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World Pride Nail Cuticle Nipper with Trimmers Pusher ** Pack of 3

Package included: 1 of Nail Cuticle Nipper 2 of Nail Files With Plastic Packages

Key features

  • World Pride Nail Cuticle Nipper with Trimmers Pusher ** Pack of 3

Honest reviews


Great tools for keeping cuticles in line!

I use these tools weekly to trim my cuticles and push them back whenever necessary – these tools work like a charm. I’ve found the cuticle nipper to be very sharp and to cut quickly and cleanly without any pulling. The cuticle pushers come in little foldover mini plastic bags to be stored in, which is very nice. I keep the cuticle nipper in the case it came in, it’s easier to store that way, for me, and to ensure that it is not so exposed to bacteria. I’m very happy with this purchase and look forward to using them for a long time to come.

Janine Milan, MN

Good Product, Slow Delivary

Ordered these since they seemed to offer the best value for your money, and after seeing a few short but positive reviews on Amazon. It turns out that the probably reason for their low cost is that they are shipped directly from China, probably by the manufacturer himself. They took VERY long time to deliver (about a month or so). If you need this product soon, this is not the way to go shopping for it. However, if you are not in a rush then you might consider buying these. So far they seem to work well enough – they look and feel solid, and they get the job done. They are not the most elegant of nippers though, but that’s fine with me. Have not had any reasons to complain about them thus far.

Angelita Vineyard Haven, MA

Unbelievable Value!

I was very skeptical. I didn’t see how something so cheap would work. I didn’t really want the extra items but it was still cheaper than buying the cuticle clippers alone so I took the chance. Now all the girls in my family have their own kit. They are excellent at least so far they have exceeded my expectations and still work perfectly. Great find!!

Hillary Catharine, KS


I ordered these during christmas and got the in january. The cutters are really sharp and work great, just be careful because being a brand new pair the cut very easily. The pushers are awesome, great pack for a great price. Not cheap crap at all.

Stacie Gouldsboro, ME

fine for use

I’m not sure what to say – they do what they’re supposed to do. No issues and they feel heavy and sturdy. No complaints.

Laura Cyrus, MN

Everything I expected it to be

Not a whole lot to say. These are sturdy tools that work well. The clippers are nice and sharp and the handles of the cuticle scrapers is textured well enough to be easy to grip.They’re all sterilizable, too, which is great.

Melba Dell Rapids, SD

love it

When I order these I knew that it would take long because it was coming from Hong Kong but they actually got here quicker than expected didn’t feel like a long time anyway. Would definitely recommend works great and a great price

Angelica Plantersville, MS

Nail Tools

Nice tools and very affordable, I was a bit nervous to purchase these after I had read the reviews but to my surprise they were GREAT!

Erica Friedens, PA


i like these tools but the cuticle nipper after a few aplications doesnt work that well anymore it is hard to cut a cuticle

Esmeralda Sandy Ridge, PA