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Xtreme Brite Brightening Gel 1oz

Xtreme Brite Brightening Gel is highly concentrated gel helps to obtain a clearer and brighter complexion. Removes blackheads and cosmetic acne also has anti-bacterial and soothing properties. For best results use regularly together with other products from the Xtreme Brite brand.

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  • Xtreme Brite Brightening Gel 1oz

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A+ Product that actually works above & “beyond”

As others have mentioned, I am a woman of color, and what tends to happen when a woman of color shaves regularly or even waxes, or uses hair removal creams as well as using commercial brand deodorants is that irritaion may result, or certain chemicals may result to skin discoloration. Dark irritated underarms is not appealing or not the business! After years of trying products that claim they worked, but produce minimal results at best (be careful alot of products may be great at first but as it becomes more “POPULAR” what you may start seeing happen is that the Manufacturer may start weakening the products strength to make you use more as a result you will buy more. So in any case I saw the same You Tube video many commentors on here speak of, & I probably went through like 6 tubes in the past 6 months, with maximum results accomplished after 2 tubes (as someone else has said it turned my entire underarm area lighter than what my skin complexion actually is. Im talking pale pink. And my natural complexion is Caramel Brown. So YES it took away the DARKNESS…and the pigment to my regular skin as well. So when you notice this happening & when you get your desired level of lightness accomplished id advise anyone to STOP using the product, use sunscreen and a non commercial Deodorant that has NO type of “Alluminum” ingredient in it. & the Darkness should not come back.As of lately However, my money has been tight, I havent been to the official website in a long while to purchase a couple more tubes. Using it twice a day can use up the product very fast (thats why I always purchase 2 tubes at a time). Id hope with the sales as high as they have been on this product with all the “You Tube video” footage Boosting this items sales through the roof (im sure). Last I checked they only had the cream (NOT GEL) in a large tube. Id hope by now they have this GEL in a larger size because this small tube uses it very quickly. & @ $12 Dollars a pop, that easily adds up over time.Until I am able to afford to get back on the Xtreme Brite train….I have been using a natural approach to maintaining my underarms even complexion (courtesy of Xtreme Brite) & that is simply by rubbing LEMON under my arms twice a day (or once). LOL, Hey dont knock it til you try it (it works & keeps money in your pocket)! Its been doing great long as I been on my Xtreme Brite vacation.1. WOULD I RECOMMEND to a friend?- YES, those who experience underarm darkness (especially if their underarms become dark easily with irritation, or certain deodorants) like mines.2. WOULD I USE ON MY FACE? – NO WAY! I love my God Given “Caramel Brown” complexion. I saw how strong this stuff actually is, turning my entire underarms area light pink (do I prefer light pink underams over really dark brown armpits? YES. Once I stopped using the product, my real color came back/evened out again.) but I wouldnt want a Light pink face. personally I feel the product is too strong for the face & even for spot treatments. Who wants to be “light pink”? NOT MEEEE (strictly for my underarms for me.) & if you do use it on your face dont forget your neck and ears….dont want a pink face with brown ears and brown neck etc.3. WHEN YOU START USING THIS XTREME BRITE PRODUCT- STOP- USING- HARSH COMMERCIAL Ad Deodorants with all the harsh ingredients in them like “alluminum”….or anything thats sounds like “alluminum”-they smell great, but they will “Blacken your armpits with the metals & other harsh chemicals in them TRUST ME, I experienced it for YEARS. The lemons work great at eliminating underarm odor for a whole entire day on its own. But I use TOMS deodorant (natural), or a mild fragrance oil with a little baking soda & that works also. (NOTE: see UPDATE below on a natural deodorant I recommend and am currently using)4. HAIR REMOVAL METHODS may cause the SKIN DAMAGE- Havent shaved my armnpits since HIGH SCHOOL, Im 36 years old now. Shaving irritated my skin very badly no matter what. It would lead to break outs and itching, & of course Darkness under my arms will follow. HAIR REMOVAL CREAM caused irritation as well and smells bad too, result= irritation & dark underarms as well. WAXING for me? not good, damaged my underarms First try top layer of skin ripped off= irritation & more darkness as it healed. I have been EPILATING for years now (about as painful as WAXING) especially when you first start doing it, but over time your skin will become use to it. Its proved to be the best method so far….but the EPILATOR can cause bumps also (ingrown hairs) sometimes irritates but nothing like the creams & shaving. Whatever work best for you!SO YES! if you are a individual of color experiencing under arm DARKNESS, use this item as directed & dont give up until your desired results are achieved! Make this product your go to product when you experience discoloration of your underarms even if its just little spots. The reason Black People or people who are BROWN experience skin discoloration, is because we have more Melanin in our skin. It keeps you more YOUTHFUL compared to FAIR/LIGHTER SKINNED individuals, but Darker skin is also more prone to experiencing skin discoloration after any type of skin damage (including-acne, scars, irritation…) GOOD LUCK!!UPDATE: 3/4/12Im going to the main website EXTREMEBRITE.COM (where I use to always buy the product) & Im going start recommending they make the gel in a larger tube, this way folks will be comfortable with just- (2) 2oz tubes rather than (4) 1oz tubes for example (the price would be doubled of course, but shipping 2 larger tubes would be alot more easier than packaging 4 1oz tubes. They have another GEL product in 2oz tube (lasted me forever) but didnt produce results like the XTREME BRITE GEL. I still used it because by that time my arms were already lightened thanks to the XTREME BRITE GEL. But I suggest other users go to their main website & email the manufacturers to start making the XTREME BRITE GEL in a larger tube.UPDATE: 12/1/12RECENTLY (this past month) I did a search on EBAY for “NATURAL DEODORANTS” or “ALUMINUM FREE DEODORANTS” the search results was great! But I found a wonderful seller who sells a product called “MIGHTY DEODORANT”. Its 100% all natural ingredients and works GREAT on under arm odor ALL DAY! Its very affordable & you can pick the scent you want. I recommend all interested in a natural deodorant that actually works for odors go to Ebay & look up the product.

