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Wonder Wedges Wonder Cleansing Puff, 4 Count

Buy Wonder Products Cleansers – Wonder Puff Deep Cleansing Puffs #1005 4 Count. How-to-Use: Lather Wonder Puff with soap and warm water. Cleanse face using light pressure and circular motion, four to six seconds in any given area. Great for use on elbows, ankles and knees. Discontinue use if irritation occurs

Key features

  • Item Condition: 100% authentic, new and unused. Wonder Puff Deep Cleansing Puffs #1005 4 Count.
  • Type: Sheets & Towelettes
  • Wonder Puff Deep Cleansing Puffs #1005 4 Count: Buy Wonder Products Cleansers – Wonder Puff is a deep cleansing facial sponge made of polyester fiber. When used with your favorite soap, it is excellent for removing dead skin cells and the dirt and oil trapped within this skin layer. Use as a part of your daily regimen, it helps give your skin a healthier and younger look.

Honest reviews


Just as good.

I think that these puffs are just as good as the famous name brand. Perhaps they are a little rougher — but I would rather have a rougher puff I can afford than no puff at all.

Bethany Onyx, CA


well this is what I expected…simple…cheap…scrubby sponges…nothing fancy here just basic exfoliating pads which is exactly what I was wanting…use a few times and toss…don’t expect them to last but I guess I didn’t anyway

Lori Maskell, NE


this was a great product for me until my skin started to become irritated. It still is a great product but maybe not for me I have sensitive skin. I would maybe recommend but I don’t think I would be purchasing this again

Jeanine Los Fresnos, TX

Excellent for exfoliating!

I love these scrubby sponges! They are PERFECT for exfoliating the facial area and body. Just dampen them, add some cleanser, and GENTLY rotate on the skin. I must place emphasis on the word GENTLE! This brand is a bit more coarse, and that is fine for me, but, many may not agree. If you have super sensitive skin, look for this item in a GENTLE form. That way it won’t be as abrasive on the skin, especially the facial area.

Stephanie Geismar, LA


Amazing product from Amazon! Such a great deal, especially for four! I use one a week and they buff the shine off my face so good, I don’t know how I washed without them!

Young Dakota City, IA

I liked it at first

My skin was okay with this for the first 3 sponges but the fourth totally took a toll on my skin I had tiny scabs everywhere it was just too rough. So now i rarely use it. Luckily I am on my last one.

Ester Refton, PA


When one touches these little puffs, they seem soft and squishy, but when you wipe them across your face they feel like sandpaper. It buffs and polishes! There are 4 in the package. I’ve been using 1 for a month and it’s still like new.

Marcia Paradise Valley, AZ

great price

I got exactly what i wanted. I have a steamer at home and do facials on myself and family here and there. this is a nice texture scrub sponge to use for my facials

Roslyn Ramseur, NC