like it and think its cute. Plus I am growing out my hair…and when it gets a little longeri will wear this more often and have a lot of fun with it.

Sylvia Gorham, KS

Don’t take what they say.

I buy this thinking that it comes four of them but all I receive was one, I get upset a li’ll bit because I think the price is kind of high, but I learn the lesson I wouldn’t buy it again.

Imelda Troy, NC

Exactly how it looked in the picture~

From reading a few reviews, I thought It wasn’t going to be as great as the pictures. I was surprised to see that the color was perfect and it was thicker than I thought! Its not really thick but its not thin either. You can tell its synthetic hair though. The color I got was Dark Blue to Light Blue and the color was really bright and beautiful. I wanted it to be like that though~ I’m using it for cosplays, so I don’t mind if it looks like wig hair~ It’s really soft too! And It came a few days after I purchased it (I’m from CA). Overall, It’s exactly how it looks on the picture. Spending my money was worth it to me. ^_^

Kimberley Claytonville, IL

Just … wow

This is the first time I’ve bought non human hair extensions, and to be honest I didn’t expect much for the price. I was trying to find something to put under my hair ( dyed blue ) for some length and extra color. I was blown away. The quality is very high, the packaging is excellent, and it doesn’t have that "shine" that a lot of artificial extensions have. My boyfriend loves it, it hasn’t tangled, the hair is still tightly affixed, and the clips are TIGHT. I’ve been wearing it WAY more than I expected, and I have three more colors saved in my cart for payday. I can’t recommend these enough!!

Brenda Meeker, CO


Looks nothing like the picture. I understand its not real hair but it looks so tacky! Wasn’t worth much but I’m never buying from here again! I put it once and the clip broke already! Do NOT buy!

Marjorie Thomas, OK


Didn’t blend in with my hair and tangled extremely quickly after I bought it. It might work if you have very one tone hair or if the extensions that you get are not multicolored but the color that I got didn’t blend in with my hair at all. A waste of money.

Jeri Mayslick, KY

So pretty

I ordered two pieces to really make a statement. Easy to install, long, shiny and beautiful colors. It feels glossy like doll hair, not human hair, but that was fine with me. Looks really cute braided too.

Connie Alamance, NC

Looks great!

Beautiful! Came pre curled and has about five to six clips. It is a large clip in. It is perfect for me!

Angela Edward, NC

Okay product

This product was delivered in time and all in all it was okay. I did not spend a ton of money on the item so I cannot expect anything of high quality. It came in a small plastic package was thin and had no instructions. I went online to view how to put them in my hair. Fun product to try for sure!

Jeri Northway, AK

love them

I really like one! I want to get more. They’re to play with and affordable! I would recommend.These!

Bertie Waukesha, WI

Shipping Time, Quality, and Reaction.

This came like 15 days early and it was securely packaged which made me super happy!The quality is great- it feels like soft, real hair! I even got two of these because I was so pleased!I unfortunately have hair so short in the back that I can’t wear these yet, but I’m sure they work well! I’m very pleased!They’re even more pretty in person.

Leah Underwood, IN

Nice hair

Hair is nice quality, doesn’t look too fake, only issue is the black to pink is not all black on the top, the pink and black hairs are mixed, and the reason it is all pink on the bottom is because the black hairs are shorter. Aka not dip dyed. This makes the black look lighter, grayish and it doesn’t blend as easily… Also can’t trim to blend to natural hair length without loosing all the just pink section, I had hoped the 2 colors would have been separate wefts so I could trim separately but they are not. Still, once my hair grows so this length blends better, I am sure it will look awesome, and for the price the fiber quality is really excellent for synthetic hair

Suzanne Somerville, TX

love the hair extensions

I really like the color on the extensionbut one of the scripts came out have to resell it in because it wasn’t strong enoughits really pretty and I like the way it lays in my head and I didn’t have to die my own hair or damages

Elisha Vermillion, SD

hair today?…Not

Heres another item, thats not only difficult to order, but when you get to order it, it never showed up, and its been since October 9th, 2013! I give up. I just hope I didnt get jipped. Still waiting…Juanita Wilson… … …

Kellie Eufaula, OK

absolutely beautiful

I was so excited to find this on amazon. I have long brown hair naturally, so I bought a lighter shade so that I could do the ombre look without having to dye my hair! I love it. Extremely easy to put it in, and with the clips hidden under your natural hair, nobody can tell the difference! Also adds great volume. My hair is pretty long, but if you have shorter hair, its the perfect way to add some length as well.. Its also extremely affordable! I was very surprised to see how little these cost. But the low cost, definitely doesn’t say anything about the quality. Also very fast shipping. My order was shipped the day of! If you’re looking for volume, length or a way to add different colors to you hair, without having to dye it.. then this is the way to go! 😀

Sara New Castle, IN

ehh ok

the hairs a cool color im super excited to use it for st pattys day but….. the color is more of a teal when I specifically ordered green so look at each color before bought

Isabelle Stirling, NJ

Cheap quality

i purchased the dark blue to light blue one, and the hair was very very shinny so you could tell it wasn’t real hair. it looks like barbie hair. this product would of have been better if they used real hair or something like real hair.

Tricia Knox, ND

Black to wine red, looks BEAUTIFUL

This does not look cheap or like barbie hair, the clips hold tight and stays in all day. I accidentally pulled too hard on one of the clips and it is hanging by a thread but that’s an easy sewing job to fix it right up. I dye my hair black and you cannot tell I have an extension in when I wear it. The curls do tend to separate, I need to use a brush to spread them out and make them look not so stringy. But I love it, just ordered the black to light purple one as well

Georgette Thornton, AR

I can’t curl it .. I want it to have smaller curls

It was too wide so cut of on side of clip I use that for when I do braids and the other for parties etc… Con I can’t curl it help!! Like I tried to change the big curls to smaller curls to match my hair but it doesn’t work

Yesenia Mayville, WI

Not as pretty as it looks in the picture.

The actual hair piece is smaller than it looks in the picture. It has a coarse texture.Pro: It is not expensive.Con: It looks cheaply made.It ships from China so be prepared to wait about 3 weeks or more for delivery if you are in the US.

Gloria Ririe, ID

Way better than expected!

First of all, I bought "no 26" and it was a perfect match with my champagne/golden blonde hair. I couldnt believe they matched and blended so well together. I was beyond skeptical when I ordered, but I never had any extensions before and I was like "whatever, I’ll try it for 10 bucks".It’s a big piece, but for me didnt feel heavy and the length was also great as I have long hair. I also have a lot of hair so I didnt really need an extension, but I was curious.Anyway, it looked great for a party, my hair looked Amazing.I cannot compare it with other products like this on the market because, like I said, I never had any before, but I was very happy with how I looked.I’m very tempted to buy a couple of colored ones, I bet they’re gonna be fun to wear.

Marietta Stuart, OK