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Wonder Puff Deep Cleansing Puffs #06300 12 Count – Super Value

Buy Wonder Products Cleansers – Wonder Puff Deep Cleansing Puffs #06300 12 Count – Super Value

Key features

  • Item Condition: 100% authentic, new and unused. Wonder Puff Deep Cleansing Puffs #06300 12 Count – Super Value.
  • Type: Sheets & Towelettes
  • Wonder Puff Deep Cleansing Puffs #06300 12 Count – Super Value: Buy Wonder Products Cleansers – Wonder Puff is a deep cleansing facial sponge made of polyester fiber. When used with your favorite soap, it is excellent for removing dead skin cells and the dirt and oil trapped within this skin layer. Use as a part of your daily regimen, it helps give your skin a healthier and younger look. Now in a resealable bag.

Honest reviews


Soft enough for sissy skin, and does the job

I was faced with a summer funeral, where it was going to be too hot for pantyhose, but I didn’t like how pale my legs looked sticking out of a black pencil skirt… so the plan was to use leg makeup from a can… and prior to that, to exfoliate the legs via shaving and these puffs, and moisturize madly so the leg makeup would lay evenly over my skin.The plan worked great. The dead skin was gone, my legs were smooth, the leg makeup went on evenly, and my gams looked presentable.Lest you think the rest of the puffs in this bag will go to waste, you should know that they were fine also for facial use, and I have really touchy skin on my face. I found these quite tolerable, no redness or irritation.These also work well on peely skin from sunburn. I used them to take off flaking skin on my arms and legs- nothing you use will get rid of it all, but these did a very good job, and are tons cheaper than Buf Pufs, which I love, but will never pay for again. These are as good and a much better value. Oh- and they’re USA made!

Erin Sperry, IA

Great for My Daily Exfoliation

First I’d like to say that I got these from a local dollar store, yes same brand and everything, but nonetheless these are pretty good. I like to use them with my apricot scrub. I have very dry skin and it often chafes everyday and dries out ridiculously. I put my scrub on first, rub it in and then use these to continue exfoliating, before going on with moisturizing. I don’t find these rough, I put hot or warm water on them first and then scrub with them. Since they’re flexible they get all the parts of my face and I’m sad that I’m already running out. I’d recommend them, because to me they were a nice, cheap little exfoliant and one I use everyday.

Marilyn Wortham, TX

These are as good or better than the name brand

These are really a bargain! The surface texture is a bit rougher than the name brand, so I just "buff" a little lighter. They are thick and sturdy too. These will last a long time!

Hope Yorktown, AR


I use these on my body and face. Use to use the regular Buff Puffs, but didnt feel I was exfoliationg very good. These do an excellent job and great price

Helena Sturgeon, PA

Best after the 2nd use

At first use, these puffs are rough. However at the second use they are comparable to the name brand puff. I would purchase these again for the value. My son and I are both acne prone and these help tremendously.

Monique Plaistow, NH