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“WOW! Your Skin Looks Great!” :: People Will Want to Know Your “Secret” :: If You’ve Tried Facial Products Including Exfoliators, Treatments, Masks, or Other Therapeutic Skin Care Products with No Results, Your Search is Over :: AVIZAGE is the Best Vitamin C Serum for Your Face :: Backed by Our “Love It or Leave It” Money Back Guarantee.

AVIZAGE Vitamin C Serum 20% with Vitamin A & E Avizage Professional Vitamin C Serum is the simply the Best Vitamin C serum available today. One of the benefits of Vitamin C or L-ascorbic acid is that it acts as an antioxidant by protecting the body against oxidative stress. Our professional Vitamin C Serum contains 20% Vitamin C (Ascorbyl Palmitate) for maximum benefits. While many 20% Vitamin C Serums have a short shelf life, ours is different. Because of the micro-encapsulation process, Avizage Vitamin C Serum is stable, giving it a longer shelf life and allowing for better penetration into the skin. This, in turn, means greater anti-oxidant and anti-wrinkle benefits. When used as a regular part of your skin care routine, Vitamin C Serum 20% can help to: ~ Prevent and erase signs of premature signs of aging, including fine lines and wrinkles ~ Protect against free radicals and future environmental damage ~ Act as an exfoliant sloughing of dead skin cells ~ Stimulate collagen production for firmer, smoother, more resilient skin ~ Lighten and brighten skin for more even skin tone and an improved complexion. Avizage Professional Vitamin C Serum 20% plus Vitamin A and Vitamin E also contains Glycolic Acid and Salicylic Acid. These ingredients work synergistically to repair, protect, and rejuvenate your skin. Avizage Professional Vitamin C Serum 20% plus Vitamin A and Vitamin E gives your skin a more radiant, more youthful appearance. The luxurious, silky texture is not greasy, watery, or sticky like some other anti-wrinkle serums or anti-aging serums. When it comes to anti-aging skin care, our vitamin c serum works in multiple ways to nourish, protect, and repair your skin making it one of the best anti-aging, beauty products available today. Click the “Add To Cart” Button above and start looking younger!

Key features

  • ANTI-AGING, ANTI-WRINKLE SERUM. Anti-oxidant properties help to repair damaged skin and defend against free radicals and environmental damage. Prevents premature aging, keeping you looking younger, longer. Simply the best anti-aging face serum and skin care available.
  • IMPROVES COMPLEXION. Contains Matrixyl Synthe’ 6, the revolutionary anti-aging peptide that boosts collagen production. Helps to lighten age spots, brighten skin, and give you a more youthful, radiant complexion. Luxurious, silky texture glides on smooth and leaves your skin looking and feeling more refreshed.
  • BEST QUALITY & VALUE. Some brands only give you half an ounce of serum, other brands don’t tell you what percentage of Vitamin C their serum contains. AVIZAGE contains 1 Fl. Oz. (30 ml) of Salon Quality, 20% Vitamin C Serum comparable to luxury brands like Obagi or SkinCeuticals at a Mad Hippie price!
  • MICRO-ENCAPSULATION TECHNOLOGY. Most Vitamin C Serum is very unstable and has a short shelf life. Ours is different! Microencapsulation technology makes our high quality skin care product stay fresher longer, giving it a 2 year shelf life.
  • TOPICAL VITAMIN C WORKS! According to one famous Dr., topical Vitamin C can help you drop a decade from your face. Use Daily for Healthier Skin and a More Youthful, Radiant Complexion. “Add to cart” and replace all of your other anti-aging products.

Honest reviews


My secret little weapon …shhhhh

I’m 38 years old, have always taken great care of my skin and am no stranger to a good skin care regime but, despite all my efforts, fine (and not so fine) lines kept appearing and deepening and nothing I tried worked. A friend recommended that I try some kind of topical Vitamin C product, which was something I hadn’t yet done. So I did a search on Amazon and up popped this product. I was very – and I mean VERY – skeptical but it had great reviews and a good price so I thought, "What the hey? I’ll give it a shot". I wasn’t expecting to see results for at least a month after first using it (if at all) but, to my great surprise, I started noticing a significant reduction in the depth of the lines around my mouth and on my cheeks within a week. I was stunned. I’ve tried all kinds of moisturizers and serums (sera?) in my lifetime and this is the first one that lives up to its claims. I’m now a total convert and will not start my day without applying the Avizage serum. Their customer service is also excellent so I’d give it a six-star review if I could. I will recommend to all my friends! A customer for life!