Candy Lemasters, PA

Didn’t think it would work

I have to be honest. I really didn’t think this product was worth it. I knew I wouldn’t see results in one day but I definitely didn’t expect to see results after two! I’m an dark-skinned African American and after applying this to the hyperpigmented marks on my face, I can definitely see a difference. In fact, I think I may even have to be careful because the spots are already starting to lighten a bit too much. But overall folks this really does work. Best part of all no breakouts and no horrible burning sensation and this is coming from someone with extremely sensitive skin and eczema lol.

Eleanor White Earth, MN

Gel Love

This gel smells wonderful! It also brightens your skin leaving it feeling soft. I have used this product for 2 months and love it! Will definitely purchase it again!

Liza Red House, VA

extremely disappointing product

this product is crap, this product doesn’t deliver any of the claims it states. what a waste of money!!!!! dont waste your money

Tisha Gallatin, MO

Miracle Worker!!!!

I ordered this product to lighten my underarms that were terribly dark. Bottom line it worked Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!! i started buying this product in Nov 2011 and I have purchased several tubes since. I use it twice a day. Here’s the best part….I believe I developed dark under arms after reaching and finding out that certain products in deoderants can cause dark underarms. I used deoderant every single day to avoid stinky underarms….however now I just put this on every morning after my shower and it keeps me completely dry. There’s absolutely no need for me to use any deoderant and I’m always fresh and never moist or stinky. Therefore the product works all around. Buy it and try it….it works!

Ericka Petrolia, PA

Xtreme Brite Gel

This product clears your skin like none other this is a must have product for me you don’t have to even use it everyday to keep skin clear it does lighten any dark marks

