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XFusion Spray Applicator

The patented XFusion spray applicator allows you to precisely apply XFusion fibers into your thinning areas rather than shaking. The fibers disperse more evenly to achieve a more natural look. It’s especially effective to apply XFusion at the difficult front hairline. Fits 12 ounce size.

Key features

  • The fibers disperse more evenly to achieve a more natural look
  • It’s especially effective to apply XFusion at the difficult front hairline
  • Fits 12 ounce size

Honest reviews


Meh – Changed my mind

EDIT: I’ve now used this for several months & decided I don’t like it. It delivers too much product at 1 time, so you have a blob of these fibers in a half dollar size area. So, now, I just tap the product against my head, out of the container.If they could somehow figure out a spray applicator with fine control of the part you press (so a lot doesn’t come out at once), that would probably work.——————————-I think it helps apply the product easier (& you use less of it), then just gently move the product thru your hair with your fingertips.

Patrica Cedar Falls, NC

Great product

Love this pump perfect for my keratin powder helps with precision and eliminates some of the mess if you normaly sprinkle it on. If you wear everyday it is a must have.

Maura Clearmont, MO

Not worth the money for my use.

I purchased this product to use with the X-Fusion fibers. It blows the fiber into the hair more than onto the scalf for me. I find I get a better application with just the shaker top that comes on the X-Fusion container. My hair stylist agrees. She shakes a small amount of the fibers on the thin areas, then rubs them onto the scalf area with her finger. She also said regular hair spray works just as well as the X-Fusion spray and is far less expensive.

Deidre Holton, KS


I frankly don’t know how people use this product without the applicator. It helps you be much more precise and you don’t waste a drop wit it. Takes a little practice, but works wonderfully.

Joan Sedgwick, AR

Bought this but don’t use it.

I found that this thing just blows the fibers around and they don’t end up where you want them. It sounded like a good idea to be able to direct the product right to the area but I find the sprinkling from the bottle much more satisfactory.

Joy Warren, NJ

X-fusion applicator

This applicator works ok but I did NOT like the cover-up powder which was very messy. I prefer a brush on cover -up that I have been using for 2 years.

Alexandra Highlandville, MO

Wanted to love it but disappointed

Air is discharged at the rate that it actually separates the XFusion rather than cover. So back to shaking the bottle directly on my thinning areas.

Corina Wallace, KS

Works Great!

I’m happy when something works as advertised and this item simply does just that! What more can you ask for?

Caroline Oakmont, PA

X-fusion applicator

Applicator worked great at first but then it started spraying the product out of the bulb that is pressed down. Purchased another one to only have a problem with that one too. When it worked it was great, but it didn’t last too long.

Dorothy Chestnut Hill, MA

The applicator works, just not an improvement upon using the container that XFusion comes in!

Like others, I purchased the applicator thinking that I might get more even coverage than just using the container. Like others, I realized that it was not necessary or useful to have the applicator. Don’t bother buying this. It works — it’s just that it’s very focused on one area, so you get heavy amounts of fiber in a line instead of in a diffuse manner over the scalp. I’m sure if I practiced I might get a better spread of fibers using this tool … but why would I try, when the original XFusion container does just as good a job?

Dessie Linn Creek, MO