Earlene Fort Washakie, WY

I love it

This is so far one of the best skin ever you can see the difference very soon you will look and feel younger I highly recommended thank you

Callie Tower City, PA

so soft

I just received my Avizage and was surprised at how soft it made my skin feel-like silk. It goes on smoothly and my makeup goes on beautifully over it. It is not at all sticky like some serums, has a nice soft fragrance. Well packaged, fast shipping, good customer service.

Cleo Broomfield, CO

Great Product

I have very sensitive skin and have a hard time finding products that work for me without irritating my skin..this product was great I have been using for a few days and love how it makes my skin feel

Whitney Jarales, NM

This vitamin C serum gets an A

This vitamin serum is a nice addition to your skincare regiment. It can be hard for the body to absorb all of the vitamins needed via supplement and if there is a shortfall those will tend to be skin related since it it the most external organ. Most of us will get enough through activities and ingestion but this serum can provide restorative and moisturizing effects while giving an alternative delivery method for vitamins to your facial flesh. Feels great going on, very clean feel to it. Pleased with this purchase.

Graciela Von Ormy, TX

Fountain Of Youth?

Fountain Of Youth? Of course not, but can be noticeably helpful in more radiant skin around those tired looking eye’s by helping to reduce those fine little wrinkles that build up over the year’s from squinting and aging skin. With the addition of Vitamin’s A and E your skin will look more vibrant. And can also be used before makeup is applied.

Bridgette Letts, IA

Noticeably softer skin

Purchased for my wife and she has been enjoying this product. Great packaging and she loves how soft her skin feels in the morning with this serum.

Veronica Fowlerton, IN


I have used Vitamin C serums before, but this is the first one that also contains Vitamin A and Vitamin E. This is a definite improvement and will be part of my daily routine from now on. Avizage goes on smooth, feels great, a minimizes imperfections in my skin. I look and feel younger. I love it!

Sharron Huntsburg, OH

Luxury in a Bottle!

This Vitamin C Serum is luxury in a bottle. Goes on beautifully. I live in Vegas and it is dry here and so is my skin. When I put this on at night I wake up with smooth skin. My crows feet look better and I’m hoping with time I will lose an age spot I have on my face. Now that I’m in my 40’s my skin care routine is changing as my skin care needs are. This product also contains AHA and BHA! A bonus

Isabel Vinton, CA

You will notice a difference within a week!

This vitamin C Serum works wonders. After 10 days, I have noticeably brighter and even toned skin. It’s goes on smoothly like velvet and a little goes a long way. I really like this product and the price point for such quality ingredients.

Angelia Valdosta, GA

Love the feeling

Anything with Vitamin C in it makes my skin feel oooo ahhh soft! That is such a bonus in itself! If skin feels that great after applying it you know the product is doing good! Another benefit I found really valuable was that it helps to protect skin from free radicals which damage and age our skin. Being in my middle 20’s I want to do everything I can to protect my skin so when I’m 35 I wont look like I’m 65! Very Satisfied!

Lou Lone Pine, CA


In the brief time I’ve utilized AVIZAGE vitamin serum for the face, I can see contrasts in the feel and shine of my skin and age spots beginning to lighten. great product

Faith Iron Mountain, MI

Great product

This product immediately absorbes into the skin. It leaves no greasy residue, or any kind of residue. It works as a great primer for my makeup because I have oily skin and my face is usually oily by the end of the day, and it hasn’t been since I have started using this. My skin doesn’t just feel like a moisturizer on my skin, it feels softer and younger.

Meghan Stratford, WI

Phenomenal Serum for the Price!

This vitamin C serum compares favorably to other vitamin C serum’s I have tried, and this serum is much more consumer friendly price-wise than others. The 20% vitamin C is a fantastic amount to have in a serum. Additionally, Aizage gives you salicylic and glycolic acids as well as vitamin E and retinol in this formula. If you try to purchase a similar formulation (if you can find one) at a salon or spa, you will be paying significantly more for such a product. The dropper delivery system ensures that you’ll use only the exact amount that you need, and a little goes a long way. This bottle should last you for months. Additionally, the fact that the manufacturer took the time to encase its product in darkened glass shows the consumer that the manufacture cares about the potency of its ingredients and its preservation to the consumer. If you’re looking for a quality vitamin C serum that has additional skin loving ingredients such as glycolic acid, salicylic acid, vitamin E, and retinal, and a price point that will fit your budget, this is definitely the serum!!