Jan Akron, NY


I got this gel because of a youtube video, crazy enough. The woman had really dark under arms and after awhile they brightened significantly. I saw comments saying it did work, and reviews saying the same thing, so I decided to try it out.When I first got it, the tube looks like a paint tube. You have to poke a hole for the gel to come out. But what I really didn’t like is that there were no instructions… not even “visit out website on how to use this, and tips!, etc”. So I have no idea if one should use a this lightly or as other brands say “generously apply…”.Anyway, I have a problem with dark underarms, I’m 20 years old and I just never had confidence wearing sleeveless jerseys. You always see on television people with basically no under arm problems, or even your friends, and here you are stuck with dark looking arms for no apparent reason, and it’s embarrassing!So I’ve been using this gel for about… a month or so, maybe less. I use it everyday AFTER I shower. I’ve been just applying my deodorant over it, but I have a feeling I’m going to have to switch to a non-aluminum deodorant or something, because I have heard aluminum contributes to darkness. Or just do what my grandma does (SHE HAS NO UNDER ARM PROBLEMS, YET I DO LOL!) and put lemon and water under my armpits, though that can be irritating.At first when I used this for a week, I didn’t see much results. But then I started to really look and notice the area was brightening. It also looks natural (so far). My left under arm though doesn’t seem to have much improved but I sort of see brightening AROUND the darkened area… so I will update on how that goes. But so far, this does work. I’ve even showed my mom (lol) and she notices the area is much brighter and it wasn’t as ugly as it use to be. I’m confident with my right under arm but not my left underarm… so I could wear a sleeveless with only a right underarm haha.WARNING!!! YOU SHOULD READ THIS!!! … But I must say, I would be scared to try this on my face. If you have had success with this, good for you. But one day I tried putting the gel under my arms after I epilated my under arms and IT BURNED SO BAD. It also left scrapping marks. Now, I’m an idiot for doing that. But I didn’t think it would be so harsh. I immediately washed it off and I haven’t had any ugly markings or anything. It disappeared after 2 days or so. But this thing is more harsh than it appears. If you have openings or cuts or anything, this WILL BURN AND LEAVE MARKS!!! If you have acne and you’ve popped your pimples or still have it severely, your open pores may burn like hell. I would not even attempt this on hormonal acne or anything, this might make it worse. I have acne actually, and I have scars. My acne has calmed down majorly, but before when I had just a small amount of acne, I tried to do something for my scars. It got worse and now I’m back to normal with even more scars… my advice, just leave your scars alone if you’ve suffered so much pain trying to get rid of them. Maybe if you find something really gentle, give it a shot. But a lot of things nowadays are HARSH and ABRASIVE. It makes everything worse. Just take it from me. My face is okay now but PAIN IS BEAUTY. THAT’S ALL I GOTTA SAY ABOUT THAT!! lolBy the way, if you shave your under arms, you are also asking for trouble if you want to use this gel. This will burn the hell out of your under arms and leave more marks if you apply this after shaving or something. You’d have to wait a few days to even apply this. If you want to get rid of under arm darkness I suggest you WAX or EPILATE anyway. I have to Emjoi epilator (sold on amazon too), and for 2 years of using this, my under arm darkness also lightened significantly because I wasn’t shaving constantly and irritating my skin. Shaving can contribute to under arm darkness too!!! When I stopped shaving I saw a MASSIVE improvement. Then this gel just makes it better. BUT again, you’re asking for trouble if you put this on irritated, broken skin or anything that was just shaven, waxed, epilated, or is just sensitive in general. BECAREFUL!!!

Deann Mapleton, IL

still testing it out….

I’m only giving it 3 stars right now because I’m still testing it out. Just like many others, I saw the youtube video (several months ago & I’m black as well) & wanted to give it a try as soon as I got a job & when I finally got a job (3 wks ago), I ordered it BUT when I ordered it I got the soap & the CREME, thinking nothing of it.I used the creme for about a week before I watched the youtube video again & realized she had the GEL so then I turned around & ordered the gel which I received friday 7/6/12 & began using immediately twice a day & at one point 3.Now, 6 days later I’m noticing it’s starting to lighten up some which is very exciting to me. I squeeze a few dots on, normally in a diamond figure & spread it with a cotton ball. I try to only shave ponce, maybe twice a week whereas normally I shave every day or every other day (it just grows back so fast & I’m scared to do washing cause my pain tolerance is -5).In addition to the lightening, I noticed last night that my underarms were starting to look kinda white like I had deodorant on even though I’m using the crystal deodorant & it leave 0 residue. I thought maybe I want washing off the exfoliating soap good enough but when I looked closer I noticed skin was peeling so I took a wash cloth & tried to kind of rub off as much as I could which led to see the lightening. I then put on more gel which made my underarms sting a little bit which normally it doesn’t even after shaving.Idk if anyone else has had this happen, I didn’t read it in any of the reviews I read so I’m not sure if this is normal. Righty now I’m debating on whether our not to shave tonight cause my underarms do feel a little sensitive &I; don’t want to irritate them more but the prickly hair itself is annoying.I think if you’re going to try this product, but the 3pk if you can. I know people don’t wanna spend that much on something they don’t know will work, but you will finish one tube before you really have enough time to judge the product because they are so small. It’s only been 6 days & I need to order more before I run completely out.I will continue to use unless it becomes painful or I get a rash or something, either way I will update my review. Hope this helps some.

Sydney Hampton Bays, NY


This item does what it says it will; which is to brighten skin. I am going to purchase more since it worked so well on me.

Fanny Ephrata, WA


I didn’t expect this to work as well or as fast as it has. I have used it on my elbows, armpits and face and I love the results! It didn’t dry out my skin as I expected and I couldn’t be more pleased. There was a noticeable difference with just a week of use.

