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Xtreme Brite Brightening Gel 1oz

Xtreme Brite Brightening Gel 1oz (2-Pack)

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  • Xtreme Brite Brightening Gel 1oz (2-Pack)

Honest reviews


Best skin brightener ever!!!

I love this gel! It has a light scent and it absorbs quickly after being applied. A little goes a long way.

Debbie Essex, NY

Doesn’t work.

It DO NOT brighten or fades discoloration. I have one dark spot near my ankle both sides. About a size of a half dollar. I use it as described. See no result in 8 weeks.

Clara Bedford, PA

Works but………

This product does work but is not permanent. Not only that, it will stop working after a while. Meaning you will not get the same results with continued used. If you’ve never used this product before I would recommend but there are products that work much better.

Maude Warriors Mark, PA

Had high hopes for this product, however, it did not work for me.

After reading reviews on this product, I had high hopes that it would lighten my hyperpigmentation. But, I was disappointed. The only good thing that I can say about this product, is that it did dry up my cystic acne. I might try out this product in the cream, to see if it is stronger.

Leah Waterbury, VT

I love this!

I had hyperpigmentation and it is helping me a lot!! I love it! I can see my blemishes going away already!! I am purchasing this again.

Lenore Seadrift, TX