Lourdes Bolivar, PA

Welcomed addition to my daily routine

Goes on velvety smooth and has not irritated my sensitive skin. I really love the addition of the vitamin A and E oils! Looking forward to visible long term results from this powerful serum.

Rosalie Frontenac, MN

Great Results!!!!!!

I have only been using this Serum for a week and have already noticed a difference in my skin. My under eye circles are lighter and my skin feels soft and my pores appear smaller. The Serum is silky smooth and absorbs nicely into my skin and wears easily under my make up. I highly recommend this Vitamin C Serum. I have tried many Serum and by far this one by AVIZAGE has given me the best and fastest results. I love this product!

Clarissa Crisfield, MD

Bought as a gift.

I bought this product as a gift for my Mother this past Mother’s Day and she swears that she is seeing results.

Shelby South Portsmouth, KY

Good results.

My skin is very white and very sensitive.Now that i am older and wiser and able to keep my skin clear I have been struggling with trying to get help with these acne for at least 5 years.I have tried every product.I could never truly say I was satisfied and feel good about my skin.This serum is the most amazing product I have ever used.Obviously, it is ongoing treatment I will have to use every day or they will come back.I know it is pretty expensive, but it truly does work.I can finally feel pretty.Anyone who wonders just ask me.This is no breakouts like most serums, and it truly works.

Clare Emporium, PA


My skin is very sensitive so I’m always nervous to try something new but I’m very pleased with this. My skin is very soft and smooth, not greasy or irritated. Worked great under my makeup too.

Kimberlee Coolspring, PA



Jeanette Lowmansville, KY

I love it

I received this serum through an Amazon promotion. My skincare routine has been simplified with this product. I usually wake up in the A.M., wash my face, add an under eye protection, then put a couple of drops on my fingertips and gently rub this on my face. I let it sit for a while, then do my makeup. At night, I remove my makeup and put this on. I will purchase this when I run out.

Suzanne Looneyville, WV

AVIZAGE is Awesome!

I purchased this itemf for my wife who as of late has been more and more concerned with aging. She is extremely happy with this product – she’s noticed a new brightness to her skin. Her skin feels great – this product has such a nice smooth velvety texture to it . Overall a great anti-again product – highly recommended…

Kathleen Venetia, PA

Extra Protection

This must-have serum defends from environmental & free radical damage, leaving skin healthy & protected. Vitamin C also supports natural collagen production (which I need for wrinkles). Two step process in morning: Vitamin C serum then BB cream with sunscreen! Absorbs quickly & couldn’t be easier.

Cathy Elliottsburg, PA

Makes my skin so Pretty!!

Since i approached my 40’s i’ve been searching nonstop for that "Fountain of Youth!" anti aging regimens.I have probably spent Thousands of Dollars on Creams,potions etc,etc But i have come to realization that Vitamin C is the answer,for beautiful skin with collagen.There are so many Brands to choose from out there so how do you know which one to buy and which one is for you ? Well i am so certain that this beauty is the one for me !!! I have only been using a few weeks and noticing results using day and night, the high content of 20% vitamin C got my attention and on top of that Vitamin A which encourages healthy cellular turnover and works wonders at night in rejuvenating your skin as you sleep(kind of like Retin- A does) ,during the day it fights free radicals as it’s anti oxidant helps prevent those harsh rays of sun that destroy our beautiful skin and the cells of our skin which is important to continue keeping our skin young at all times.I love the vitamin E all in one for the moisture,glow and help penetrate the Vitamin C into our epidermis and dermis.The Bottle is so pretty and is a dark blue so it will keep fresh from any lighting destroying is special properties that it obtains.If Doctor Oz speaks highly of this Vitamin C serum then you know it’s good!!!Shipping was like next day for me so i was tickled Pink!!! I feel special when i apply this Gold to my face morning & night! ,can’t wait to keep using and experiencing the lovely results that i have seen so far.Just try it for yourself! Don’t forget to apply it to your neck and decolletage too, like i do. Enjoy!!

Kim Keewatin, MN