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Wonder Cloth Make-Up Remover

Buy Wonder Products Cleansers – Wonder Cloth All Natural Make-Up Remover Cloth #01065 1 Cloth. How-to-Use: *Wet cloth with warm water. *Wash the face, eyes and lips with the cloth. *Rinse the cloth with water to remove all color, dirt and pollutants. *After rinsing allow to air dry. *Machine washable and dryer safe. Recommended after a few uses.

Key features

  • Item Condition: 100% authentic, new and unused. Wonder Cloth All Natural Make-Up Remover Cloth #01065 1 Cloth.
  • Type: Sheets & Towelettes
  • Wonder Cloth All Natural Make-Up Remover Cloth #01065 1 Cloth: Buy Wonder Products Cleansers – All Natural Make-up Remover ClothWonder Cloth is a unique combination of plant pulp and 100 cotton fibers. Use Wonder Cloth to remove all make-up, oils, and pollutants ever so delicately – even the reddest of lipstick ot the blackest mascara. Use Wonder Cloth again and again – it lasts as long as a standard wash cloth. Provided by Wonder Cloth

Honest reviews


Excellent Product – Glad to Find It Again!

I’m like the first reviewer – I bought mine at a drug store locally about 4 or 5 years ago and I’m STILL using the two I got then. They work wonderfully. What I like most about them is that I now keep my pretty expensive towels that go with sets looking newer longer since I don’t get lipsticks, foundation and other “face spackle” on them anymore.They are very soft and look brand new every time I take them out the dryer. They just don’t die! I love them most for removing clay face masks that can take forever to rinse out of regular face cloths. These rinse quickly and leave no residue or odors.I’m only buying another set so that I don’t have to rush to the laundry as often to have a fresh Wonder Cloth. Like I said, they just don’t die – mine hasn’t frayed, gotten stringy or anything. Very smart product!! Two thumbs up (and a toe)!

Freda Barnard, VT


I purchased these while looking for more reasonably priced makeup removers that wouldn’t cause me to break out.I use Pond’s removers and old fashioned cold cream mostly. I use this with hot water to remove my foundation and I must say these really remove most of my makeup and make my face feels scrubbed clean. My pores definitely look cleaner. Only think I wish it did better was remove my eye makeup. I use dark liners and mascara and have to do a lot of rubbing to get it all off. Instead I use this with soap so I don’t damage or irritate the sensitive eye area. It rinses clean with just water. Definitely will repurchase.

Gale Partlow, VA

Bedtime savior

We all know we have to wash our faces before bed to promote pretty skin, but sometimes I’m just too tired. That’s where this wonderful cloth comes in. If I’m fully made up I bite the bullet and do the whole washing routine, but many days I wear little makeup and would like to escape the ordeal, especially since it seems to take forever for the water in that bathroom to heat up. This cloth comes to my rescue because I can ‘wash’ my face with just water, even cold water, and get my skin completely clean before bed. The cloth rinses out completely and easily. I can see the makeup tint on the cloth and see it rinse away.The cloth can be used with soap or makeup remover of whatever kind suits you, but just water works fine for light makeup situations. Both sides of the cloth have rather longish fibers that cleanse deeply. The cloth can be laundered repeatedly with no worry about detergent or fabric softeners affecting it. I’ve used one cloth for several years and another similar one, but like this type better because it seems to ‘scrub’ cleaner and has fibers on both sides, where the other is one-sided.I will say that the cloth is so effective my face feels dry afterward so I use a moisturizer at night. I don’t have hard water; it’s just that the cloth is very thorough. I don’t use it only at night. Sometimes I only want a quick rinse in the morning if I’m in a hurry or after yard work that leaves my face feeling dusty or worse. This cloth is so fast and easy to use, my face stays cleaner and less prone to breakouts. Highly recommended.

April Bradley, AR

Lives up to the name.

I have no idea how they make these things but they really are THAT awesome. I now own a few and use them daily.If I’m feeling lazy but don’t want to get makeup on my pillows, I just give my face a good rubbing with a dry one and that’s worked well. Get it a bit wet and it REALLY does get eye makeup off!!! I didn’t believe that one until it actually worked.They dry fast and don’t stain.I like these so much I’ve bought them as gifts and everybody loves them.

