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XEN-TAN Dark Lotion Weekly Tan, 8 fl. oz.

A luxurious sunless tanning lotion with realistic instant color, so you can see your tan as you apply. Rich nut oils give moisture for a long lasting tan. Apply one coat lightly for sheerer tan or one thicker coat for darker color. Lasts up to 7 days. Delicious light cherry-almond scent works for both men and women. For face and body. Apply with the Deluxe Mitt for silky application.

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It’s the best I’ve found so far

I’ve tried lots of self tanners and this one is the best so far. It gives the most natural tan with no orange and no tanner smell. FIRST be sure to exfoliate in the shower or tub to slough off any dead skin or uneven spots. Some say to use disposable gloves when applying this, but that hasn’t worked well for me. I use my hands but it will stain. I found that if I use a cleanser like “Barkeeper’s Friend” or “Old Dutch Cleanser” or something similar after applying to my legs….then after applying to other places, it takes it all off just fine. Then I use one of those round cotton pads like used for makeup to apply it to the tops of my hands. What I do is apply it at night. Then I have an old pair of workout pants and a long sleeved T-shirt I put on before getting into bed OR to just wear around for a while until it soaks in. Then in the morning just do a light shower with JUST water…it will rinse off the excess…then just PAT DRY and put on moisturizer. You’ll have a great tan. They also have one for just your face…but this one has worked fine for me on my face also. I’ll keep on using this one unless one better comes along. It’s a bit expensive, but still is the best one. The fact that it lasts a week or more…depending if you keep putting on moisturizer….makes up for the cost because I’ve found that others will wear off sometimes the next day.

Dollie Deport, TX

Simply … The BEST!!!

I glow in the dark I’m so white! TeeHee.This is the best tanning product I’ve EVER used and I’ve used most of them. The color you get is believable and so beautiful and so natural and real looking I hardly believed my eyes. It’s a beautiful brown – kind of like milk chocolate color. It’s a bit on the pricey side but if you want to look natural and NOT orange, yellow or anther freaky color then get this and try it. I’m pretty sure you’ll love how you look. It feels so nice to have a wonderful tanned look when you’re as white as I am.I got some gloves to wear from a beautiful supply store and I use them to apply this gel. Now if you have any of those nasty brown spots they tend to get darker as you apply this gel. I cover them up with those little round band aids and when I’m done applying this product I take those off and do a little blending around them. Now even my gold jewelry looks nicer and shows up more on my ”tanned” skin. I don’t go out in the sun but I look like I do. I love it.

Julie Pernell, OK

Best Tanner Ever

I absolutely adore this stuff. I have a light complexion and even though the bottle says “Dark” it totally suits my skin. Like most people mentioned, it isn’t orange at all. It does have a faint “tanner” smell but significantly less than other brands. Having this as a lotion makes it so easy to apply. It’s easy to tell during the application if you missed any areas and, unlike Fake Bake Flawless, you can go out right away without looking orange. Definitely moisturize daily after applying this to prevent it from getting those “cracked” looking bits. Also, it helps it to wear off more evenly. I prefer this to all the others I’ve tried (Jergens, Neutrogena, Fake Bake Flawless, and (gasp) St. Tropez).

Wilma Palestine, IL


I’ve been buying ‘Tan in a Can’ products for years. I have naturally European lite skin and have a hard time holding a dark tan (unless in a tanning bed 5 days a week).I have tried so many crap products and they all turned me orange.I decided to try this one out…once and for all, and I was REALLY happy with the results!I have really light skin, so, I don’t need to accentuate my tan–I NEED a tan.I applied a few layers of this lotion on and it took right away. It really adhered to my skin and it didn’t dry my skin out. Also, I was truly tan looking…I didn’t look a thing like Donald Trump.Yes it costs more, but it works.I recommend putting it on at night, letting it dry (not tacky) and sleep on old sheets. The lotion will come out of the sheets, but, just to be safe, sleep on the cheap stuff. And, use gloves!!! [it’s strong stuff]Have fun!

Jerry Claude, TX

Love it!

I bought this product at my local Ulta along with the Ulta brand tanning mitt ($5, seriously buy one.) Love this stuff. I only apply it to my legs and arms and sometimes chest if I’m wearing low-cut tops. The color scared me at first, but love how “instant” and natural looking this lotion is!! The tan is also buildable. I ususally have reached my desired “tan” after two days of application, and the color does not fade much at all with showers. I’ve had many people notice and compliment me on my “tan.” No streaking at all. I would highly recommend applying this with a mitt so you don’t have to worry about it staining your hands. I also recommmend wearing dark clothes when applying this and wait for it to set in (half hour – 1 hour to be safe) before laying in bed so it doesn’t stain your sheets. You don’t need much product at all. I apply about two tiny pumps to each section of my arms and legs (forearms, upper arms, shins, thighs). I’ve had this bottle since last summer and I still have a lot to go! I’ll definitely be repurchasing this after I finish my bottle.

Meredith Lynn Haven, FL


This has the exact same scent and consistency as a QVC brand. Had the same results too, not good ones. I have been using self tanners for years. Now and then I will try one a friend might mention they like. I should stick with the one that works for me. Like the QVC version, this one had streaks, some orange to it, and mostly washed off in the shower. I use Hempz self tanner, and matches my natural tan perfectly. No orange, no Streaks no wash off.

Summer Bath, OH

Best olive tan!

I’ve used this product for years, and it is one of the very best self-tanners if you like a rich, dark brown olive tone. You do not need to apply it as frequently as other self-tanners either. This lotion has a very "light" feel to it, which is nice. I also like Xen-Tan’s "weekly dark tan" lotion, which is thick and moisturizing.

Sybil Midway, UT

NOT the darkest formula XenTan has

XenTan has a darker version than this one. I wish I knew that before I ordered it. It says "Half Intense" on the bottle, it is NOT their darkest formula

Rachael Naples, ME

Great product!

I have used many tanners and this is my favorite! Has an olive tone to it which makes it look very real. I think the color lasts longer than most. Its color lets you see where you are applying and will rub off on your clothes so wear dark colors. Wear gloves as it will stain your hands. The color you see after applying is darker than what it will really look like and some will wash off with first shower leaving a natural looking tan. Great product!

Shawna West Mclean, VA