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World Pride Pocket Nail Cuticle Nipper Pack Contains Nail Trimmer, Pack of 3

Package included: 1pc of Nail Cuticle Nipper; 2pcs of Nail Files

Key features

  • Smooth and easy cutting action
  • Perfectly aligned tips cut from base to tip
  • Free lifetime sharpening
  • Comes together with 2Pcs nail files
  • Super worth the price for the pack

Honest reviews


Nice set for the money

work great.. takes awhile to ship but worth the wait. Highly recommend this product. works exactly as described in the ad.

Lesley Galt, CA

pretty good for the price

It’s a pretty good set for the price. I don’t know why it’s called "pocket", since all the items are all normal size. The "nail" trimmer is quite good for trimming cuticles, the tip is rather narrow, and sharp enough for the task. Clearly, these are NOT German tools (duh, being shipped all the way from China), but for 4 dollars it is an excellent purchase. The cuticle pushers are rather good and sharp too.

Nicole Norwood, PA

WARNING: Nipper handle snapped in half after 3rd use, NOT SOLID METAL. pictures uploaded

I buy a TON of stuff on Amazon and reviews are very important in my purchasing decisions. I bought this pair of cuticle nippers because of the really high reviews, stating things like the clippers are “made in Germany” and that they are “high quality”. When I got them I was adequately satisfied because they seemed to do the job. They weren’t that sharp or precise or a breeze to handle, but hey, you get what you pay for and they did nip. Well…Last night I was using them to nip an awkward part of my toenail that is normally difficult to reach with regular nail clipper. I wouldn’t say that I have the thinnest toenails, but I can also say that I don’t have that hard or thick of toenails…And with one regular squeeze of the nippers, without any real perceived force on my end, the nippers break in half and stab my hand with the broken edge. It did not feel like a solid piece of metal “snapping”, but more like a bend and crack of flexible plaster in the center or something of the sort. I investigated the broken edges and I found that it was filled with this black porous material, which obviously is not that strong to have broken in one of my hands clipping a toenail. Please see the pictures I have attached for clarity.I wish I was the lucky top reviewer to have received this “German made item with warranty information on the package” but the pair I got are absolutely not German nor did I see a warranty. Mine came from China and they are complete rubbish, and I have a blood blister on my hand :(Spend $10 more dollars and get quality nippers instead of this cheap and now useless set. I definitely have. Buy these instead:Cuticle Clipper by Premax. Made in Italy

Fran Waltham, MN

Great product & pricing

The pusher tools are perfect; good quality workmanship & no snaggy metal edges to damage your nails (either set). The cuticle nipper itself is a high-quality, German made item with warranty information on the package. Great deal for the price, and the shipping (free). I like this nipper just as much as my TweezerMan one, and the 2 pusher tools are better than the ones I got at Sally Beauty Supply (which I’ve now since tossed out). A highly recommended purchase.

Marcie Flemingsburg, KY


Fast shipping! About 2 weeks before it was supposed to be here. Couldn’t be happier nice set, professional like salon. Im disinfected before use just in case. Love it! Can’t beat price good quality! Cuticle trimmers cut clean and don’t pull skin like the one I got from sallys beauty.

Billie Lohman, MO

It’s okay

It’s okay these things are nothing fancy its does the job it is suppose to do so I think it’s great!

Consuelo Gober, TX

They are just ok

These took a month to come in. The utensils are not as sharp as I need for my nails. They are ok. The price was cheap though, so I’m not too disappointed.

Jeannette Sauquoit, NY


It wouldn’t cut through ANYTHING. Dull and worthless. It doesn’t even deserve one star.. Went straight to the trash can

Shirley Princess Anne, MD

You get what you pay for!

These are terrible, they don’t cut, they pull. Stay away and get Mehaz cuticle nippers for $26, you’ll be happy@

Muriel Hebron, NE

I only received the cuticle nipper

Very disappointed. I only received the cuticle nipper and it did not arrive with the other contents as advertised. I made a complaint to them and they said that they would send the other contents and that was over a month ago and they still have not sent it. Don’t buy from this company. They appear to be scammers.

