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World Pride Fashionable 23″ Straight Full Head Clip in Hair Extensions – Light Brown


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I got the extensions today and the way it was packed made the hair curly on top which I disliked about it because it was folded, and there was a lot of tangle, and had to wash it before trying it on, but other than that I like the extensions. It covered up my whole head. Will order again in the future.

Greta Cave Creek, AZ

It is one piece

I guess when i read full head I was thinking that it would be more than one piece but it is just one piece. It is a nice piece though ^_^ Very good deal it feels really nice and not like cheap plastic.

Arlene Exeter, NE

I did’t like it at all

It is definitely not real hair…it is very dark and shiny but I wouldn’t expect more for the price.It took a long time to arrive

Janette Reform, AL


The extensions are of good thickness and look realistic. The only disadvantage is . that they tangle a lot and while you try to detangle them the hair breaks and fall out. But in overall, the product is great comparing to the price and the seller is awesome , very oriented to the customer service.

Kristina Mckenna, WA

Nice, but somewhat tangly

I think these extensions are nice and they fulfill perfectly the function that I had envisioned for them. These are very long and quite full. I already happen to have really long hair (going down to my waist which is even a bit longer than the extensions, but, again, it depends on where on your head you choose to clip them in – i.e. higher and closer to the crown or lower), I wanted to have thicker hair, particularly for braided hairdos and let me tell you with these extensions my hair is humongous. I am even a bit worried that doing a single braid with these extensions on makes my hair look a bit too full, thus making it look somewhat fake. However, the hair itself isn’t bad. It’s obviously not real hair, but it blends in decently with my own, even if it has a definite tint of auburn (which my own hair doesn’t). It’s not overly shiny (as in fake shiny), but also not the silkiest hair either which makes it tangle a bit, but so far I’ve been able to deal with that very well with a bit of patience.I find that if your hair is already that long and you’re simply wearing your hair hanging loose over your back, although the extensions blend well, they don’t really add a lot (maybe a change of 5% in the direction of increased volume as opposed to an 80% increase in volume appearance when braided). That’s totally fine with me as I ordered these only for occasional wear and the clips aren’t really comfortable enough to wear all the time imo. Also, sometimes I find that I have to try several times before a clip closes, based on the position and the curvature of my head, but with the other 4 clips securely in place it would probably still not slide. I haven’t noticed any real shedding, although I have brushed through these. I’ll see how well they’ll hold up to washing.All in all, i am really happy with these for the price. They give great volume to my already long hair and when braided in the hair does not have any kind of conspicuous shine to give it off as fake. Of course, most ppl would not have such a thick braid naturally, but then again I do have one friend who comes terribly close to that w/o any extensions. I’d enjoy a slightly smaller set of say 2 3-clip pieces in a lighter color that I could use alternatively to these to achieve highlights (with my own darker hair sandwiched in between). I haven’t tried it with this hairpiece in a lighter shade (the dark brown matches my own shade pretty well), but I think there’s probably too much hair in it to result in believable highlights.

Angelia Olalla, WA

wonderful customer service

There wasn’t anything wrong with the product’s quality, but it wasn’t the color I was hoping for. It seemed like it was more of a medium than a light brown, I think it was darker than the image shown, & it had a slight auburn look to it. I contacted the seller asking if I had been sent the wrong item. They immediately responded, & requested I send an image of the item I received. It turns out, I was sent the correct item, however, the seller replied that if I was unhappy with the item, that they would like to offer me an exchange, a full refund, or if I wanted to keep the item, a credit for half of the purchase price. I opted for an exchange, it was easy & fast. Not all sellers are as accommodating at all! I appreciate this sellers prompt & courteous customer service & I will order from them again.

Hester Bakersfield, VT

Good for the price

the shipping was slow but this was worth the wait. the hair is real and matches my own quite well, easy to clip in and style, but a lot does fall out. i tried the method another reviewer used and ran superglue along the band and it has seemed to stop shedding as much. for under $10 you can’t beat this.

Sharlene Baldwin, IA

Love it but def not full head

I don’t care that it is not a full head because my hair is long as is and I just wear this peasly piece under my thick natural hair , i did curl it with a low heat curling iron then held the curl with pins overnight, the curls came out awesome, compared to all the other extensions I bought, this is worth the $ but ladies with short hair: Buy like 4 of these!

Janine Menifee, CA


I have never ever owned extensions because I always thought they were real expensive and looked fake but I was wrong….not only were these awesome extensions beautiful and look like natural hair but they were at the best price I’ve seen. I totally recommend these extensions and the seller to anyone and everyone.

Andrea Hygiene, CO


The poroduct is good and I really love the way it looks, so I will probably buy more of these.

Rene Cranberry Lake, NY

Wow… What?

I have ordered so many of these…Too thin, easily tangled, not easy to blend with hair, have two I ordered last MONTH and still have not been delivered.Just go buy noncheap ones from Sally’s.

