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Wonder Wedges Wonder Wedge, 32 Count

Buy Wonder Products Makeup Sponges & Puffs – Wonder Wedge Cosmetic Wedges #1001 32 Count

Key features

  • Item Condition: 100% authentic, new and unused. Wonder Wedge Cosmetic Wedges #1001 32 Count.
  • Wonder Wedge Cosmetic Wedges #1001 32 Count: Buy Wonder Products Makeup Sponges Puffs – Wonder Wedge is a high quality foam, make-up sponge.Shaped to provide easy application of foundation, eye shadow and blush. The smoothness and absorbency that lets you blend your liquid make-up to get that flawless natural look. Wonder Wedges are sensational for cleaning-up mascara runs, make-up smudges or covering dark circles around the eyes.

Honest reviews


good wedge for the price

Good wedges for the price! A little softer than I expected but very easy and pleasant to use. It was delivered super fast and I would definitely recommend it!

Trina David City, NE

Using for nail art

I think they work great, but they’re more like foam blocks than an actual sponge. They still work hard and get the job done though

Jordan David City, NE

Nice little sponges

I love these sponges. I used to wash my make up sponges before and now I just throw them out after each use. For the price, don’t expect high quality, but it’s worth paying the $2 for it.

Johnnie Graton, CA


The way they are pictured in the bag, it seems a lot larger! They are small n take a while to apply make up!

Catalina Curllsville, PA

Don’t work

I bought these thinking they would help put on my make up easier. I was wrong. They are small and it absorbs too much make up.

Anastasia Romeo, MI


I bought these to use with my foundation. They work great, but suck up a lot of it as well.

Jasmine Madelia, MN

Not sturdy

These were just too soft. I went to the cosmetic counter and got some real good ones but these were just sucking up the foundation i use it for blotting

Lidia Orland, ME

so i recommend for that

my daughter used them for doing my nails and she said they works perfectly! so i recommend for that!

Nola Neal, KS

really soft

there a good price and they are so soft, only thing i didt like that the package was coming open before i even got it

Frieda Bluefield, VA

Wonder wedges but not wonderful.

Good enough – if that’s what your looking for. I was. I don’t haveto impress any customers with my wedges so I really don’t care ifthey look perfect or not or feel the softest ever… they’re good enoughfor me and work well to put on OTC cosmetic foundation every day.Since I started applying foundation with these instead of myfingers my skin has cleared up just beautifully. A new wedge everyday… I recommend it and these are well, good enough (not bad) anda great deal too.

Melissa Lompoc, CA

Wonder Wedge Cosmetic Wedges

I bought these to use to apply foundation instead of a brush. They worked okay for that, but the sponges absorbed more product that I expected them to so I stopped using them. I do think that they are good quality and I would buy them again to use for a different purpose.

Leanne North Fort Myers, FL

Looks CAN be deceiving!

So I just got this in the mail today. I pull out the bag, ripped almost entirely by the bottom, and my first thought is: "Really?"I read the cheesy writing in the back: "is a high quality make-up sponge.." and I roll my eyes. Until I opened the bag and grabbed hold of one of these sponges.HOW LUSCIOUS! WOW! They are so soft and delicious to squeeze! I also gave one a sharp tug and it stayed together, until I really decided to test the power of my bicep and it ripped in two, of course. No worries, there are 31 more to use.Despite the suspicious packaging (a piece of tape holding the top, the bottom almost fully ripped open), the contents are wonderful!

Deidra Gatesville, TX


Not the best sponges ever purchased. They worked fine but I use these for nail gradient finishes and they stamped like seasponges. Good for foundation. I recommend buying a finer sponge if you are looking to do nails. Check out Rite Aid. Otherwise product was as advertised.

Carrie East Mansfield, MA

wedges for your makeup

I love using these things. And way cheaper here than walmart. Love to use them.. I also use them doing nail art

Tanisha Rockland, DE