Dominique Middlesex, NC


The nippers are very handy for trimming the excess from nail striping tape. The other tools I don’t get much use from, but when I have used them they were handy in prepping the nail bed during manicures and pedicures.

Nancy Bentley, LA

This is amazing

For the price, I was suprised at the thickness and quality. I am very happy with this and will buy another when I need to replace these.

Alexandra Roper, NC


Their cheap but not. In price… They do great! I can use the tools for cleaning, grooming and helping with designing my nails. Their is so much I can do with 3D designs with acrylic. I am pleased.

Christian Sublime, TX

Good Quality.

I love these.The shape of the items is perfect for my fingers. They hug my finger nails so i don’t have to go over the same place because it won’t reach, etc.And i have a cuticle nipper now and i like this one so much better!It’s a great thing for a great price.

Charity Leesville, LA

great for manis

i love this set… i used the nipper and the larger cuticle pusher for my manis… the nipper is light and easy for me to maneuver even with my non-dominant hand. the pusher, i use for when i clean the top of my nails. it’s also quite affordable.

Helena Perryman, MD

great quality

they are very sturdy, Love how they came in the mail and they are very good. I was expecting cheap metal and it feel heavy and expensive

Angela Hydro, OK

Good deal

The clippers aren’t the best..but they do the job. the tools work well, such a good deal for the 3 items! Good Purchase.

Debbie Miles, IA

Buy these!

These tools are professional grade, I would recommend these to anyone needing them. They are also really affordable. This is a good choice.

Charlene Malaga, NM

Nipper Cutter Quality Hit or Miss

Ordered a few of these sets and all were okay, but some of the nippers arrived with better cutting blade surfaces than others. Some did not mesh properly and when closed you could see some gaps where the two half blades did not meet evenly. Okay for the price paid, but you do get what you pay for with tools like this.

Grace Wilson, WY

Fast delivery!! Got them in 11 days!

The tools are a good weight, and seam to be good quailty. Shipment was only 11 days after order, even tho the earliest im suppose to recieve them is in two weeks from now. Im so excited to use them tomorrow, just in time to redue my nails. Thanks.

Nannie Meadow Valley, CA

Works great

It wook some time to come but they work and that all i really care about. I use it for self pedicures and they help a lot.

Valeria Pineville, MO


Looks so cheap just buy at the shopNot working wellWaste money to buy this stuffDo not buy here

Kaitlyn Escanaba, MI


Love these tools. Great quality and sturdy. Very pleased with these and what a great price. Would buy these again.

Gretchen Mooseheart, IL

great buy

Awesome quality at an amazing price! I was leary to try them but they are very good quality. And work amazingly.

Esther Brookfield, NY


The 2 tools in the set are amazing I love them. They work very well pushing cuticles and prepping nails. Unfortunatley I cannot say the same about the clippers, they broke the first time I used them. The little screw just popped right out! I tried fixing but it keeps popping out. Maybe they were defected or something. I will try glue!

Josefina Monument, CO

best ever

Best tools ever and for that price….I mean I can’t even think of the right words I love them I use them a lot. They are so sturdy and good quality. Love love love

Maryann Wyoming, WV

Nail tools

Love these tools. They are sharp and work great. I use them every time I do my nails. I would recommend. Helps get to places on your nail that you cannot with just nail clippers.

Antionette Oak Hill, FL

Great for how cheap

You can’t beat this price. The clipper tool isn’t the best, but the other items work well. I have had these for a few months now and they are still good and not rusty.

Lynnette Sextonville, WI

They do the job!

I’ve had these products for well over a year now, and I still use them weekly with exceptional results. They are sturdy, the clippers are sharp, and..well.. they do what they’re supposed to do. Highly recommended.Hope this helps!

Magdalena San Juan Capistrano, CA

Great value and much faster delivery than expected!

I had never really used any kind of tool like this but have recently started getting into doing my nails and figured I should pay more attention to my cuticles and what not. These tools were a really affordable option for all 3 items so I went ahead and ordered them. They got here within 2 weeks, that was 3 weeks before the estimated delivery window! Using them was really easy and actually made quite a bit of difference in how my nails looked so I’m happy with that as well.

Sherry Moscow, IA