Tamara Olney, MT

It Actually works miracles!!!!!

This prodcut has blown me away it actually works!!!! I would recommend to not shave; wax instead and dont scrub to hard because you will irrate the skin and use the exfoliating soap and you will see results in no time. I finally found a product that gives what it promises.

Kerri Sanborn, MN


This doesn’t do anything but dry your skin. It’s a waste of money. You can use water to get similar results.

Alice Bluejacket, OK

xtreme brite

It was an okay product. I still have some left since I do not use it every day, so it was a reasonable price for the amount of product I received.

Clarissa Bassfield, MS

Well I be damn!

Used this on my face for 4 weeks and it worked! My acne cleared up and the dark spots. So I will definitely buy the soap. I was skeptical at first cuz I am darker skin. Proactiv, neutrogena, mary kay, none of that stuff helped me. But this has. You just have to use it daily.

Elba Fort Valley, GA

Works well if you use it right!

Okay, so I bought this to get rid of my Underarm darkness. My skintone can be best described as MAC NC35. I started using this on my underarms regularly for a week, twice a day. After a week of little to no results I got disgruntled and pretty much stopped using it. By this time I was cursing myself for buying the 3 pack instead of just trying out one first. I’ve had hormonal acne in the last few months which have left noticeable red marks on my face. On a whim, I dotted this gel on the scars before I went to sleep. I woke up in the morning and the scars were barely noticeable! I mean really. I was staying home today so I did the same thing today morning. Went to the mirror in the evening and saw that my scars have almost disappeared! I’m so excited now. Based on what I saw while applying it on my face, I think it’ll work on underarms too if I put it on thicker and on the surface, instead of rubbing it into the skin. Just my opinion though.

Frankie Salisbury, NH

Great product!

Gave the product four stars due to one dislike, it made my underarms sensitive after four months of continued use. My underarms became sensitive, but I am not sure if that was due to the use of the product and waxing. I noticed that I did not need to wear deodorant either during the four months while using the product. I also exfoliated every evening, because of the dead skin and darker skin began to flake. Do not wear white shirts white using this product! One of my shirts discolored after washing. Also, I don’t shave therefore I cannot review how the product would react on shaven skin. On waxing days I did not use the product, since my pores are open. I have also extending my weeks out on waxing as well. When I first started I would wax every 2 or 2 1/2 weeks now I only wax once a month, but I use my Emoji soft caress Epilator when the small hairs start to reappear. I would recommend this product for self-purchase, not a gift. Knowing and understanding your skin is a key factor when using this product, because my sister had an terrible reaction to the product and I didn’t. So do your RESEARCH!!! Start off with using aluminum-free deodorant, this is a big cause of your underarm skin being dark.

Virginia Prospect, KY

life saver

so i’ve used multiple products to help me get rid of dark armpits. this actually worked. I think it’s a combination of waxing/tweezing them and this gel. It does not burn at all- which at first made me believe it doesn’t work. I’ve tried this on my knees and elbows and it hasn’t really changed yet so i’m worried it only works for those parts that you wax/tweeze.

Julie Haworth, OK

Will make your skin darker

Turn my skink darker. Do not use this product for more than 2weeks or your skin will get darker. I didn’t even go outside

Lakesha Marydel, DE

Worth Every Penny!!!

Point blank…It works. I am a brown skinned african american woman and I have been using this product for all of my dark spots. On my knees, elbows, under arms and spot on my face. I use this at night under my underarms and put deodorant on in the morning. My arms have cleared up in 2 weeks. I put a little on the dark spot on my face every other day and that has cleared up soon. I will be getting another soon when this tube runs out.

Deanna Anaconda, MT

It’s Okay…

It really didn’t do anything for me. I quit using it after 2 weeks.. Maybe it’s for someone else but not me.

Luella Wetmore, KS

Love this product.

I really love this product after 7 days the dark spots on my face were light brown 7 more days later i could hardly see them my face is brighter so i will only use this gel three times aweek now instead of everyday.

Evelyn Greenfield Center, NY

No results

I used this faithfully for two months. No results at all. I have deep toned skin so maybe just too much melanin. I won’t repurchase it.