Lina Blountsville, AL


Looks like leftover fabric from a novelty Valentine’s day plush toy. However it works great to gently and thoroughly cleanse my face. And, the cloth rinses totally clean. Even stubborn mascara and foundation rinse right out. I have ordered this cloth to give as a gift to my daughter and girlfriends.

Araceli Raleigh, ND

Great Product

I love this Wonder Cloth. It is SO soft and it does remove all my make-up. I don’t even use a cleanser with it. I read somewhere that for the amount of time a cleanser is on our face, it really doesn’t make much sense to spend a lot of money on these products. So, I’m not. At all. The cloth does the trick for me and I love that it washes clean under the faucet – even the mascara. I recommend it for whatever that’s worth.

Cristina Princeton, WI

Where did all the makeup go?

I have always used a wash cloth with some sort of cleanser on it to wash my face at night. My wash cloth always got full of makeup and ultimately stained. This is my first microfiber cloth and I was reluctant to spend so much money, but I do like trying new things. I used warm water on the cloth and nothing else. I just swirled and gently rubbed the cloth around my face. Makeup gone!I tested the effectiveness of the cloth by wiping my face with a makeup remover on a cotton pad and there was nothing left on my face. Nothing at all. Truly amazing. The cloth is very soft, but at the same time it is somehow grabbing onto dirt, grime and makeup from your face. I have seen how microfiber cloths attract and hold dust and dirt from floors, tables etc. but I never would have believed it would work the same way on my face.This wonder cloth is truly a “wonderful” discovery. This cloth easily and gently removed the mascara and eye liner that used to stick too my under eye area like tar. For this alone it is worth the price! I follow the washing with organic coconut oil for a moisturizer.Nature’s Way Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 16 OunceThe good: Soft cloth easily and totally removes dirt and makeup. It’s money saving. No need to purchase any expensive creams, tissues, pads or other makeup removers. Your face is left soft and not tight and dry or greasy like after using some make up removers. You don’t have to use those harsh exfoliating products that strip all the oil from your face. You don’t have to put chemicals on your face! The cloth quickly rinses clean and dries quickly. It’s machine washable and reusable. It is easily packed for trips. My favorite feature is that I don’t have to rub my under eye area to get the black mascara and eye liner off. That rubbing, even gently, was really damaging the area and making the wrinkles, dark circles and inner eye creases worse, and at my age I can’t afford to do that! Now, the makeup just melts into the cloth. No stinging your eyes with chemicals either. The bad? NONE! This is truly a remarkable product. This cloth is approximately 8 1/2″ x 11″. Once you try it you will “wonder” how you ever lived without it.

Charlene Wapiti, WY

Skin saver

Lovely texture that delivers gentle but thorough cleanse. antibacterial properties a major plus. I bought multiples so I could have a fresh one every day.

Nola Fairfield, NE

Game changer for your face!

I love the Wonder Cloth! I seriously only use my Clarisonic now about two to four times a month! I had to buy like 5 of these cloths. I just rotate through them. You can throw them in the wash when they’re dirty. I wouldn’t put them in the dryer regularly, but I have and those cloths still seem to work okay. Removes makeup like a dream. Exfoliates. Leaves my face so smooth and soft!! Seriously, this was a game changer for me. I can’t be without. I take one with me when I travel, too.

Vicki Hinkle, KY

Great product

Love, love, love this product. Regular wash cloths always break my skin out, but this one never does. Do not use anything else on your face. This is the ultimate face cloth.

June Dutchtown, MO

really is a wonder cloth!

This is a really good cloth for removing the most stubborn make up. It has these small micro fibers that when you use it to remove dirt and make up from your face and pores, the fibers are small enough to drag out any thing that is in you pores as well as it helps to sloth of some of your dead skin cells gently as well as doing a great job cleaning your face. It’s not harsh like a regular wash cloth and make up will not stain it, washes off with ease and when you wash it, do not bleach, it will damage the quality of the cloth. I only use light detergent with warm, cold water on casual cycle because it will prolong the life of the wash cloth. Yes, after a few months, you typically do need to buy a new one because the fibers wear out and will not work as it had done before.

Hester State Line, MS