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Xenna Curlaway Gradual Curl Relaxer Green Apple Fragrance — 6 oz


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product delivers

the product is a good one it does not completely break down your hair but your pattern does get looser the smell is quite strong but was easy to get rid of i just put a good smelling conditioner on hair after product. good buy if you can get past the vinegar smell.

Vicky Dukedom, TN

Heavy Vinegar Smell

I tried this with my daughter’s hair (thick, wavy, fly-away) hoping to tame it. I never seemed to get the results I wanted, but I would like to mention the smell is less than pleasant. To me it smells just like vinegar. It does seem to go away after the hair dries, but I did not put it in thickly, so your milage may vary.

Amy Sanders, AZ

It’s ok

This product definitly does soften your hair and relax the curl some what. They say it’s a gradual process. i am not interested in getting totally straight hair I just want perfect curls and waves so i will continue using Curlaway until i get these desired results.

Dayna Shade Gap, PA

It’s a good product though a bit annoying.

I kind of like the product because it does its job by loosening some of my kinks and turning them into waves but it is a very gradual process. So far, since I only concentrated on the front of my hair, that’s the only part loosened into waves and I’m hoping that the rest of my hair follows suit with the product.That’s the only annoying part about it to me. I simply don’t like the idea of having to wait 4 to 9 hours with my hair stretched enough so that the product loosens the curl pattern of my hair. I’m kind of impatient, especially with haircare so I like to just wash and go without encountering problems such as tangling and SSK’s later. That’s why I sometimes just leave it as a leave-in, even though that’s probably less effective. I will continue using this anyway to see if it could get all my kinks to lay down. Unlike some of the other reviews, I’m actually not that bothered by the smell. I think it’s alright, it’s not exactly desirable but maybe those people are scent-sensitive, I know I’m not. I like how it’s non-alkaline because my hair is a bit too porous right now so I can’t use any other loosening things that are alkaline. I plan to use this in conjunction with henna treatments to see if I can gradually get the long, shiny, strong, loose, auburn-colored waves that responds well to flat-ironing that I want.

Bernadine Gifford, WA

Not what I expected

I have really kinky curls and I wanted to buy a product that would give me the option to use my hair straight sometimes. So I decided to buy this Gradual curl relaxer, but unfortunately I did not get the results that I wanted cos my hair remained curly.

Lenora Lincoln, TX