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World Pride Pefect Eyebrow Shaping Stencils

Position the stencil over the brow and using a brow powder with a brush, lightly fill in the stencil by using up and away strokes then turn over the stencil, line it up and repeat on the other eyebrow. Simply wipe with a damp cloth after use.

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Carol Feeding Hills, MA

no instructions

I have not used this yet as I cannot figure out how to. The instructions are in Chinese. Good price, but I can’t figure it out!!!

Aileen Wishek, ND


Aw don’t know what to say but not worth it all the stencils are too long and too thick not made for American women’s eyebrows so like I said grow your own eyebrows in and pluck them to a style u like your better off trust me on that!

Ursula Hiram, MO

just ok

This product is ok easpecially for such cheap price. The only downside is, it’s too big and wide for my medium square face. I wish they have several sizes so people with small face could use it.

Dionne Hanalei, HI


I got these because naturally my brows do not have much shape to them so I have to shape them myself (I think it’s absurd to pay to have it done). So I decided to buy these to help with it.You get all four shown in the picture. What I did was place it where I wanted my brow to be and shaded the open area with a white eye liner pencil. Then I removed the stencil and tweezed out all the hairs that were not shaded white. Voila! Perfectly shaped brows, done yourself.I also use these when I fill in my eyebrows because then I don’t end up getting any product on the skin around my eyebrows.I love these and recommend them to anyone who wants to shape their eye brows themselves! You will save so much money in the long run!

Phoebe Lukachukai, AZ

It is ok, it works but very stiff and hard to use with one hand

It is ok, it works but very stiff and hard to use with one hand but when I used both when I did my nieces eyebrows it worked great. Because it is thick, it lasts a really long time, so decide on the trade off. Thicker = lasts or thinner ones and buy more often. I prefer thin for self application.

Charlene Boswell, OK


i can use these, but you really would only need to have one in the shape you like…other than the abundance of shapes i love them 😀 they are just perfect for anyone wanting to have perfect brows.

Lakeisha Loma Mar, CA

Work well and inexpensive…you’ll save so much time!!!

I like that these stencils have all the guidelines on them as to where an eyebrow should begin and end (outside of eye, etc.). They are made of thick, reusable plastic that bends easily to the shape of your forehead. When I first got the package, the smallest one was on top of the sealed package and I thought they were all going to be small (and made just for the Asian market), but I was wrong. There ARE large-sized stencils included!!!They did take a while to arrive because they came from another country, but at the price I paid for them, I can’t complain about the wait.I bought them initially because my eyebrows completely fell out three times due to chemotherapy. I soon realized I looked sillier with drawn-on brows than no brows at all. I now use these with a brow marking pen to fill in the brow lashes that haven’t grown back yet.

Saundra Eau Claire, MI

Five Stars

Got these for my mother she loved them.

Miranda Isabella, OK

so helpful

these make eyebrow shaping a snap. they have 4 nicel shape and size configurations so you can use what fits your face. easy to follow and mine came out great, thanks, fast shipping time too.

Bridgett Uniontown, KS


I loved it! amazing product and easy to use. Im buying them again! I would recommend for beginners. You can trace, Then pluck out the untraced remaining .

Dominique Lancing, TN


I did not like thses. The shapes were off and the sizes were unmatched. It was uneven and unrealistic. Painful

Jami Corolla, NC


This product is amazing. I love how it makes my eyes brows look. It came on time which I’m happy about. Love it

Florence Beech Creek, PA

didn’t end up using …

I don’t have overplucked eyebrows but I find that the brows on the stencil are very large. Also, hard to use it to actually pencil in brows.

Jasmin Glenmora, LA

Don’t get it!

like everbody elses review, I didnt recieve them either. waste of time and the 80 cents. should have read other reviews before I ordered it.

Melisa Ponca, AR


With 4 kids my patients are low to make sure my eyebrows look goodThese stencils are great you put them against your face and shadeThem in and bam they look even and nice,highly recommend themThe seller was fast and got them befor expected considering they came from overseas

Amy Wyano, PA

Great angle

These ones are okay, they kind of work like the ELF ones. You should get them if you’re looking for something cheap.

Monika Smithville, OH

World Pride Pefect Eyebrow Shaping Stencils

‘Not quite sure about these things. There’s some kind of instructions or something on them, but I can’t make it out … and they came with no other instructions. Yes, yes, I know … you’d think it would be fairly obvious what you are suppose to do, but I’m just curious about what all the writing (type) and stuff is on them.

Young Port Trevorton, PA


love it works well im not very good at doing my eye brows but as soon as i got these in the mail i tried it out and it works really well

Angelia Watersmeet, MI

great to have

Nice to have in your make up case very sturdy and nice variety of style I would def recommend these to those who draw on there eye brows or who are like me and shape there natural brow to wear bare or even if you grow your brow in and want to change the arch of your brow!

Phyllis Roseboom, NY

havent used them yet

not sure if i will be able to most if not all of them are way way way too big for my face… and my brows that i have are similar in shape to three of them but still theyd have to be drawn in huge in order to take the shape. good product for larger faces, and sturdy material pretty shapes and was shipped nicely.

Tamika Traver, CA