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Wrap Around Pony Synthetic Hairpiece by Jessica Simpson hairdo – R6

Without the hassle of trying to grow fuller hair or looking for a wig that can be worn up, Hairdo presents the Jessica Simpson ponytail: a hairpiece that’s made for a full looking ponytail. Part of Hairdo’s new styleables collection, this 18″ long wrap-around pony adds a long, full trend-setting pony style to any woman’s hair instantly! Made with their newest Tru2Life Heat Friendly fiber Hairdo Pony hairpiece feels and styles just like your own hair! Tru2Life is conditioned to withstand heat up to 350 Farenheit / 160 Celsius. Straight fibers can be curled, and curled fiber can be straightened. Not only does these fibers style like real hair, they’re light, soft, and lustrous just like real healthy hair. With versatile styling options, now you can get the youthful flirty ponytail you’ve always wanted!

Key features

  • Collection: Heat Friendly Tru2Life
  • Hair: Synthetic

Honest reviews


Amazing Pony Amazing Brand!

I wear a LOT of synthetic ponytails. I’m just tired of having short hair. I usually go to the local wig store and buy drawstring ponytails but I find that they don’t look very natural due to the large bun looking bump near the head. I really wanted to try this because it looks completely natural. I LOVE IT. Though, I am kicking myself for buying it at ULTA, I could have saved about $20 here on Amazon.Midnight Brown matches perfectly.It’s soft and it doesn’t tangle up as easily as other synthetic ponytails. But, I carry a brush with me, synthetic hair tangles easily anyways.VERY easy to put in, especially compared to my other ponytails. There’s always so much combing and clipping and pulling and tucking of strings, then you have to separate the hair and find a piece that wraps around the base of the ponytail right so it looks somewhat natural and then pin and pin and pin some more. This I just clipped on, wrapped around and pinned in place with one pin.A+ in my book!For my full review and de-tangling instructions follow this link:[…]

Latasha Masontown, WV



Christine Dora, NM

NOT a fabulous Fake!

This was so fake looking, I sent it back. Very disappointed. I bought an inexpensive 2 yard long weft of human hair, cut off what I needed for the ponytail and sewed a piece on for a wrap around. It was easy, cheaper, much better looking and cute be heat styled and colored. I don’t know who is wearing this as it is so obviously synthetic you could spot it a mile away. Sorry!

Gina Sweet Briar, VA

Don’t Stay – Waste of Money!

This doesnt stay on my hair- it slides off. It kind of sucks actually and I’m disappointed, esp bc this is a Jessica Simpson product and i love all her stuff. The quality of the hair is good…its just not made well..

Lakesha Westville, NJ

Rockn’ Ponytail!

Overall I am happy with my purchase. However, the R6 wasn’t as dark as I had anticipated. My hair is deep dark brown but not so dark that I would have to choose black. I can get away using the hairpiece at night as well as indoors without a problem but outside during the day I can tell the slight color difference. I really wish this would be a mix of R6 and a darker shade.Well, I wear it anyway because as far as the quality, I must say, I was totally impressed. Strangers have thought it was my real hair and my friends (who know it’s an extension) have thought I’ve paid lots for it. Other sites have this same exact hairpiece for almost double the price so I’m glad I purchased it through Amazon. Although the in the picture Jessica’s pony has slight waves, the actual piece does not….it is completely straight which was fine with me since I purchased another ponytail (curly style) for fancier evenings. If you want to curl this one, you can and it comes with a helpful guide inside on how to put it on, wash it and how to curl it if you choose. This was worth it!

Esther Lampeter, PA

Perfect match

The r6 color matched my hair perfectly and looks very natural, i didn’t know you can curl and straighten it which is awesome for different looks

Juliana Holland, NY

I was surprised!

This pony actually looks pretty real! It is so so easy to put on and looks great. My 5yrs old daughter begged me to play with it, she loves this damn thing and has been wearing it wit her princess dresses everyday since I got it! I’ll buy another one for myself (bought it for a wedding I’m going to).

Willa Mountain, WV

Perfect ponytail

I got mine from QVC and love it. It blends perfectly with my own dirty blonde hair and looks great. The only con would be that it gets tangled quite fast and you have to brash it VERY carefully or the hair will come out. But overall, I’m very happy with this piece.

Marcia Marion, IL

Amazing, very useful!!!!

I love Hairdo, and this one is perfect to use it everyday!!! Very easy to use, and it looks amazing!!!

Robyn Kief, ND

The look and the feel of this synthetic material is marvelous

Very pleased with the colors of my pony tail and the feel is pleasant and natural looking. I’ve had many compliments on my hair, of course , no one guessed I was wearing something synthetic

Lelia Old Forge, NY

Great Quality Hair, But Just Doesn’t Fall Right

First of all, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE JS hair extensions…I have more of these than I care to admit, and have consistently enjoyed her products. However, this pony extension just didn’t work for me. I was hoping to use it in a high pony, but it just doesn’t fall right. When worn high, you can see the webbing on the back of the piece that holds it together. IF you wanted to wear it low, it would probably look much better – but would need to be cut because it is VERY long. I’m hoping to brainstorm some way to wear this piece though, since it’s great quality hair, and looks beautiful.

Clare Reno, NV

Hard to match own hair color

Help, how to match hair color? the R4, or chestnut brown is really black. Is there a warm brown color? Buttered toast? Help! The one I ordered could not be worn at my Son’s wedding and I was so disappointed!

Manuela Burnips, MI

Boy did I luck out!

I have no experience with hair pieces but I am frustrated with the slow process of growing out my hair. I decided to try this ponytail with amazing results. First, it matches my hair exactly. R29S has both blonde and red elements, so check the images closely. It is easy to use–one small attached clip and a few bobby pins and you’re there. Basically if your own hair is long enough to stay in a ponytail this will work. The long strands will cover your short "stub" and blend in. Even though you can supposedly curl this with a hot iron I have not done it. Maybe a light misting and a couple of curlers? I comb it gently and put it back in its box. So far, so good.

Ladonna Floral Park, NY

Hairuwear Wrap around Ponytail

I like the concept. It is easy to apply however the unit is very shiny and silky, you can definitely tell it’s synthetic fibers. It is not as full as in the picture shown but I will make it work. The colors are not clearly listed there are codes to use. I actually had to go out to the hairuwear website to determine the color R2 for ebony and I also read on another website to wash it and let it dry to remove the shine. The instructions say you can straighten it or curl it and I have not done that yet. We will see how that goes, you can only use 350 degrees or less. It is a bit rough to touch but it is not human hair so go figure. Good temporary fix for a bad hair day.

June New Munster, WI

love it

matches perfect, R10, i have brown hair and it matches perfect. no one ever suspected i had a fake ponytail when i’d wear it looks very natural. def helps for a quick hair do when you don’t have time and gives nice length too.

Tonia Rosalie, NE