Jody Seaview, WA


I get so many compliments when I wear the extensions! Everyone believes it’s my real hair. Yes, it doesn’t feel exactly real, but it looks pretty close! I just wish they had more of selection of colors.

Francine Mc Adenville, NC

I have seen much better quality in the exact same product on ebay of all places..

I really liked the idea of having a fake 1-piece hair extension to use for quick on the go thickening of my hair. I am an avid hair extension user. My hair is very straight and moderately thin so I like them for thickening and lengthening my hair. I normally use 100g natural hair extensions that come in 5 packs and love them, but they are around $100. My hair is currently around 20" long so this was purchased to slightly lengthen, while thickening my hair on-the-go.While it did as I wanted, and doesn’t look *too* fake along with my own hair, when I brushed my hair into it for the finishing touch, several SEVERAL strands of the fake hair came right out of the mesh it was sewn into. I took it out and continued to brush it to get all of the other loose strands out, and most of it seems well anchored, but the quality of the sewn portion is just not that great. It is still wearable… but I am afraid strands will continue to fall loose while wearing which will totally ruin the illusion.I have another of these that I purchased from ebay, almost exactly the same color when held side-by-side, and exactly the same length & product description, but the mesh was larger, there is just a tad more hair, and the hair is much better anchored. It, too, was around $6 total.I guess when you are buying $6 hair extensions, it is sort of a crap-shoot. Sometimes you get lucky but sometimes you get what you paid for.

Carolyn New Oxford, PA

I have to say I love this hair because it adds volume to my very …

I have to say I love this hair because it adds volume to my very thin hair 👌 but it isn’t real hair , & the price is more than reasonable so you can’t expect it to be perfect . It does get tangled very easy but if your looking for some quick volume , & or length I recommend this hair I’ve had it for a few months now & it’s still in great condition as long as you take care of it .

Alice Peekskill, NY

Sure,not forr everyone, but it matches my hair perfectly

Helps plump up my post-menopausal thinning hair and looks exactly like my hair. Be careful with the clips so as not to damage your own hair or cause breakage and feel like you have nice, thick, flowy hair again!

Antionette East Charleston, VT

Shipping Time, Quality, and Reaction.

They came really quickly, about 10 days early in fact which was awesome.The quality is okay, they’re really soft, the extensions are really long, and the only problem I’ve encountered is that they tangle a little easily. and they’re a little bit thin, so if you’re going for a thicker look, get two or three.I have a short pixie cut so it’s fun to pull out some long hair every once in a while. I’m very pleased!

Belinda Ulman, MO


By the second time worn it was a tangled mess

Tricia San Diego, TX

It’s worth the price

Took a very long time to ship. It is a little heavy, I felt like it was going to show, but I ordered the wrong color and they couldn’t do anything about it until they shipped it. (Dont mess up your order! Double check the color you chose!) For the price, it is good though. I could not wait another whole month for it to be returned and then another month to get to right color. I gave up.

Glenna Pinesdale, MT


yes they were cheap but they didn’t come on time before Christmas they are not real hair which I assumed the were.. cant curl them or dye them n they are an ugly redish color wish I didn’t buy the, pretty annoyed!

Christian Shelbyville, TN

I liked it.

I liked it. It was worth the money. I would def check it out and recommend a purchase because for the value it’s pretty good.

Sherrie Rocky Point, NY

Hair extensions

Bought this for my stepdaughter. She likes to change it up and this is great, no hair dying needed. Put it in and take it out whenever you want.

Letha Screven, GA

deep sigh

Not dark brown, very thin, sheds a lot, tangles every 30 seconds, need about 4 to make a full coverage.

Lila Hewlett, NY

Get what you pay for

The extension isn’t thick and the color was a little off. It is very hard to comb as well. You get what you pay for

Ada Wisconsin Dells, WI

Very low quality

Yes these are def cheap but thats to be expected from the price. Still I would say they are a pain in the ass to untangle with spray and a brush, so if you want top quality extensions may be you should invest more. I find that after one wear these are tangled badly after you take them out and if you have to wear two pieces its even worse although they look in top shape right out of the package they are going to tangle so just be advised.

Autumn Nabb, IN


The length is great. The color matched mine. One of the clips broke after one use. After sending the seller an email, they asked me to submit a picture. Well, I got busy and forgot. Besides, for the price I paid, I figured these were disposable anyway.What I was not pleased with is the amount of hair on it. It’s way too thin. If you’re looking to just add body to already long hair, then this is for you. I have shoulder length hair and wanted to be able to switch it up and have long hair for a while.If that’s what you’re looking for, this isn’t it. I’m not an avid fake hair user so perhaps I was going in blind thinking this would work.I knocked off one star for the lack of hair. Another star for the busted clip.

Irma Millbrae, CA