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Wonder Wedge Cosmetic Wedge 100’s

Buy Wonder Products Makeup Sponges & Puffs – Wonder Wedge Cosmetic Wedges #06000 100 Count – Super Value

Key features

  • 100% Latex-Free Synthetic Formula
  • Biodegradable And Anti-Bacterial
  • Naturally Hypoallergenic

Honest reviews


Good, but pricey

These cosmetic wedges are extremely soft and my foundation appears to smooth over my skin very well. At this time, I can’t honestly say that the rather high price is worth the extra, compared to the other ones I would use from my local store.

Flossie Poncha Springs, CO

Must Have

These are a fantastic deal. I decided to do makeup on other people. They are soft and have good absorption. The size is perfect for the face and the fact that they are also latex free is fabulous as some people have a reaction to it. I got these for my makeup class so I could toss them after each use to avoid contamination between people. I am sure they would stand up to a few uses if you wanted to use them just on yourself, but for clients, I only use one time then toss them between clients. For myself I use theBeautyblender, The Ultimate Makeup Sponge Applicator, 2 sponges.but for a disposable sponges these can not be beat especially when you consider the low price. I am ordering four more bags.

Lorena Union Dale, PA

Really nice applicator sponges!!

I’ve had experience with various brands of applicator sponges and learned fast that not all are good.I use these mostly for stage make up (that includes using street make up on stage as well as the heavy, horrible stage make up)These sponges apply both PERFECTLY.They feel supple – not stiff and dry like other sponges that consequently apply make up in streaks.I can easily get even coatings with these and blend make up well!… both with street and stage make up – stage make up is heavier and doesn’t break down this sponge, so I can put it in a baggie and save for the actor and re use again, the next day, if I’m running low.I highly recommend these – I love them and they work perfectly ! 🙂

Estella Stevensville, VA

SUPER VALUE, Best Formula for hypoallergenic needs

Dear Readers, Please discount the “one star” review accordingly. Shipping the wrong item is a VENDOR problem, not a PRODUCT problem. I have been using these for over a year since I got weary of the constant product/formula changes in the big box stores AND the silly strategy of decreasing units while raising prices on everything sold over the counter is America.If you are allergic to latex and/or other chemical components of beauty products, BUY THESE. I have too many allergies to list and I can tell you that these do NOT PROVOKE any reactions from my system.If you are looking for the BEST SPONGE APPLICATOR, even if you are NOT allergic to ingredients, BUY THESE! They are cushy with just the right amount of absorption to facilitate smooth application of all your cosmetics.If you are looking for the BEST BUDGET FRIENDLY WEDGE, you can’t go wrong with these. You pay $3+ for 6 applicators in the store. You pay $12 for 100 wedges here. BUY THESE!Thanks all! Stay healthy!

Gretchen Waterville, IA

They’re cosmetic wedges- what’s to say?

These are standard issue cosmetic wedges- being used for collectible realistic vinyl doll painting. The price is OK… having them delivered to my door is the big perk. These work for my purposes.

Estelle Olney, MT

Not the best but okay

Works great for less important stuff like manicure gradients where you can keep fixing stuff, but I wouldn’t use it for facial makeup.

Jenny Strasburg, MO

Not just for mskeup

I just used these tonight to do ombre cots with three different colors I wish I could show u it’s not just for makeup it’s a mix of things to do with them I’m happy

Zelda Port Monmouth, NJ