Jewel Willow Spring, NC

I rarely write this type of review

Helped my dark armpits a ton, I have been using for about a month and the are drastically different. I have always and I mean always had dark armpits, almost like I didn’t wash… I swear to you scrubbing them until they were almost raw. Nothing worked I tried many facial product pore cleaning products etc. I also felt that every deodorant on the planet final using the clinical strength secret. But honestly almost immediately out of the shower I felt I could smell my armpits, and I shower sometimes 2 times a day. This was always the most embarrassing part of my day to day life. I couldn’t even begin to wear nylon or rayon as I would sweat sooo much more, so on a whim I decided to try to bleach them. I showered and cleaned my armpits with an astringent (seabreeze) to make sure it was really clean and applied the product, slight tingling but totally tolerable. I hadn’t but on anti antiperspirant/ deodorant because I was afraid it wouldn’t work if I added that. But a surprising this happened I barely sweated, I mean barely I couldn’t smell my sweat which I always can.. I have continued to use this and my armpits have gotten soooo much lighter I have ordered two more tubes. Plus the fact that I am barely sweating and the smell has almost vanished. It’s truly been a miracle for me , I have also used this on my face and it has helped a ton with some discoloration and my pore size looks much smaller. I totally think it’s worth the money. I can’t guarantee everybody will have the same results has I did but if you do you won’t be sorry!

Jaclyn Delaware, IA

It really works

Like most people commenting, I bought this gel because, thanks to shaving and using deodorant, my underarms had developed a weird, greenish gray tint to them (gross!). After doing some research, this product seemed to be the best thing for that – it’s also relatively cheap in comparison to some other products I’ve looked at.Anyway, I’ve been using this gel for a week and I ALREADY see an improvement. I am so impressed! Granted I use it 3x a day, which admittedly is a little excessive (once or twice should be plenty for most people), but I was eager to see if this stuff produced results and I’m happy to say that it does. I’ve used a little less than half of the tube now and the greenish gray tint has lightened considerably. I also bought the Xtreme Brite exfoliating soap to use on my underarms. I’m not sure if that helped or not but I love both products either way and will continue using both of them. I’m very happy with this purchase.

Annette Oakville, IA

Not for me

Doesn’t work for stubborn burn marks on the chin or dark marks from popping pimples on the face. What a waste of money. Seen better results with Ambi. Guess I’ll have to just continue using that for now.

Clare Oak Grove, MO


I am very disappointed in this product. I bought it based off of the good ratings and reviews. Within two to three days of using it, I broke out on my chin!

Mamie Lehi, UT

xtreme results.

Love this product. I’ve been looking for years for a product that will brighten up certain parts of my body. I came across this product on youtube and I heard some good reviews. So I decided to try it for myself. First 3 days and I can tell the difference. The gel one works better than the cream one. I can’t wait for the full results. So far..happy with the results.

Joanne Carroll, OH

It works!!!

So I read at review in here before that this guy used this at anal to make the anal color brighter or whiter. so I try it!! andI works, My anal is looks fresh and looks like brand new! ^^ hahahaha LOL. I know no one would came to me to ask my anal color but This about it adults world when your having, You know… with your partner or someone from the bar. I think It great that you feel comfortable with your body and great for your partner because looks fresh and clean. (if they ever see it)I didn’t felt any pain or itches but don’t put the gel deep inside…

Viola Armona, CA

Great for eczema

I would give this a 5star but I’ve only used it for 2 weeks. So far I am seeing good results. I brought 3 different products to address some skin discolorations from eczema and another skin condition that i have which causes my skin to thicken and darken. I initially planned to use this only on my neck which I have not been able to lighten for years even after going to the dermatologist (this is where i have the skin thickening condition which makes me look like a have a black ring around my neck). However with the use of this product I am seeing some lightening in this area. Its not back to my normal complexion but I am impressed. I was using the other products on my area for eczema in combination with the rx from the doc but wasnt seeing the good results. So I decided to use this on those areas too. I am so impressed, this seems to work better on my eczema than what i get from the doctor. What the doctor gives me doesnt really restore my complexion to its normal state as well, i am guessing that this has some kind of skin exfoliation ingredient because it seems the dead skin is coming off better with this and in turn i am slowly starting to see my normal complexion again. I was scared to use this all over at first because some people said it would make the skin pink but this doesn’t seem to lighten my skin more than bringing it to its normal complexion but perhaps its because I have only used it for a short time. I am ordering more. This time I will try the cream since you get more than when ordering the gel.

Queen Harmony, PA

Use with caution

Fast temp results. After several tubes my skin is darker than ever. Noticed lighter skin but effects did not last. My skin skin seem darker than ever before.I’m just not sure about this product. Maybe I just had a bad effect but itinitially it will help, just not sure it will last.

Judi Benton, AR